Why is this harder for the people who bothered to test it?

RIGHT, Windoze 10 release day! Woot, yay, and all that cobblers. Looks like the upgrade process is going fairly smoothly for most people who didn’t actually test the damn thing.

So how the hell do upgrade?

Seriously, one of the most irritating things about Windows 10 is that it installs updates when it wants to, not when you want to. I left some feedback with extra details, actually:

Auto Updates Are Dumb

They pretty much don’t give a shit. But now, it’s not upgrading me to the official public release automatically! How ironic! Maybe it’s busted because I’ve been on Build 10074 for ages since the two latest builds on the Slow ring didn’t support my network drivers, meaning I couldn’t friggin’ get on the Internet.

So, I’m basically stranded on a pre-release build of Windows 10 with no way of upgrading to secure my free copy of Win10. The only option I have is to install Windows 7 again, run the Windows 10 installer from within Win7, upgrade to secure my free Win7 -> Win10 upgrade, then boot from the Windows 10 installer, format my drive and install a fresh copy of Win10. Because I don’t trust Windows’ upgrade process for shit and always want to install new OSs from fresh. I mean, my network driver issue was probably caused by the upgrade process. 😛

It’s a bit of a faff, but pffft, no problem. Can do. On it like a car bo… what the fuck:

Media Creation Tool MAXIMUM FAIL

I got this completely professional and informative error message when I tried to use Microsoft’s official “Media Creation Tool” or whatever it’s called to get an ISO to burn to disc. A-FUCKING-MAZING.

I found this Reddit thread which shows some other people are having the same problem. A solution suggested there was to make a new Admin user and try launching the installer from there. TeamViewer took a shit on me when I switched users, but eventually I managed to log in as the new user “PhuckinWindoze”. The downloader booted OK. “Ah, sweet, that’s fixed it; it’s downloading the ISO now.” I thought. “Everything’s backed up, so when I get home tonight it’s ready to go, should have it installed no prob– WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK”:


You are ACTUALLY shitting me, right? Windows’ sense of humour hur hur hur but it’s NOT A JOKE, this is ACTUALLY AN ERROR. The ISO that had appeared during the download was now nowhere to be found. I tried again thinking the download was duff, but nope. Same cocking error.

Then, you know what? Through a random Google search, I found a DIFFERENT webpage on Microsoft’s site that sends you to a place where you can just download an ISO. No shitty tools or something happening. The link I originally followed to get the Media Creation Tool was one that was on the Insider site. So yeah, Microsoft made it harder for the ones who actually tested their OS for them. THANKS. A LOT.

Oh yeah, and as Microsoft just loves to add a twinge of confusion, on that site there are two English region options for the download: “English” and “English International”. I wasn’t particularly sure which one to get, and I had to confirm that the latter was actually “English UK”. So if you’re actually English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish, not American, you’ll want “English International”. Because of course, “International” globally means “Not America”… 😛

Should you upgrade? Kind of an impossible question, really. I’d say “not yet”. Partially because it’s probably still got 6 quadrillion bugs, but mainly because I have no idea of the state of the release build. 😛 I’ll go first and letcha know if it’s safe later on. 😉



Seriously. I just tried to burn this ISO to a DVD. ImgBurn claimed that the disc I inserted was a DVD-RW.

No. It isn’t. It just isn’t.

I ejected the disc and reinserted it and it picked it up as a DVD+R. CORRECT. “WELL DONE HAVE A COOKIE. Now burn the fucking image!”

Guess what? After an excessively long 15-minute burn, the verify failed IMMEDIATELY. THEN guess what? IMGBURN THINKS IT’S A DVD-RW AGAIN!


2015-07-29 19.57.25

WHAT IN THE SHIIIIIIIT?!?! Seriously, this is beyond retarded. I decided to humour ImgBurn by saying “YEAAAH you GO AHEAD and ERASE that DVD+R and then CRASH cuz you CAN’T.”




Be right back, gonna put my brain in the washing machine for a bit.


