MongMaster’s Other Turd!

Now why have you come here? This is by far the worst part of the site. Apart from it isn’t, because WordPress itself if the worst part of the site. Which is the site. So the site is the worst part of the site, meaning everything I’ve ever posted is the worst part. Sounds about right. 😉

This page mainly has my renders on it, but there might be sketches or written stuff. Heheh wait, no, not sketches, I can’t draw. 😛 For these kind of things, my alias is “DracoIndomita”, which means “Wild Dragon”. Why? Well, that’s my style; wild! I love making crazy renders with dragons doing things you wouldn’t normally expect. Besides, when written down at the bottom of artwork, it looks better than say, “MongMaster”. Or “Carl”. 😛 My old alias was “DracoAurarius”, meaning “Golden Dragon”; you might see that on some of my older works, or some of my newer works that I haven’t gotten around to altering yet because I am a lazy poo. 🙂  Yes Google, poo is a word.

Anyway, here’s the list, just click on one of the images to get a better look, or if an image has multiple resolutions or versions, you can use the links below the image to get the version you want. If you want any of them, that is. 😛

Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories - DracoIndomita
(1080p) (WUXGA (SOON)) (2K) (4K)
For Halloween 2017. I had the idea for this about two months in advance; an older dragon, shining a torch under his muzzle while telling his children/younger siblings a spooky story in a dark forest. 😀 Of course, being me, I totally forgot I’d written it down until there were six hours left until Halloween was over. 😛 Thanks to some lighting issues, indecisiveness and long render times, I didn’t manage to complete it in time, but I felt that not finishing it would be a waste, and I couldn’t wait until next year. 😛
I’ve been continuing to practise with Iray in the hopes of understanding it, because despite how irritating it is to configure, it’s an amazing render engine. This render kinda felt like my “Iray graduation”, of sorts. I finally think I get it, because this is my first render with Iray that made me feel genuinely proud. 🙂
False Start
False Start - DracoIndomita
(1080p) (WUXGA) (2K) (4K)
This quick render is based off Race Kings, a “game” I helped work on over the course of what felt like about four years (but it was actually two). It has a feature where you immediately lose if you set off too early, which annoyed basically everyone to no end during development, but the feature was never re-thought because incompetence.
I said I probably wouldn’t use Iray again, but hey, I lied and ended up rendering this with Iray. 😛 I’ve been practising a bit, and I think I’m managing to learn how to use it properly.
I didn’t make this render because I love or want to honour the game, because there’s nothing to love or honour. I just wanted a new passive-aggressive desktop background for my work computer. 🙂
Year of the Rooster
Year of the Rooster - DracoIndomita
(1080p) (1080p Dark) (2K) (2K Dark) (4K) (4K Dark)
The sixth instalment of my Chinese Zodiac series, created for Chinese New Year 2017. Unlike the past few renders in the series, this one went way smoother than I thought it would. Posing was difficult, mainly because of the legs, and the model/texture quality’s not amazing, but even so, I think it turned out pretty nicely. 🙂
Maw Mail
Maw Mail - DracoIndomita
A quick render for my sister after she complained I hadn’t posted on Facebook for ages… hence the “post” theme. 😛
This was also my first proper render with Iray. The sun-sky lighting it can do is convenient, but I don’t feel like I have much control with it. The renders it spits out tend to be extremely grainy in certain places, too, and that sucks. The final result turned out nice, but I probably won’t use Iray again.
Dueling Dragons
Dueling Dragons - DracoIndomita
(1080p) (2K) (4K)
The Light Dragon slid his Queen across the board, claiming yet another black pawn. A low, quiet growl of frustration rumbled from the Hell Dragon’s throat as his opponent placed the black piece among his ever-growing collection. The Hell Dragon’s skin glowed as he scratched the back of his neck, pondering his next move, trying not to take notice of the white dragon’s calm, complacent gaze, or the gentle sound of his talons clicking against the marble floor.
“Rrr… if we were playing Monopoly, you wouldn’t be so smug.” He snarled.
