The Switch Glitch.

My stats page is quite dull. I’ve just added up the figures, and amazingly, at least 75% of my ~11,000 hits have apparently come from searches relating to the Bejeweled games, even though I deleted the main post I made about it. It was about Bejeweled Blitz’s Phoenix Prism, and I deleted it because the only thing I got from it was a dumb comment from some random faggot. No “thanks”, or anything. Besides, I was getting bored of seeing stupid searches such as “what is phoenix prism” and “how to use phoenix prism”, or even “how much does phoenix prism cost”. But funnily enough, deleting the post didn’t stop the terms coming in. Probably because WordPress is shit. 😛

But anyway, onto the reason for this post. 🙂 A friend on Bookface watched a replay I posted recently, where I beat my personal Boost-only record, somehow scoring 853,500 without using a Rare Gem. She noticed I was swapping multiple sets of gems to make better matches, and asked about it. I tried my best to explain it, but it’s difficult without diagrams or pictures. 😉 So, since people only seem to come here attempting to read a deleted article about Bejeweled Blitz, I decided to make this post about the technique I use, even though almost no-one will find it or read it, because that’s typical. 😛

I call it… the Switch Glitch. 😀 It’s sadly more widely known as the Elite Technique, but I can’t actually bring myself to call it that because it’s so lame. It’s like the person who called it that had literally no imagination, or was an elitist (which I’m not BTW, previously mentioned random faggot. :P). Or both, of course. Most likely both. 😛

Anyway, the Switch Glitch is a pretty high-level technique. It’s very tricky to get the hang of (I really couldn’t do it at first), but with practice, you’ll get better, and you’ll eventually start seeing the patterns where you can use it almost as easily as normal patterns. 🙂 I’ll do my best to explain it to ya with the assistance of PICTUREZ. 😉

First, I’d better explain how this trick is possible. This isn’t totally essential, but understanding why it works might help.

The Switch Glitch works by exploiting two gameplay elements. The first one is what I call “match lock”. Have you ever had a situation where you tried making a match while gems were falling, but the gems you switched locked into place before they disappeared, and the gems that fell into position made the match even better? Say, like this:
Switch Glitch 0 - Move Lock
Even though you’ve switched the yellow gems into a set of three, they lock into place, but they don’t disappear until the cascade has finished. That’s match lock. It’s a very nice feature, giving you more than you bargained for every so often. 🙂
As for the second feature… bad moves. Yup, really – we exploit this for the Switch Glitch. 😉 You know when you make a bad move, the gems move, the game gives you a noise, and the gems move back, right? Well, as far as the game is concerned, those gems are “falling” into position. The Switch Glitch is all about making a bad move on purpose, and using this small amount of time to lock extra gems into position.

Alright, that’s the explanation. Now for some examples. I’ll start off with a simple one. 🙂

Creating Flame Gems with the Switch Glitch
Let’s say you have a set of gems like this:
Switch Glitch - Flame Gem (1)
Pretty irritating, huh? You’ve almost got a Flame Gem there. You could just wave it away and match them into a set of 3, but using the Switch Glitch, you actually can make this into a Flame Gem. I’ll walk you through it.

First, you need to make a bad move involving at least one of the gems that are in the correct position. Since we’ll finish with a set of four in the second column, the gems in the correct position are the two red gems in the centre. So, we should make a move like this:
Switch Glitch - Flame Gem (2)
Weird move, right? 😉 You could also switch either of those red gems left or right. Just as long as that switch doesn’t interfere with your remaining switches. All we’re doing is tricking the game into thinking those gems are falling into place, allowing us to lock our next two gems into a set of four. 🙂

Now, this is where it gets really hard. Before those two gems stop moving, you need to make the moves that would result in a set of four being created. So, those moves would be:
Switch Glitch - Flame Gem (3)
The order in which you do the second and third moves doesn’t matter, but you need to complete moves 2 and 3 before all the gems stop moving. This is what makes the Switch Glitch difficult. It also makes it very risky in some situations. If you fumble it, it can just become a series of bad moves, which can end with your speed chain being broken. And that’s never good. 😉

If the diagrams weren’t enough, here’s a little demonstration of this example:

This isn’t the only pattern that works, though! Just as long as the set of gems is two or three moves away from a bigger match, you can do it. Here are a few more examples:

Switch Glitch - Flame Gem (4)Switch Glitch - Flame Gem (5)Switch Glitch - Flame Gem (6)

The moves shown aren’t the only solutions. There are a bunch of ways to tackle each pattern. 🙂 Also, you might think that you could use the pattern below to make a Flame Gem…

Switch Glitch - Flame Gem (7)

Sadly, that won’t work. Even if you’re fast enough to make all four switches, you need to be able to make at least a match of three with the pattern in a single move, otherwise your remaining switches won’t lock the gems into place.