Okay, since EVERY DVD+R I was putting into the drive was making Windows AND ImgBurn say “HURRRR IT’S A DVD-RW YA WANNUH FORMAHT IT?!” I decided to put in an ACTUAL DVD-RW. Well, a DVD+RW if you wanna be pedantic. GUESS WHAT?!?!

It’s fine. 😛

No, I’m glad it didn’t come up as a DVD-R. I guarantee I would have just given up and gone to bed right then. 😛

Of course, I still have to pray that the burn actually succeeds. I think my DVD drive is busted since it has quiiiiiite a high burn failure rate recently. If it DOES fail, I’m gonna have to use my external drive. Hilariously, that is also unreliable. It likes to, y’know, RANDOMLY LOSE CONNECTION to the PC. For literally no reason. I’ll just be watching a video or something from it and BAM, BADUNK, media could not be found. Then half a second later, it reconnects. REALLY don’t want that to happen during an OS install. As a last resort, I still have the thing that helped me install Windows 10 Technical Preview in UEFI mode. My handheld video camera. Not even kidding. 😛

Anyway, time to eat while this ImgBurns. Hehehehheh shut up me.


Windows just showed me this:


What. I clicked on it, and Windows shows me this:


THERE ARE NO UPDATES FFS go and die! I can’t wait to get off this broken build. 😛




I can’t write a blog post in a MICROSCOPIC EDIT WINDOW!!


Right. It’s been about… 3 hours now. I’m STILL on Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10074. THAT’S because the burn to the DVD+RW FAILED. No no no, actually, the VERIFY failed. Because the DVD drive fell asleep and ImgBurn couldn’t wake it up. The burn was fine; Windows picked up the contents of the disc no problem. UNTIL I REBOOTED. Then suddenly THE DISC WAS BLAAAAAAAAANK! Then, when I tried to re-burn the image, ImgBurn got stuck in an infinite loop when formatting the disc, going from 96% to 98% and then jumping back to 96%! All of this is happening while I’m TRYING to prepare Plan B by getting everything off my external hard drive, but THAT keeps friggin’ pooing itself as well, needing to take little breaks by disconnecting itself and throwing errors like:




FINALLY. The DVD is burned although the verify failed again. Adaptive Power (my external drive) has been formatted and is ready for Plan B. I’m gonna disconnect all my excess drives, and then it’s time to jump back to Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10.

See ya Technical Preview Build 10074! You’ve been alright. Apart from recently when you’ve been a slow-ass bag of turd. 😛


I am currently blogging from my phone like a spack, battling with shitting autocorrect bullshit and a cocking text editor that won’t FRIGGIN’ DO WHAT I SAY. Why? Because everything is FUCKING MAGICAL, like a unicorn SHARTING EVERYWHERE.

It took 30 minutes to get the Windows 7 installer to boot despite the fact that I’ve never ever had a problem with it before. After trying everything and eventually unplugging every USB device, it actually turns out that it can’t even launch in UEFI mode.

Then I had to install network drivers. It failed, because I needed the .NET Framework for literally NO REASON. As I downloaded that on my phone, the installation succeeded. What the fuck. I restarted like it asked me to, and guess what? Windows stops booting.



Startup repair fixed the problem. Whatever it was. Oh, and upon booting Windows, my network drivers that seemed to not install were working. WHAT.

Validated Windows 7. Got ready to install 10. THE DISC WAS BLANK. WHATTTTTT

Seriously, it HAD THE DATA ON IT! I checked it before rebooting to install Windows 7! It’s LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE that the data just DISAPPEARED!

So, I’be just been waiting for Windows Image Burner to burn the image back onto the disc. It’s done, and the data IS THERE. I am JUST about to boot the Windows 10 installer. HERE WE GO.


Can this actually get much worse?

The install completed successfully. Windows 10 was activated. Excellent. I then restarted to do a clean install. When I began the clean install, it asked for a product key. I entered my Windows 7 product key which I had just used to upgrade from Win7 to Win10. The installer said it was wrong. I checked. It wasn’t wrong.

