This statement is false. And null.

Or nil if you like Lua.

Or Nothing if you like Visual Basic.

Or Empty if YES they get the idea MongMaster shut up now. 😛

Well, since I’ve been working on the 4th render in my Chinese Zodiac series, Year Of The Goat, I was planning to write a li’l bit about the DAZ Studio 4.7 update after I was done for the night.

However, a thing happened. A stupid thing. In fact, many stupid things happened. I wanted to re-open the Monster Fight scene I rendered quite some time ago so I could re-render it in 1080p, but it failed to load the Kaiju models because it couldn’t find a huge mass of data files that aren’t even included in the product’s installer. Yet I can import a fresh Kaiju model into a scene just fine. >.> Then, I almost lost my work on Year Of The Goat because DAZ Studio did some absolutely insane thing that I can’t even begin to explain.

Then, the aforementioned thing happened.

It was so idiotic and senseless that I decided the only way I could convey it is via the medium of video. So… here you go:

DAZ Studio – I Don’t Even

So… yeah. If you don’t want to listen to my stupid voice, then basically, DAZ Studio 4.7 is.. just… heh. Like, insane. And not like “Hahaha, you’re insane but that’s cool”, more like “AAAAARGH YOU’RE INSANE GET AWAY FROM ME”

One last thing before I pop off, I’ve revised my DAZ Studio workspace layout. I added a couple of new panels and managed to re-learn how to change viewport background colours. They decided to change it for… some… reason. I dunno. Maybe they’re struggling to find things to do cuz there aren’t any bugs. Heh. Anyway, I dunno if anyone would find it useful, but you can get it HEEEAH if you wannit. 🙂

Eekay, I’m off. Need night nightz. If I get around to writing it before the Chinese New Year, I’ll probably tell y’all about Windows 10 next time. Seeeee yaaaaaa. 🙂 has been (un)suspended!

Whoa. WHOA. WHOOOHOHOHOHAAAAHHAOOA! My number of subscribers has doubled! TO TWO!!

Welcome, Mr./Mrs./Miss./Dr. New Subscriber! 😀

Yes, it was almost immediately after my blog came back online. Y’see, I was just passing by, doing a couple of tweaks to some articles, not going to write another one because I didn’t really have much to write about, when all of a sudden, I get some weird-ass errors when trying to update a post. Something about an API call that failed. About a minute later, just when I was about to say “stuff this, I’ll come back to it later”, I get a banner at the top of my dashboard, saying the blog has been suspended because of a violation of the Terms of Service.


I thought maybe I had done something wrong at some point yeeeeears ago, back when this blog was actually on Windows Live. I thought something’d crept up from then and bit me in teh ash whole. But even so, an instant suspension and imminent deletion with no warning or reason whatsoever? I didn’t even get an e-mail, and nothing explained why this had happened. Come on.

Naturally, I contacted support. Turned out that I’d been hit by an anti-spam bot which flagged the site. Understandable! 😛 Can’t fault the support I got, really. Well, apart from that they didn’t actually fix the issue the first time I contacted them, but whatever, no biggie, they still got me back up and running within 24 hours. 🙂  I’m still gonna tag all my posts with that tag, though. 😛 IT’S TRADITION!

Anyway, yes, I’m back, with DOUBLE the subscriber POWAAAHH! Awwww yisss, I’m SMASHING my way onto the Internetz celebrity scene BIG time. Haaaah. 😛  As a celebratory thingiemabobbyjig, I’ll go ahead and post something I was gonna post anyway! WHOOOO! CELEBRATIONZ! 😀

I finally got my ass in gear and got around to rendering a final version of The Third Breed; the render I made in my last (real) post. 🙂 Man, it was a pain to render out again. I updated to DAZ Studio 4.7, which was a slight mistake, and I’m currently rocking the Windows 10 Technical Preview, which is a mistake and a good thing in almost equal measures. Let’s just say it took at least 6 attempts to render it out. 😛

Why? Well, during a render, the CPU completely maxes out, and the Pwnage-O-Matic V6 doesn’t seem to be happy about this. 😛 I got about 3 BSoDs, the computer completely locked up once, and the graphics driver kept crashing, too. I really doubt it’s a hardware issue since the processor is practically brand new, never exceeds 60C at full load, and is currently running at stock speed. It’s probably some kinda Windows problem. Although… I did close a bunch of background programs before I began the render attempt that finished successfully. Or maybe it was just a fluke. We’ll see when we render Year of the Goat. 😀

As an extra-special treat, I rendered it in both 1080p and 4K. 😀 To render the scene in 4K, it took… 2 hours 10 minutes and 21.44 seconds. Says the log file. 🙂 Anyway, yez, I’ll stop yammering and show you le beautiful dragon! BOOYAH:

The Third Breed - DracoAurarius
Available in: (1080p) (4K)

It’s not hyper-different from the draft, but it’s better. His head’s angled down a little more, and his claw is a bit closer to his body. I also tweaked the position of his left wing, adjusted the lighting slightly, and rendered at max quality. DJ MAX quality. 😀 Also saved the final JPEGs at a higher than normal quality because I noticed some really ugly artefacts on the draft version.

I hope you liek! 🙂 If you want him on your desktop but I haven’t rendered at your native resolution, I’d be happy to churn another render out for your res and add it to the list. Just lemme know! 😀  Within reason, of course. I ain’t rendering it out at some crazy-ass overkill res like 16K or something. I like my PC to be usable! 😛

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. I’ll make a separate post about my new PC build later on. And Windows 10, and DAZ Studio 4.7, although there’s not a great deal to say about it. And of course, the 4th Chinese New Year render is almost here! I gotta render a GOAT and make it look EPIC!