I’m kinda glad that doesn’t work. Otherwise this’d be a game-breaking glitch. 😀

Creating Hypercubes with the Switch Glitch
Now, Flame Gems are nice, but when the opportunity arises, we really should aim higher. Let’s go for some Hypercubes – the things that aren’t actually Hypercubes, but still the saviour of bad boards and brain freeze. 😀

The technique is the same, but the patterns are rarer and a little more difficult to spot. Here’s a classic sight that used to irritate me:
Switch Glitch - Hypercube (1)
Such a pain, isn’t it? 😛 Sure, with some luck on your side, you could turn this into a Hypercube normally, but… you don’t need luck when you’ve got technique. 😉 Quickly switch this set like this:
Switch Glitch - Hypercube (2)
And you’ll have yourself a beautiful Hypercube. It feels good to pull this off, trust me. 🙂

Here’s a demo of this in action:

Again, this isn’t the only pattern that works. Don’t forget that you can actually match more than five in a row for a Hypercube, too! Also, unlike Flame Gems, it’s possible to come across patterns that can be made into Hypercubes in four switches! But… they’re ultra-hard. 😀 Here are a few more three-switch patterns, and a four-switch pattern.

Switch Glitch - Hypercube (3)
There’re actually two ways to create a Hypercube with this pattern. You probably wouldn’t do it the second way, because it’s way harder, but can you find it anyway? 🙂

Switch Glitch - Hypercube (4)Switch Glitch - Hypercube (5)
Use the Switch Glitch to get six in a row, and receive instant praise from The Voice. 😀
Shame it doesn’t make a Supernova Gem like in Bejeweled 3. 😦

Switch Glitch - Hypercube (6)
Four moves needed for this one. It’s very hard to pull off.

Again, there are several ways to tackle each of these patterns – these are just the way I’d do them. Of course, you might find that you’re comfortable doing them in a different order. That’s perfectly fine – whatever you’re happy with. 🙂

Creating Star Gems with the Switch Glitch
While you’re in-game, trying to match quickly, these patterns are probably the hardest to spot and pull off. At first, I broke loads of speed chains trying to figure out a pattern I saw, so don’t worry if you can’t grasp them right away.

Again, the technique is the same – trick the game with a bad move, then lock the gems into place. Here’s a pattern that you can use:
Switch Glitch - Star Gem (1)
This is probably one of the more easily recognisable ones, but it can still be difficult to visualise the moves you need to make. Here they are:
Switch Glitch - Star Gem (2)

Aaaand here’s a demo of this pattern:

There are loads of Star Gem patterns out there. Don’t forget that you can combine the T or L shape with a row of four gems to get a Flame Gem and a Star Gem in one shot. Some rare patterns let you get two Star Gems at once, and it’s even possible to get a Star Gem and a Hypercube at the same time! 😀 Examples of each of these are below:

Switch Glitch - Star Gem (3)
Star Gem Switch Glitch patterns can really throw you in-game. If you can’t figure it out in about a second, don’t worry about it and just switch it normally, before you break your chain. 🙂

Switch Glitch - Star Gem (4)
You might’ve created a Star Gem and Flame Gem in one move before, but you can do it more often with the Switch Glitch!

Switch Glitch - Star Gem (5)
This kind of opportunity doesn’t come up often, but when it does… 😀

Switch Glitch - Star Gem (6)
THE BEST. This pattern creates an L shape, two T shapes and a plus shape simultaneously, which lands you four Star Gems. This kind of thing is really rare, but if you can focus when it comes up, you will be like: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Right, that’s about all I can teach you. Putting the Switch Glitch into practice is up to you. 🙂 But, before I finish, here’re a few tips and things to keep in mind. 🙂

  • I can imagine that not everyone can do this. You need to be quick and have good mouse control, otherwise the Switch Glitch is probably going to wreck your scores rather than boost them. If, even after some practice, you find you’re not quick enough, don’t worry about it. Just play as you normally do. You can still set some awesome scores without this trick. 🙂
  • If you’re finding it difficult to switch the gems you want without overshooting them, I’d recommend reducing your mouse sensitivity while you play. Or, if you have a gaming mouse, try reducing your mouse’s DPI setting, or creating a profile with a low DPI if possible. That’s what I do, personally. 🙂
  • Practice. Just start a game with no boosts, and try creating as many special gems with the Switch Glitch as you can. Try getting Keystone rewards while you practice. You’ll get faster, learn new patterns, and earn some extra coins on the side. 😉 Then when you splurge on a Kanga Ruby 3, a million+ score is probably within reach. 😀
  • When you reach the +1000 speed bonus and the Ignition meter starts filling up, gem movement starts getting faster, eventually making it crazy hard to use the Switch Glitch. It’s still possible, but it may be safer to play normally until Blazing Speed ends or you lose your chain. The gems will move more slowly, then. 🙂 Or, you could slow down and drain the Ignition meter. Maybe even break your speed chain on purpose. But I really don’t recommend that. 😉
  • Oh, about Blazing Speed… while that mode’s active, it’s actually impossible to use the Switch Glitch. Even if you do manage to switch fast enough, it simply doesn’t accept it, and causes an explosion as normal. Just play normally during Blazing Speed, and while you can, create tons of EXPLOSIONS! 😀