I skipped entering the key and finished installing. Installed my network drivers. Tried to activate. Product key invalid. What the fuck. I thought they said you could do this?

Right… I’m getting fucking sick of this. I CAN’T upgrade my install from Windows 7 because I CAN’T INSTALL WINDOWS 7 IN UEFI MODE. Hello Microsoft? I have a UEFI motherboard and would like to use that functionality? The only way I can install Windows in UEFI mode is to install Windows 10 from fresh. But if I do that, hey, my key doesn’t work!

So. It’s nearly 3AM and I’m going to have to go through the WHOOOOOLE PROCESS AGAIN. Out comes the Windows 7 disc again! yaaaaaay


Mooooooorning. Urghhhhh. That was painful. Piece of shit OS. I have never had a Windows install go so badly before. Seriously, it kept me up until about 4:30AM. Now I’m at work, and my brain isn’t.

The stars aligned and I got it installed in UEFI mode. It turned out that you can install Windows 7 in UEFI mode. I mean, I tried that before but y’know, the installer wouldn’t launch. I fixed it by going into the BIOS, and instead of turning on “Windows 8 Support” (which deactivates Legacy drive mode), I left that off but switched the drive mode to UEFI only. The installer booted without choking. It still looked like BIOS to me, and I had to install Windows 10 before I was finally convinced that it really was running in UEFI mode. My bad, I guess? But kinda not?

Since it’s finally installed in UEFI mode after more than 6 hours of complete hell, I no longer care that it’s been installed over the top of an old OS. I’m calling it a win. All that stuff you might’ve heard about being able to do a clean install is complete bullshit. You can reset the PC to factory defaults, sure, and I guess that does count as a clean install because it apparently nukes everything. But by “clean install” I meant “install from a boot disc”, and you can’t do that if you upgraded from Win7 or Win8!

Of course, I appear to be wrapping this up as if I’m finished. The thing is, Windows 10 didn’t activate last night. It failed because of some licensing error three times before I gave up. The first time I activated Win10 before trying a clean install, it also failed in the same way once before activation succeeded, so it might be a server error.

Why don’t I just see if it activates now? Well, this is why:

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.37.07

An Internet outage in my area for the first time in about 1.5 years of living here. It’s like a huge joke. I wanted to use some of my lunchtime to TeamViewer into the PC and sort out some important stuff so that the machine was ready for me when I got home and faceplanted on the keyboard tonight, like restoring my documents from backup, installing Steam, Dropbox, Skype, Office, PlayClaw and all that. But noooooooo.

Well, I guess I’ve gotta wait. I’m pretty sure my next update will be the last one. I’ve also got a bunch more screenshots that I took during the install process in the previous update. I’d upload them but they’re on my PC at home, and heh, yep, no Internet!

UPDATE (windoze)10!!

Okay, it’s activated. Installed in UEFI mode, and activated. Thank fuck. 😛

So, what’s it like? Well… not a huge amount has changed from the Technical Preview apart from stability. All I’ve noticed is that Start menu has been tweaked and the calendar display that you see when you click the system time in the bottom right has been revamped.

They have almost ruined the Start menu for me by making one very small change. They reduced the number of columns per row of Live Tiles on the Start menu by one, and it’s absolutely senseless. Y’see, you can have a Live Tile in the following sizes: 0.5×0.5, 1×1, 2×1 and 2×2. I’m ignoring 0.5×0.5 because I don’t have enough stuff to put on the Start menu for me to use it. 😛 These dimensions mean that with a four-column Start menu, you can have a 2×2 next to a 2×1 or a 2×2 on the same row(s). With only three columns, those choices are nuked. You can only have a row consisting of three 1x1s, or one 1×1 and either one of 2×1 or 2×2. My old Start menu design:


I can’t do that any more. I don’t want Facebook on there, I want Calendar as a 2×1 above Weather instead, but I can’t. This is the best I can do:

