The Quest For Project Mirai DX Perfection

So, there’s a rhythm game on 3DS called Project Mirai DX. It’s got awesome music, nice visuals, simple but addictive mechanics, and I friggin’ love it. The metagame’s stupid, though. 😛 I’ve played for something like 80 hours now, and, pardon my big-headedness, but I’m SO DAMN GOOD AT THIS GAME YEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHH!

I’ve reached the point where clearing a song doesn’t really mean anything to me (almost constantly have 999,900 Mirai Points, dolla dolla billz yo), and even getting an S+ ranking is no big deal (apart from on a couple of ultra-hard songs). The only things that interest me now are breaking records and getting Perfects, that is, hitting all the notes in a song with a rating of Cool or Fine. So, I’ve set a challenge for myself… and that is to perfect every song in the game on every difficulty with both play modes.

This is completely stupid and dumb and crazy and stupid. I mean, there’re several songs in the game that are so hard that I can’t actually play them more than a few times in a row before I need to take a break before something literally breaks. I also haven’t even been able to get S+ on at least one of these charts even after this much time playing, and I ain’t getting any better, so perfecting it is seemingly impossible for me. But WHATEVER! Let’s try anyway! 😛

I’ve put together a bigass picture of a bigass grid which lists every song in the game on every mode and difficulty available. It’s so big, it takes Photoshop about two minutes to open it, and when it IS open, Photoshop hogs 8.5GB of RAM, needs to make a 27GB temporary file, often has a huge panic attack and slows down the mouse cursor whenever I try to open a menu, and having the Navigator active makes the image view unresponsive until you click on it, which then makes the UI unresponsive until you click on it. 😛 Anyway, whenever I get a Perfect, I’ll take a snapshot of the results screen and place it in the correct place on the grid (I already got into the habit of taking a snapshot of every Perfect I achieved before I thought about starting the grid, so most of those were already covered 😉 ). Eventually the grid will maybe possibly become full, and that is the day I explode. Yes, I doubt anyone else gives a damn about all this, but shut ya face! 😛

Before I show the grid, I’d just like to say that every time I update it, I’ll log what I changed in the UPDATES section below it. 🙂 There’s also an explanation of some things on the chart down there.

Right, prepare your Internet, because HERE IT COMES! (it’s actually only 7MB which is pretty good for a 49.5MP image)

The Quest for Project Mirai DX Perfection Image

The numbers in the corner of a square indicate chart difficulty. On most charts, this ranges from 1 (pretty easy) to 9 (holy crap), but Super Hard charts all have a special rating of MAX (what). Only six songs have Super Hard charts; they were an exclusive addition to DX.

My best accuracy percentage and score are displayed on charts I haven’t perfected yet. The crown silhouette on a square means I haven’t perfected the chart, but I have got an SP All (meaning I’ve hit all parts of the chart marked as “SP Sequences”). I indicate my highest Max Combo on those songs too. Why? Shrug. Felt like a good idea at the time. 😛

Charts I’ve perfected show the results screen with the accuracy breakdown. Perfect doesn’t require 100% accuracy; it just involves hitting all notes with either a Cool or Fine rating. Also, you can exceed 100% accuracy on most Tap charts due to what I believe is a bug. I mentioned it in this post somewhere.

You might notice there’s quite a few Tap charts where I managed to get a Cool rating on every single note. That’s because the timing window on Tap charts is wider than Button charts, not because I’m somehow more rhythmical with a stylus. 😛

“N/A” means I haven’t actually played that chart yet. I’ll get to it eventually. 😛


26/02/2017: Over the past 12 days, I’ve grabbed 10 more Perfects, mainly on Easy charts I hadn’t played yet, but I nailed some Hard charts too:

Arifureta Sekai Seifuku – Button (Easy)
Amatsu Kitsune – Tap (Easy) & Button (Easy)
Hello/How Are You? – Tap (Easy)
Kokoro – Tap (Easy)
Mousou Sketch – Button (Easy)
Glow – Button (Normal)
Deep Sea Girl – Tap (Hard)
Yumeyume – Tap (Hard)
1/6 -Out of the Gravity- – Tap (Hard)

That completes all six Perfects for 1/6 -Out of the Gravity-! 😀 I also set new records for On The Rocks (Button, Hard), No Logic (Tap, Hard) and Invisible (Tap, Hard). Oh, and I added difficulty headers, because oversight. 😛

14/02/2017: First version of the Insane Mega Ultimate Photoshop-Killing Chart Of Extreme Futility. Felt like it took about a million years to put together, but hey, it’s pretty neat! Found that I currently have 68.4% of the Perfects, but the thing that surprised me the most was that I only need to get Perfect on 18 more of the Button charts before they’re all Perfect! :O

…Just realised I haven’t made headers for the difficulties. Sigh.