Dueling Dragons was the most painful render I’ve done. The render times for this scene were huge, and the crashes that had plagued me through my two previous works made it almost impossible to get it rendered. After finally solving the crashes, the long render times even with the settings on low made it difficult to fine tune the scene. There were issues with lighting, depth of field and reflection too. But holy hell, it was worth every second, because it resulted in the best render I’ve made so far. 😀
Year Of The Monkey
Year of the Monkey - DracoAurarius
(1080p) (1080p Dark) (2K) (2K Dark) (4K) (4K Dark)
The fifth instalment of my Chinese Zodiac series, created for Chinese New Year 2016. This one was pretty worrying; not only did I fail to realise what day the Lunar New Year was this year, I couldn’t find a monkey figure that looked realistic enough for me. Then when I eventually settled on one, I just couldn’t get in the zone. I got it together eventually, and thanks to the terrible-but-pretty Look At My Hair plugin, I managed to slam out a render which turned out way, way better than I thought it would. 🙂
Dragon.Init() - DracoAurarius
(1080p) (2K) (WQXGA) (4K)
I wrote down the concept for this scene quite some time before actually starting work on it, and it was quite carefully thought out. I wanted to make something that combined my love of dragons with my love of programming, but without making the dragon seem overly human-like. So, a dragon happily doing a bit of late-night coding in his cave with a can of Wyvern Energy to keep him going? ALL MY YES! Curious, unique scenes with dragons doing things you wouldn’t normally expect them to do is totally my style. 😀
This was the first time I used area lights and Global Illumination (courtesy of UberEnvironment). The only postwork is that slight bloom effect (the renderer can’t do bloom itself). Man, I’m IMMENSELY happy with this render; it’s definitely my best yet! 😀
Levante Ponente
Levante Ponente - DracoAurarius
(1080p) (2K) (4K)
During a week off work, I thought I’d put together one of the simpler scene ideas that had been floating around in my mind, a kinda “East meets West” sort of thing. It was the first time I used the Royal Eastern supermorph for the DAZ Dragon 3, and… well, I reckon he looks really boring. 😛 His materials are awful. I really should’ve used the Eastern Dragon model I used in Year of the Dragon.
The piece is named after the east and west winds of the Mediterranean. This is probably the only intelligent name I’ll ever come up with. 😛
Year Of The Goat
Year of the Goat - DracoAurarius
(1080p) (1080p Dark) (4K) (4K Dark)
The fourth instalment of my Chinese Zodiac series, created for Chinese New Year 2015. I was kinda concerned about this one, so I started work on it early for once. I wasn’t sure how how I’d go about making a goat look “cool”. 😛 I ended up re-posing it three times, and I had problems with both DAZ Studio and Windows crashing during rendering, too. Model quality’s not the greatest, either. But I think the end result is pretty neat! 😀
The Third Breed
The Third Breed - DracoAurarius
(1080p) (4K)
This was my first high-ish quality render with the DAZ Dragon 3. It kinda looks like he’s doing the peace sign, but he’s supposed to be holding up three fingers. I thought that was appropriate, with him being the Dragon 3 and all. 🙂 He’s amazing, and a great improvement over the SubDragon. I’ll definitely be using him in future renders. 😀
Just used a couple of simple spotlights, raytraced shadows, and UberEnvironment 2 on a small, black, slightly reflective plane. There’s almost no postwork – just a slight brightness and contrast tweak (and the signature, of course 😛 ).
Year Of The Horse
Year Of The Horse - DracoAurarius
(1080p) (1080p Dark)
The third instalment of my Chinese Zodiac series, created for Chinese New Year 2014. This was my first time I’d LOADED the Millenium Horse, let alone posed it! I was worried when I started, as the model actually included the things the horse has… *down there*. But thankfully, I found the “Mare” slider. 😉
A lot of good, major stuff happened in 2013. I passed my University course with a 2:1. Things were looking iffy when job hunting, but I got a job with an indie studio within 6 months. I moved into my own flat and started work 2 weeks ago. And now… now it’s the Year of the Horse. My year. I feel blessed! 😀
Year Of The Snake
Year Of The Snake - DracoAurarius
(1080p) (1080p Dark)
The second in my Chinese Zodiac series, created for Chinese New Year 2013. I was gonna use a normal snake, but remembered I had that one, which looks way better IMO. I was ill while doing this one, so it wasn’t really fun to make. I’m happy with the result, though! 😀
Eventually, there’ll be an entire set of these. 😀 But if I do it at this rate, it’s gonna take a looooong time.