My Start Menu

And it looks like dirge. 😦

I’d show you the new calendar but it’s just a calendar and I can’t be arsed to screenshot it. It’s pretty and stuff. Nothing that makes you go ERRMAAGEERDD NEED TO INSTALL WIN10 NAO

One thing that made me explode when I got it installed for the first time was THIS:

Windows Install 6

WHAT. THE FUCK. GET THAT FUCKING SHIT OFF MY MACHINE RIGHT FUCKING NOW is pretty much what I said. 😛 That, and friggin’ Twatter, and all the other cunting bloatware apps. Why MUST they bundle Sport with it? I don’t want it. If I wanted it I’d install it myself!

I’m not even going to talk about Solitaire Collection. Just go look up what they’ve done if you wanna know. 😛

One notable improvement from the Tech Preview is Quick Access. Thankfully, you can make it usable by unchecking recently used files and frequently used folders:

Yay Quick Access configuration for non-morons

This prevents Windows from clogging it up with a random jumble of files you poked recently, limiting it to stuff you’ve pinned, i.e.: stuff you actually want to see in there. You can get to that window by right-clicking the Quick Access option in the Explorer sidebar and selecting Options.

I can’t really think of anything else notable that’s changed. It feels infinitely more stable than the build I was on, so I’m actually gonna go ahead and say it: yes, you should really upgrade to Windows 10 now. It’s fine. Probably. 😛 Usability-wise, it’s… pretty much as good as Windows 7. It’s a bit better, actually, thanks to UEFI and a better Start menu.

As for the install process, the least brain-melting way of doing it is to install Windows 7/8 from fresh, then upgrade to Windows 10 from within that. You can then clean up the files left over from the upgrade process by running Disk Clean-up, then selecting “Clean up system files” when the initial scan completes. Of course, if you’re not sure whether you want to keep Windows 10, I’d hold off on doing that; it’ll make downgrading easier. 🙂

When you have Windows 10 installed for the first time, if you really want, you actually can do a fresh install from BIOS. Apparently. Someone I know did so by pulling out his Windows 10 key using Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, then reinstalling Windows 10 from BIOS and entering this key during setup. Instead of going through the process of installing Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, though, you can do it way quicker with this VB script. Download and open it, and boosh, your product key is displayed in a dialogue box. 🙂 This method seemed to work for my friend, but I haven’t verified it myself.

Right, I think that’s it. If anyone has any questions about Windows 10 or the install process or anything that I probably missed, feel free to drop a comment. 🙂 For now, though, I’m gonna drop myself on my BED. I’ll leave you with the most awesomest thing I’ve seen in the past month:


Windoze 10.

I remember when Windows 10 was announced. The first thing I posted on Facebook after the announcement was this:

Windows 10.

I actually didn’t understand what the hell they were thinking when they came up with the name. It’s almost like they went “Ahhhhh, we should call it Windows 9, but that’s what they’re EXPECTING us to do, so let’s do one more and call it Windows 10 YEAAAAAH!” 😛

A somewhat believable explanation is that a lot of software developers actually do something like this:

if( windowsVersion.startsWith("Windows 9") )
    // Do stuff for Windows 95/98
    // Do stuff for Windows 2000 or above

But if this is true, it’s stupid, completely the fault of software devs and Microsoft shouldn’t be working around it. If you wanna know what version of Windows the user’s running, you should be using the kernel version number. Windows 95 was called “95” because it was released in 1995, durrr. Its version number was 4.0, not 95. Windows 7’s version number is actually 6.1 and Windows 8 is 6.2. Although that explanation makes sense, it’s still not believable.

Anyway, whatever the reason, it’s Windows 10, not 9. But, it also made me make a joke about how they actually stopped developing Windows 9 and went straight to Windows 10. Y’see, every other version of Windows is shite, so if they did that, they’d be bypassing a good version of Windows and skipping to the next crap version. Look:

Windows 95 = Good
Windows 98 = Shite
Windows 2000 = Good
Windows ME = Shite
Windows XP = Good
Windows Vista = Shite
Windows 7 = Good
Windows 8 = Shite
Windows 9 = Would’ve been good
Windows 10 = Shite?