Maaaaaan this year’s image is gonna suck! 😛


No, not ULSG. Haha, gotcha there. 😛 If you DID think it was ULSG, you can probably go away now, because I’m about to talk about DAZ Studio 4. Not for long, mind you. 😉

Anyway, yeah, I’ve just spent the last couple hours trying it out and comparing it to DAZ Studio 3. And now only one of them is now installed on my computer. And yes, it’s DAZ Studio 3. 😛

There is literally NO POINT to DAZ Studio 4, at least for my needs, anyway. It’s exactly the same as DAZ Studio 3, and even renders at the same speed. Couldn’t find any new features at all. No, the new UI ISN’T a feature, it must be a bug of some sort. Really, finding my way around a maze blindfolded is easier than figuring out this stupid interface.

Hilariously, it was actually designed to be EASIER to use than DS3’s interface. Maybe someone who’s NEW to the program would appreciate it. However, I’ve been around since DS2. I liked that interface. They made it a BIT worse with DS3 (pinning windows was replaced with something more irritating) but UberEnvironment made up for that. Now they’ve destroyed the interface completely, it hogs more resources, uses more CPU, has annoying slidey animations when you’re attempting to navigate/rearrange stuff which are totally unnecessary and just annoy me, and they’ve probably halved the number of supported plugins again. Oh, and one of the menu bars ALWAYS stays in the middle of the viewport, at the top. And you can’t change that. At all. Oh, and you can only have one viewport setup, in Expert mode at least, which is totally retarded.

Oh, and another thing – now the interface has changed, I can no longer change the image at the top right. I really liked that feature, especially as mine featured Morshu…

Image: Morshu in DS3!

I bet NO-ONE else in the world has done that, which is a shame, because that’s the BEST possible image you can put there. 😀 The rest of the community probably has boring V4 looking at them, or a bunch of trees sat there. The MilDragon is passable, I guess. 😛

The only things I DO like about it is the new splash screen, because it features a SubDragon, and that it actually includes a LE version of the SubDragon. I thought they’d forgotten that model existed entirely, even though it’s probably their coolest, most interesting model. Not V4 or whatever. They’re just boring. I’m a fantasy renderer. I’d rather spend my time posing an awesome dragon or something that doesn’t exist in the real world, instead of a man or a woman, which you see every day. 😛

So, ignore pretty much all of their users’ positive comments, because they’re all retarded. DAZ Studio 4 is shit, and you might as well just use DAZ Studio 3, because it’s easier to use, more responsive, less stupid, less annoying, has the same features, likely supports more plugins and renders just as fast. End of. 😛

Now, as for ULSG…

It’s coming along okay. It’s a bunch of painful, horrendously repetitive coding, but it’s making steady progress. Finished off my last assignment yesterday (WORST ASSIGNMENT EVER), so until I have to resit/redo something, I’m completely free. 😀 Well, until Tuesday, when the Blind Panic competition starts – we’ve gotta try to make a game in 32 hours from scratch. A group asked me if I’d join them, and I joined their group on Bookface, but I said I wasn’t sure if I’d take part, since I hate speed coding. They entered me into it anyway. 😛 That’ll slow down ULSG a lot, but I’m still aiming to release it on Saturday next week. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. Stay away from DS4. 😛

PS: My computer crashed midway through writing this post. Just a full-on, sudden freeze of everything. No BSOD. No idea what happened, but since my CPU’s overclocked, I took a guess and just added a couple notches of CPU and RAM voltage. 😛 The reason I brought this up was because of WordPress’s autosave feature. I commend it. Everything else is still shit. 😛

This made me laugh…

“Been playing with DS4 for about an hour now and I am happy. I have noticed a speed increase in the rendering and for me, the quality appears better too. I am thinking that this is the version I need.” -Muon Quark

Muon Quark, you sir, are deranged. Have you not noticed the annoying UI which is MORE difficult to use? Have you noticed that Expert Mode is actually LESS flexible than Annoying Mode and possibly Noob Mode? And NO, rendering ISN’T faster, you fucking liar. It’s EXACTLY the same render engine, literally, EXACTLY the same. So it CAN’T be higher quality. And it’s DEFINITELY not faster. Try decreasing the Shading Rate to what you used to use in DS3. You’ll find this “speed increase” is in your weird little dream world.

I really hope you see this and respond. I’m sick of people saying how great DS4 is when it’s clearly a DOWNGRADE.

Just found this update in Drafts. No idea why. I blame WordPress. 😛

I noticed a while ago that I got referrals from DAZ’s own forums to this entry. I followed the link back, and I found a thread on DAZ’s forums, which was apparently a complaint thread, which has a trail so far back it’s unbelievable, as in, more than 5 threads. Each thread is capped at 1000 pages, so that’s more than 5000 pages. Wow. It’s also unbelievable how long it’s been off-topic – it’s not even a complaint thread anymore. I can’t goddamn tell WHAT it’s about, really, since some people don’t know how to stay on topic even slightly.

But anyhoo, this entry was linked there, but no-one said anything about it. Either they silently agree, don’t care, or they disagree with me but don’t have the balls to post anything. 😛

Another referral! I’m surprised this is even being read. 😛

This time it was from a different forum, and from the looks of it, their users agree with me. Nice to know there’re others out there who actually know when stuff is good and when it’s not. 😀 And it’s nice to see I made you laugh so much. 😉

It’s quite interesting, though, reading through that thread. If all that’s true, DAZ 3D sounds even worse than I first believed. Encouraging fanboys to threaten and bitch at users that complain enough? What the hell…? :S