Good news ALWAYS has to come with bad news, doesn’t it?

I’d start with the bad news, but if I did that, you wouldn’t know what I was talking about until I said the good news. 😛

So, the good news is, ULSG V14 was actually approved. Yup, even the title. When I saw it, all I did was laugh. I really can’t believe they’re gonna let me do it. 😀

However, I stopped laughing when I saw who’s going to be supervising me. A Chinese guy called Zhijie Xu. I absolutely hate him. He just can’t teach. We’re doing shader programming, and we basically copy what he does, and it ends up not working. Then soon after, we get bored of watching him try to code and end up collaborating to fix it ourselves. While we’re doing that, he just deletes what he’s written, then copies and pastes working code from another file and says he’s fixed it. I pay ~£3k a year for that? o_O

He won’t understand ULSG – he’ll fail to see the stupid-but-logical humour. I believe the reason why he was allocated to me is because of the networking, but I’m pretty sure he won’t be of much help on that front because I’ll be using C# and Lidgren3. He doesn’t like C# for some reason.

Well, I might hate my supervisor, but at least it’s been approved. 😀 So yep, that’s official – ULSG V14’s development is about to be kicked up a quadrillion notches. 😀 I’ll get a devblog started ASAP. I can fairly safely announce a release date, too! So… here goes:

On May 17th 2013, Balls* Will** Drop***. 😀

(*of steel **occasionally *** from blue powerup canisters)


Devlog is up at Put dat cookie down and get over there! NAUUUU!