I’m getting ahead of myself a bit…

This has always been a problem of mine. 😛

I’m really eager to get started on ULSG V14. Like, REALLY eager. Leaving behind that messy bunch of code that was in V13, starting V14 from scratch, no old code in the way, being able to build it MUCH more efficiently thanks to my improved programming skillz… I can’t wait. 😀

In fact, I can’t wait so much that I just went ahead and made a start, even though I’ve still got a bunch of things left to do to get V13 finished. 😛 I’ve done this a few times before for other projects – Beat The Computer 3 was finished before Beat The Computer 2, which was (hilariously) never completed, and I started on Special Services Team Gold before completing the normal edition, both of which were dropped. 😛 It’s not just games, either – I actually started writing parts for Dragon Tail 2 about 75% of the way through the original Dragon Tail, and I started work on Streets of Goong: Stage 8 before finishing Stage 7. It’s a bad habit. 😛

I’ve not spent TOO much time on it, really… well… okay, maybe I sort of have. 😛 I took an old 3DS Max scene of the ULSG V14 logo that I started a while back, messed around with it, changed the “V14” part of the logo to look way cooler, and played with some animation. I also found a piece of music to use as the intro theme, and hence tried to make the animation sync with that. 😀

After a while, I managed to get God Rays working, added some motion blur, did a load of test renders, then when I was happy, I started rendering the entire animation, which basically made my computer unusable for several hours. 18 hours, to be exact. It also upped my CPU’s heat to around 82C for the entire duration, too. :S

However, GOOD NEWS! One, my overclock is very stable, two, I made some more progress on Patapon 3, three, the Carmageddon IP doesn’t belong to Gay Enix anymore and a new one’s being developed by Stainless (the ORIGINAL devs who I love, so this new one is going to be epic), and four, the animation looks BETTER than I thought it would. 😀 Oh, and five, Multimedia Fusion 2 now seems to be able to draw things on top of videos. 😀 It used to only be able to draw UNDERNEATH vids, last time I checked, at least, which wasn’t very useful. 😛

Here’s a teaser of my CPU’s 18 hour shift… 😉

The flashing “press any button” notifications are selected randomly from a list. Just a little extra thought. 😉 As you may have noticed, as well, the game detects happysticks… um, joysticks, at startup. So yes, ULSG V14 will have controller support. 😀 It sounds easy, but it’s currently my biggest hurdle.

Some people might have several controllers for their PC, and they might not all be the same. I have no idea how Windows identifies game controllers, and the MMF2 extension that I have can’t get the ID of a game controller. What’s more, if the player unplugs both of their controllers and plugs them in in a different order, ULSG will pick them up in a different order.

“Why do you care?” you ask? Well, picture this. Player A starts playing ULSG with an Xbox controller, which is the only controller plugged in, and hence is Controller 1. They configure it to their liking, and the mappings are saved in their profile. However, the next day, Player B wants to join in and play 2-player, but uses a different type of controller, which is plugged in first, and hence becomes Controller 1, whereas the Xbox controller becomes Controller 2. Player A will sign in with his profile, but since Controller 1 is now a completely different device, his mappings are going to be all screwed up.

What I WANT to happen is for the controller’s identifier to be stored in Player A’s profile. When the game starts up and Player A signs in, ULSG will look at every connected controller, find the one which has a matching identifier, and respond to input from that controller.

Hmm… but I CAN get a controller’s NAME. That could be stored as a group name in an INI file… and when a player configures a controller, their config is stored there… and multiple profiles could save different mappings under that group… I may have figured it out… MAYBE. 😛

Haha, wow. Back when I started V13, I didn’t even think HALF as deeply into ANY feature. Even the V14 profile select window I finished last night is already more stable and foolproof than V13’s. 😀 I have a load of things planned out for V14, as well – apart from the 4-player local multiplayer and Infinity Mode, there’ll be new ships, Drones and Special Modules (Special Modules will be known as Boosters in V14). You’ll be able to tweak the duration of powerups, and you won’t need to be an achievement whore to unlock everything, because things will cost Creditz instead. 😀

Anyway, yeah yeah, gotta get V13 finished FIRST. 😛