Makes sense, right? 😛

Not sure if that’s actually the case, though.

A “Technical Preview” of Windows 10 has been available for some time now. I installed it as a secondary OS very soon after release, but I didn’t really want to commit to using it and only played with it for about half an hour. Now, though, I’ve been using it since my major upgrade (Pwnage-O-Matic V6; new motherboard, CPU and SSD!! 😉 ).

It’s basically an alpha. Stuff can break, and there’s a high chance stuff can change drastically between builds. You also get asked questions very occasionally while using it, like “how hard was it to find the setting you were looking for?” Oh, and I’m pretty sure nearly everything I do is being monitored. 😛 There’s also a dedicated app for getting news about Windows 10, and another app for leaving feedback or bug reports. Most of the feedback people give is completely useless, and I don’t think the rest is really looked at. Maybe glanced at from time to time. 😛

So what’s it like? Pretty decent, actually! Despite being an alpha, it runs pretty smooth and doesn’t crash as much as I was expecting. In fact, I’ve had the most BSoDs from trying to render in DAZ Studio, and I’m not sure if Windows was at fault.

Since my new motherboard is UEFI-compatible, after a lot of poking around and an unlikely hero (my point-and-shoot video camera formatted to FAT and connected via USB was the ONLY method I had short of wiping my external hard drive :P), I figured out how to boot and install Windows 10 in UEFI mode. Let me just say HOLY MOTHER OF GOD it boots like friggin’ LIGHTNING. Seriously, I started the computer and pressed the power button on my monitor. By the time my monitor turned on, Windows had ALREADY booted and was ready to go. In no more than 15 seconds. I had to reboot and test it again to make sure I hadn’t accidentally booted out of sleep mode!

Of course, it isn’t that much of a big deal. Mac OS has been UEFI-compatible for God-knows how long, and Windows already had it in Windows 8. It’s just mind-blowing when you experience it for the first time. 😛

Right, yes, Windows 10, the user-facing stuff. 😛 The most dramatic difference is the Start menu. Yes, START MENU. IT HAS ONE


What they’ve done is taken the Metro interface that doesn’t work on PCs and the Windows 7 Start menu that doesn’t work on tablets and made them have a baby. The left side is pretty much automatic and can’t really be customized, all you can do is remove items you don’t want there. The right side is totally customizable and you can have anything you want. The most recent build lets you split your stuff into sections, so as you can see in that screenie, I have a “General” section for stuff I wanna see or get to quickly, and a “Drives” section for quick, direct access to my drives. Further down (you can scroll) I also have “Tools” and “Windows Store Games”, the latter being almost completely empty save for Asphalt 9. Which I don’t really play because the car handling is laughable and The Crew and Carmageddon Reincarnation are better. 😛

I think it’s really awesome. Unlike the huge, horrendous Start Screen, the new Start menu doesn’t completely break my focus when I open it. With the Start Screen it was like “WHAAAAA HUGE FULLSCREEN MENU WHAT’S GOING ON I JUST WANTED NOTEPAD”

It’s currently quite fragile though… 😛

Lol Start Menu

You CAN make it go fullscreen, but lol no thanks:

Ew no be smaller plz

There’s not enough to add to it to make me want it any bigger. 😛

Let’s ‘ave a look at File Explorer next…

File Explorer

It’s the same as Win7. 😛 Well, actually… no, that’s untrue. It’s the same as Win8. Because ribbon. Hrrrrrhh. :S THANKFULLY, it’s not commonly used unless you’re unfamiliar with keyboard shortcuts, and can be hidden with that small arrow next to the help button in the top right. The only useful commands in there are under the View tab; hiding/showing filename extensions and hidden files, and hiding/showing files. That’s… pretty much it, because you can get everything else through the context menu. 😛 Files are still sent straight to the recycle bin with a press of Del, but I actually like that now. Getting a confirmation dialog in Windows 7 for a non-volatile delete operation was really starting to grate. Shift-Del still brings up a confirmation, which is good.