Year Of The Dragon
Year Of The Dragon - DracoAurarius
(1080p) (1080p Dark)
I’d totally forgotten about the Chinese New Year. I only remembered when I saw something in Sainsbury’s telling me about it. 😛
“Ah, awesome, I forgot all about that.” I thought.
Shortly after getting home, I found out that it was the dragon’s turn this year. My jaw dropped at my failure to realise.
“Oh, crap, seriously, year of the dragon?! I can’t miss this!”
And so, after some major Photoshop experimentation and my first time ever posing the Eastern Dragon, here it is – a desktop-friendly piece just in time for the Chinese New Year celebration, which is somehow much cooler than the ACTUAL new year. 😉 I thought it was gonna be a disaster, but I’m really happy with how this one turned out. 😀
(PS: I’m not actually a dragon – I’m a horse. 😉 Unlike Isaiah Mustafa, who is only ON a horse. :P)
The Night Before Christmas
The Night Before Christmas - DracoAurarius
Made this for Christmas 2011. Time was pretty tight, I hadn’t rendered in ages, I didn’t have any idea what to make, and I didn’t even have the software installed. 😛
This scene came to me just a couple days before the 25th. The idea initially started out a bit more “active”; the dragon would be bursting out of the present, throwing confetti, but it ended up like this. I’m a bit disappointed with it, but I do quite like how the lighting came out. I think it’s also kinda cute. 😀
Some lucky bastard… I wish I’d got a dragon. 😛
Shadow’s Glare
Shadow's Glare - DracoAurarius
I was tweaking Shadow’s materials, and hence had to do close-up renders of pretty much every part of his body, to see if his scales, talons, etc. looked okay, and didn’t have overpowering bump or gloss settings.I spent quite a lot of time on his face; his eyes specifically, mainly trying to get them to glint properly. However, DAZ Studio is retarded, and doesn’t understand how light works. So, I tried adding the glint manually using Photoshop. I sort of got a bit sidetracked with this experiment, and this was the result. It’s one hell of a striking image. 😀
From now on, I’m adding glint manually. 😉
A Little Something
A Little Something - DracoAurarius
Made this for Christmas 2010. My first render with those little monsters (they’re called “Monsters In My Cupboard” :D).I had no clue what to use for the environment, nor was it easy to make it look like the monsters were clambering on top of each other to make a ladder, and choosing a render angle was difficult, but with a bit of persistence and some rookie Photoshop postwork, I think it came out okay. 😀
Monster Fight!
Monster Fight! - DracoAurarius
Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Destoroyah… Kaiju are awesome; they’re up there on my list of favourite mythical creatures. So, when I found this model (known as the imaginative name “Kaiju the Giant Monster”), I got straight to experimenting. 😀
“Monster Fight!” was the result; one of my best renders, IMO. 🙂
100% Pure Badass
100% Pure Badass - DracoAurarius
This was a really cool render which was created through experimentation and practice. 😀 Playing around with various difficult poses, modifying materials (the tattoo on his face is a product of that), messing with lighting settings…
When finished, I couldn’t think of a title, so I closed my eyes for a few seconds, opened them, and wrote down the first thing that came into my mind when I saw him. 😀
Grand Theft Draco
Grand Theft Draco - DracoAurarius
After finding me a supercar, insanely customisable guns and a truck, I put them in a blender, added some dragons, and mixed on full power for about eight hours. The render does most of the talking. 😉 This is one of my best renders, probably THE best. 😀
It was also the first time I ever used UberEnvironment 2. Now I never render final images without it. 😉
Shoryuken - DracoAurarius
After executing Shoryukens and Shinryukens for a while on Street Fighter IV, an unbelievably obvious scene came to mind. After a couple hours’ work, this was the result. RISING DRAGON PUNCH!! 😀
Nightmare - DracoAurarius
It was a massive pain to get this model, known as “003 Alpha”, and a pain to have to change his materials to not be crap, but it was worth it. This was my first full render with him. I also had a play around in Photoshop, and that’s where the blood on his teeth came from. 🙂
In Dragon Tail, there are wild creatures called Nightmares. I named this render “Nightmare” because Alpha fits my vision of them so well it’s almost scary. 😀
Shadow - DracoAurarius
After being inspired by Silent Prayer, I decided to start work on other character presets with my newfound POWER. 😀 This was my first render with Shadow. I painstakingly tweaked each part of him to look good – I wanted to make his scales shine and his eyes glint… I wanted him to look as awesome as I could, while still making him seem realistic-ish.