I think that’s all. Here’s one final demonstration of the Switch Glitch being used in a full game. 🙂

Aye, I fumbled a few times during this –  I’m not a master of the technique or anything. But it does help my scores! 😀

Anyhoo, hopefully this helped. 🙂 If you have any questions, comments or if you think I missed anything or got something wrong, just drop your message in the comments box. I’ll read ’em. 😉

I found an exploit!

Right, so you might remember that post I made about getting a score over 1,000,000 on Bejeweled Blitz? That was thanks to the Phoenix Prism, a rare gem, which only appears if the Random Number God wills it.

However, I’ve just found a way to make it so you ALWAYS have one available. It involves actually finding a Phoenix Prism legitimately at first, so you just need to keep playing games until one appears (or a better idea is to get one off a friend if they post the score they got with the Prism, that is, if anyone bothers to post it :P). UPDATE: This probably doesn’t work using a gem from a friend’s post. I’ve not had a chance to test it myself.

When you do get a gem from the Random Number God, harvest it and play a game with it. You can even take the first rare gem streak offer it gives you if you want, but DON’T take the lowest offer.

When you’ve finished your game, but are leaving or want more than three Phoenix Prisms, just click on the “You’re on a Rare Gem Streak!” notification, but don’t buy the gem again. Instead, open up a new Bejeweled Blitz page in another tab/window. In the new window, click “Play”, and it’ll offer you another Phoenix Prism at full price. You can close the original tab/window now and keep playing, or go away and it’ll be available next time you play!

The offset to this advantage is that A: you can’t get the Phoenix Prism at its cheapest price, otherwise the gem will disappear, and B: It’s rather expensive. But really, the advantage of being able to use the “Fast-track-to-an-amazing-score” gem whenever you want is worth it. 😀 Hell, this probably works with any rare gem, but I haven’t tested it myself. If you have, feel free to confirm if it works – that’d be nice to know. 🙂

Not sure how long this exploit’s been around, or if it’ll ever be patched. Knowing PopCap, probably not, but it works for the time being. 😀

I’ve just tried it again, with different results, but it still works. It’s pretty difficult to work out all the kinks. I think I’ve gotten to a point where I can say that it MIGHT not work from a friend’s rare gem post, and either 1: it doesn’t ALWAYS work the first time you open the new tab, but should work after a few tries, or 2: you have to click on the “Get Coins” button, press “Close” to go back to the rare gem screen, and THEN open up a new tab.

When I get about another 150,000 coins, I’ll try and figure out which one is true. I might just buy them, because I’m so eager to find out EXACTLY what you need to do. 😀

Okay, seems like it’s stopped working for me. 😦 Just tried everything, but no Phoenix Prism. And on that last run, 8 multipliers SHOULD have spawned, but thanks to the spawning rule involving the word “might”, only 5 spawned.

This game really has turned into a massive Luck-Based Mission. I’ve reached my peak, there’s no way I can do any better. For me to get the best scores, I need to have a Rare Gem appear. And even then, I need a good board. And even if that happens, multipliers don’t always appear. It’s pure luck that I hit 1M.

Wow. Thinking of that, I’ve started to really go off Bejeweled Blitz.

I retire.

Been playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook for quite a while now, and my high score has NEVER been able to crack 800,000. Even with the super-powerful Cat’s Eye gem which I got once every never, I kept messing up, or the Random Number God kept kicking me in the ass and not giving me any useful gems whatsoever.

However, tonight, I recieved a rare blessing – a Phoenix Prism gem. I’ve only ever had one of these before, and that was during the event when it was released, so it was basically impossible to get anything other than a Phoenix Prism. And they feel like they’ve been significantly buffed since then, because uh, you wanna guess what I got in my first run with it? It was 860k. :O

That’s SIGNIFICANTLY higher than my old high score. And if it weren’t for the new Gem Streak feature, that would’ve been that – my highest score probably for the next three years or so. 😛 I had JUST enough coins left to harvest one more Phoenix Prism, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to beat my old score.

And I was WRONG!

ONE… MILLION. I’ve always said that million-point scores were the realms of hackers, cheaters, players with extreme Switch Glitch skillz, and lucky S.O.Bs. 😛 But now… I shall add “people with Phoenix Prisms and generally extreme skillz” there. 😀

The post title says “I retire”, but actually, that’s dumb. Other people’ll beat me if I do that. 😛 I’ll just not use Boosts for a while so I can actually recover my coin balance. 😀