MongMaster’s Other Turd!

If the other pages in the MongMaster’s Turd section just didn’t QUITE have the specific kind of turd you were looking for, then maybe this miscellaneous turd section will meet your needs!

This place might contain stuff like videos, music and writing. It might also contain some of my more terrible creations that I would put in the other sections if they weren’t so terrible, or creations which are literally of no interest to anyone, including myself! Does that appeal? Then you’re WEIRD! Welcome! 😛

Anyway, I’ve used the same tactic as in the other pages; a nasty table which is notoriously difficult to add new things to. Have a browse and maybe a vomit!

Streets of Goong
Hahahahaha, ahhh, Streets of Goong. It still makes me smile. 😀 How this came about is a little fuzzy, but I’ll try to remember.

One day during my college years, I was shown a video of a quite impressive scene in a film called “The Protector” (“Tom Yum Goong” in the East). The protagonist enters a restaurant and beats the crap out of everyone in a continuous 4-minute scene; no camera cuts. The version that I watched, however, was dubbed with sounds and music from Streets of Rage. 😀

I laughed my face off, and was inspired to take it to the next level. I wanted to split the whole film into eight sections and make eight stages, just like all Streets of Rage games. I wanted to show the score and life bars for an authentic feel, and I wanted to use the amazing soundtrack from Streets of Rage Remake (v4 at the time). So, over the course of… 16 months (obviously not 16 months straight, sheesh 😛 ), I created… Streets of Goong. 😀

I used MAGIX Music Maker 14 (yes a music maker to create videos 😛 ), along with Multimedia Fusion 2 for the HUD. I recorded the HUD with FRAPS while watching the video, adjusting it in real time as certain things happened. After recording, I superimposed it on the video using a black key. Pretty crude, but hey, I didn’t know any better. And it worked, right?! 😛

The response was quite humbling; the series turned out surprisingly popular! At the time of writing this on the 14th of Feb 2018, it has over 74,000 views across all eight stages. However, it was brought to my attention that two of those stages (stage 2 and 3) have been blocked worldwide on YouTube. It wasn’t brought to my attention by YouTube, oh no, I only realised this after a kind message from a watcher. I mean, fair enough, it is copyrighted, but what’s especially weird is that they blocked two stages and monetised the rest. Why…? Why not just monetise them all rather than making people miss a quarter of the series?

Anyhoo, since it was requested in the message I received, I uploaded the whole series to my OneDrive. Then I thought, hey, why not share it here while I’m at it? 😀

You can watch all eight stages here! 🙂 The picture quality isn’t great by today’s standards, but remember: I was limited to whatever turd 0.5Mb connection I was forced to use 9 years ago. I mean, even a “HQ” 640×480 video took an age to upload. 😛 Due to the low quality, I wanted to remaster the videos at a better quality, but sadly, I only have the final videos now. The source footage is gone.

If you’re wondering about a sequel, using footage from Tom Yum Goong 2, well… it’s tempting. Very tempting. 😀 But I’m not sure if I have the time (evenings feel like they last about two hours these days), and I’m a little bit put off by the blocked videos in the previous series. But most of all… I’m just in doubt whether it would turn out any good.
Fail Trumpet WinMix
Fail Trumpet WinMix is the “level failed” music for Katu Toka, the game I helped develop during my university placement year. I composed the song. And what does that mean? Of course! It means that it’s a complete joke of a song! 😛

The story behind this song starts with the game over sound we were given by our sound designer, who had a really hard job since he never played the game, never really knew what the game was, wasn’t being paid, and had to work with us lot. 😛 We asked for a kind of “womp womp wooomp” sound, you know, a general “you fail it” jingle. When he sent us that sound, we, for some reason, found it absolutely hilarious. And then, of course, I decided to take it to the next level. 😛

I threw the sound into FL Studio, and after a few hours of dicking around, I produced this piece of music. Many lols were had. 😀 The original version of the song just used a normal drumkit, but I remixed it to use bongos instead, to match the theme of the game, and I also added a second “verse”. The game shipped with this version of the music.

Yes. It SHIPPED with this music in it. Along with an idiotic, impossible-to-find Easter Egg that triggers when you play a vague version of Guile’s theme on the bongos on the main menu. XD

You must listen! 😀 It’s a terrible masterpiece, and if you don’t hear it at least once, you will never know true happiness. Or something. 😛
Beautiful Stranger feat. Bill Turnbull
Maybe I need a page called “MongMaster’s Cesspit”, because this totally belongs on a page with a name like that. 😛

A friend shared a video of Bill Turnbull accidentally (or not) saying “cunts” live on BBC Breakfast. For some reason, I then decided to open up FL Studio, which I’m not very good with, and remix it into a song. The song I chose was, for some reason, a “dance mix” version of the song “Beautiful Stranger”.

I did a super-lazy job of it because I was just playing around; all I did was import a MIDI file, took the part of the video clip where he says “cunts”, applied it to the lead track, and made some tweaks so the sound looped properly on long notes. Then added some other samples for other tracks, and poof, instant ear-melt. 😛 Listen! For some reason!

Was I drunk? Or high? Nein. I was just being a dumb dumb. 😛