Wow, WordPress – just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse…

Okay, so I’ve just seen a RED BANNER on my dashboard, which usually means that something bad’s happened. And yes, it has! It’s about my password. Normally, passwords are encrypted with a 128-bit cipher, but apparently, the gormfags at WordPress sort of ACCIDENTALLY stored my password “less securely” than normal because of some bug in some tool. “Less securely”… hmm, very vague. I’m going to take a guess and say it was completely unencrypted. I’m probably right.

So, I’ve had to change my password… well, not really, since my blog is probably the LEAST important thing that someone could hijack. I just set it back to what it was.

But that’s not the most ridiculous part, oh no. The most ridiculous part is this bullshit 15% off coupon I recieved as an apology. “Hey, we sort of didn’t store your password securely – sorry! Here’s a coupon for money off when you buy something pointless from us.” LMFAO, how about fuck off! I mean, what the hell? I wouldn’t buy any of these overpriced shitty upgrades anyway! $60 a year to store VIDEOS? And what the hell? $300 a year for 100GB of storage space?! WHAT? A 1TB hard drive (10x more space) is, like… £40 (~$65)? So where’d you get $300 from? Hell, I can get a PROPER website with my own domain name and UNLIMITED storage space for $58 a year somewhere else!

Anyone who’s paying these insane prices is either mentally retarded or one of those fanboys on the news page who say that everything WordPress does is amazing.