Since he looks like a fighter, looks totally kickass and looks pretty much exactly like I believe he should, I must’ve done a good job. 😀
Silent Prayer
Silent Prayer - DracoAurarius
I’m not 100% sure where the idea for this one came from – it was made in 2009. I’m glad the idea came across though, I freakin’ love this render. It’s totally different from what I normally see dragons doing; it’s refreshing, and just… beautiful.It was my first try at making custom lighting instead of my usual single light/default lighting setup, and it was my second attempt at Sintarka’s silver talons, too. The result really was a far cry from my previous renders. Silent Prayer basically showed me that I could do truly awesome things with DS if I really tried.
I will remake this render at some point with better lighting, DoF, UberEnvironment 2 and Sintarka V4. 😉
En Garde!
En Garde! - DracoAurarius
I had been experimenting with the material editor for days before rendering this, trying to make Sintarka’s epic ice sword. Combining and playing around with reflection and refraction settings got the effect I wanted. 😀 The BIG downside to this was that it took a sickeningly long time to render. 😛 It looks nice, and it was a good try, but I reckon it needed a little bit more.
It was also my first attempt at creating Sintarka’s silver talons. Again, it was a good try, but they needed some tweaking.
“Shh… it’ll be okay…”
'Shh... it'll be okay...' - DracoAurarius
After getting my feet wet with character preset creation, I wanted to make something more solemn. That’s quite strange for me. 😛 I played around for a while, and managed to make Emerald, a female Forest Dragon from Dragon Tail. Trying to get her to look feminine was the hardest part, since it’s difficult to know what makes a female dragon. No, not titties. 😛 But, for someone with almost no experience with this sort of thing, I think this came out alright. The pose itself is really good, and the postwork is passable, but the lighting and materials let it down. 😛 It was based on the following passage from Dragon Tail:
“Whirlwind… you poor creature… you don’t deserve any of this…” She said, putting her claw over her eyes.

She started to cry softly. I couldn’t leave her like that… no way. Even if I was dying… I could not leave a dragon weeping like that…
I mustered all the energy I could, moved in front of her, and softly held her in my arms, trying to comfort her.
“Hey… shh… it’ll be okay… don’t cry, Emerald.” I said, gently. “I’m alright… I’m going to be okay, thanks to you. You saved my life.”
That passage needs work, IMO, but whatever. 😛
Ifri the Drake
Ifri the Drake - DracoAurarius
Ifri was one of my first renders with the SubDragon; my test renders were first, along with Sintarka. This is the first version of him. I wasn’t that experienced with modifying material settings, nor did I know about the more advanced things you can do in DS, but for a first try, I’d say he looks pretty cool! 🙂
Apart from that smile. Holy crap how did I not notice that before. That’s awful. 😛
Forest Dragon
Forest Dragon - DracoAurarius
“Date Taken: 30/05/2009”. Hoohooooo, daaamn!
I was refreshing my desktop background images when I came across this one sitting in the “Inactive” folder. This is pretty much my first render with DAZ Studio. Not literally, of course; I probably rendered a bunch of blank scenes and test images of a likely textureless Millennium Dragon in the T-Pose before I did this one. 😛
No shadows, default textures that make him look plastic, and a Cyclorama backdrop. Yes, it’s bad, and technically I should feel bad, but I actually don’t. I mean, if I hadn’t done this and thought it was awesome way back then, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, right?

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