UPDATE!: SoRR V5 download links are now in this entry, since SEGA are utterly ridiculous and decided to order Bomber Games to take the link off their site, even though SoRR doesn’t damage them in any way at all. Then they wonder why their fanbase keeps shrinking and complaining.

Oh, what to start with… two things have been released recently, and they’re both awesome. Okay, let’s do it in order. 😉

On April 3rd, Bomberlink updated the Streets of Rage Remake blog for the first time in over a year. And that could only mean one thing. SoRR V5’s RELEASE, BABY, YEAAAH! Even though I had assignments I had to be getting on with, I immediately downloaded it. It was a hefty 200-something MB download, but I didn’t care – I’ve been waiting patiently for this for a long time. 😀

It has a few flaws, such as Axel not being half as powerful as he should be (Disregard that, it’s actually extremely faithful to the original games – I was using SoR3 Axel, and forgot that his Grand Upper isn’t as powerful as it was in SoR2. I switched to SoR2 Axel, and the damage went up. 🙂 ) and some of the remixes are… well, not good. The new Go Straight remix is okay, but it takes far too long to get to the almost legendary primary melody (the part I sing along to 😛 ), and the Wave 131 remix doesn’t capture any of the funkiness of the original song and sounds… pretty boring, honestly. 😛 (New Wave is excellent, though – the pianos are especially kickass. 😀 ) The remixes can easily be fixed, though – you just convert a music file to an OGG, replace it with the song you want to get rid of, and done. 😀 For example, I replaced the Go Straight remix with…

😀 Credit goes to Yuzoboy for the track. 😉

Overall, SoRR V5 is awesome. Like, REALLY awesome. And I haven’t even tried it 2-player yet. 😀 I’m not going to say any more and ruin all the shiny new features for you, but trust me, you need to try it. 😀

UNFORTUNATELY, a company I used to quite like, SEGA, has poked their nose in conveniently as SoRR’s JUST BEEN FINISHED, and told them to take the link down because of copyright infringement.

ALL my respect for SEGA now no longer exists. It’s freeware, it’s taken nearly a decade to create and SEGA’s never going to use the Streets of Rage name again (they won’t use it WELL, anyway). So this hurts SEGA… how? I can’t fucking STAND it when companies do things like this. And it was obviously a malicious move by SEGA, because they’ve had EIGHT YEARS to stop them, and they do it NOW, just after Bomberlink and his crew have completed all their obviously hard work.

Bit fucking late now, isn’t it, SEGA? Thousands of people already have it. I’m one of them. And I’m gonna help others get it. So, if you want it, go ahead and get it from the following link!

Streets of Rage Remake v5

UPDATE 2!!: This link used to be two links, because I used to use MediaFire and that didn’t let you upload files that were more than 150MB unless you pay for it. Since about 65% of people were downloading the first file but not the second, and downloading half a game doesn’t work, I’ve replaced it with a single OneDrive link. And hey, this also has the added bonus of no stupid ads. 🙂

UPDATE!!: Um, I’ve noticed that a couple people some people more than half the people 75% of the people (WHAT IN THE SHIT, CAN YOU READ?!) 60% of the people who started a download have clicked on SoRRv5 Part 1, but not on SoRRv5 Part 2. You, er… you need both parts. 😛 Because I had to split it into two, because MediaFire doesn’t support files more than 100MB unless you pay for it, which I can’t afford and don’t really see the point in doing. 😛

Anyhoo, moving on…

Next, there’s Dynasty Warriors 7. I love Dynasty Warriors… well, not #6. I thought that was disappointing, because of that shitty new Renbu combat system. With DW7, though, they’ve scrapped that, and gone back to the good old Charge system. 😀 I was expecting the same kinda gameplay as DW5, but with the feel of DW6. And I was right. However, instead of feeling like the same old game, it feels significantly different, somehow. I can just tell they’ve really tried to impress with this one.

I’ve only just finished Shu’s story mode (1 of the 4), and since I started playing the day before it was supposed to be released, it’s obviously got some serious game time. The gameplay feels faster and more intense somehow, and I quite like the weapon customisation system – it’s simple and effective. The missions feel more linear, which is a good thing, since in older DW games, you could easily just run straight to the enemy commander and beat him, but now you’ve got to keep an eye on your allies, complete objectives and prioritise properly.

The thing that amazed me the most, though, was the noticably improved presentation. Besides the nice graphics and awesome effects, the voice actors actually sound like they’re giving it their best shot. Some are still a bit shit, but the majority are good. This is REALLY noticable in the genuinely awesome cutscenes, which actually engage me. I also found myself talking to everyone in the pre-battle camp scenes. It’s not often that a game makes me care about the characters so much, or makes me feel so immersed.

It still has the thorn of repetition in its side, but the story and the action manage to cover it up really well. If you include the brilliant-as-always soundtrack, the psychotically huge Conquest mode that WILL make your eyes pop out when you see how many missions there are, and the sheer FUN of driving a Juggernaut or firing an unrealistically fast-firing Ballista, it’s the best Dynasty Warriors game I’ve ever played. It’s better than DW5, which has been my real favourite for a long time. 😀 And you know what? I haven’t played it co-op yet, which is where the fun REALLY is. 😀

But for now, I’ll set the Online part of the F.A.G.G.O.T Rating to “N/A”, which gives Dynasty Warriors 7 a score of 7.7. Which is… hahaha, quite fitting, really! 😀 And remember, my rating system is from 0 to 10, not 5 to 9.8 like “professional” critics, who gave DW7 an average of about 5, like they have done for every single game since DW3. Because they don’t actually play the game for more than 5 minutes, unless it’s Halo, CoD or some other “big” title. And that REALLY pisses me off.

But never mind, I suppose DW IS kind of a love or hate thing. Give #7 a rent or something. It might just change your opinion. 😉

Oh, and before I go, I thought I’d let you know that DAZ3D recently released a DAZ Studio 4 beta. And despite what they say ALL their users are saying, it’s really shit. But I’m too tired to explain how crappy it is right now, so I’ll save it for when I’m more lively. It’ll have more funnies then. 😉