The ONE thing that’s REALLY annoying me is that annoying friggin’ “Quick access” link in the sidebar. I just want it to go die in a fire.


It gives you a random jumble of files and folders you recently accessed, all mashed in with any files or folders you explicitly add to quick access. I don’t understand how this is useful to anyone at all. If you constantly access a specific Word or Excel or whatever file, surely the most natural way to open it is to open Word/Excel/whatever and select it from your recent files list in that program? That would be just as fast as going into Explorer and looking for it in quick access. It’s like a dumb fusion of two completely unrelated menus, Favourites and Recent Files. It actually replaced Favourites in build 9926. Favourites was the same thing, but it only contained what you wanted in there, and could be arranged in whatever order you wanted. So why the hell did they remove it?! 😦 << I wanted an angry smiley but WordPress doesn’t have one because it SUCKS. 😛

Oh, and OneDrive as well. I want that to piss off but you can’t get rid of it either. >.<

What else… ah yes, they have improved snapping tools now. You know that in Windows 7 and 8 you can grab a window and push it against the side of the screen to make it “snap” to that side of the screen? Windows 10 expands on that and lets you snap to a corner now, and if you have two monitors, you can snap to the inside of a screen without needing to use WinKey-Right or WinKey-Left, WOOT! 😀 Also, when you snap, you get a display on the other half of the screen, which easily lets you choose another window to snap to the other side, which is pretty neat:

Snappy Snappy!

It feels like an OS designed for PCs, but with the new Microsoft style. It doesn’t feel confused any more. Like, “Desktop” is no longer an app, for example. There’s no annoying bar that appears at the side of the screen when you hover there for a sec. You close apps and windows by clicking their X buttons, not by dragging them to the bottom right of the screen. You shutdown, restart or sleep by pressing the power button on the start menu, not by going into Settings. It’s… nice. 😀

Although speaking of Settings, that’s one part of Windows 10 that still feels confused. Control Panel still exists and can do pretty much everything you want it to do, but there’s a Settings app which does… almost as much, and is Windows’ “preferred” way of doing things. As in, when you click the Network icon in the taskbar, it launches the Network section of Settings instead of going to Network and Sharing Centre in Control Panel. It’s been improved in the most recent build, but I still want to use Control Panel for everything.

Other niggles… well, unfortunately, the All Programs list… sorry, all APPS list in the Start menu is pretty horrible now, Windows comes with pre-installed bloatware apps, and apps still exist. 😛 But since apps act almost the same as normal programs, I’ve gotten used to them (not like I use them much at all), and I have all the programs I commonly use on the desktop. If a program I want isn’t on the desktop, I just use the search bar, so I never need to use the all apps list. 🙂

If you’re wondering about Cortana, I haven’t been able to try it out because:

Like I Care!

Not sure why it’s not available in the UK but I don’t care. 😛

So yeah, I quite like Windows 10 in the state it’s in right now, well, apart from the looming possibility of a nasty crash. 😛 As for the pricing, well, it’s actually going to be a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Yep. 🙂 Kinda concerns me about why it’s free, though. Maybe people’ve been pressuring them about how Mac OS X users get free major upgrades, but y’know, you have to get something when you pay about twice as much than the computer’s worth. 😛 I guess we’ll find out in due time if Microsoft have some sort of smartass proviso up their sleeve. 😛

Unlike the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, I will link the Windows 10 Technical Preview here:


If you know what you’re doing, have your important data backed up, don’t mind large, somewhat frequent updates and you’re interested in trying Windows 10 yourself and watching it evolve, I’d definitely recommend giving it a spin. 🙂  Probably not a good idea installing it on a family computer or something, though. 😛

I think that’s all. Lemme know if there’s something I haven’t covered that you’re interested in. 😀 See yaz! 🙂