Ultimate Lame Ship Game V14

ULSG V14 Logo 8ULSG, my little canvas, has come so far, and no matter what anyone else thinks of it, I’m still proud of my ridiculous creation. 😀 Now, though, I feel it’s time for a fresh start. Back when I started ULSG, I wasn’t really experienced with Multimedia Fusion 2, and didn’t know how to program properly. Also, it was only supposed to be a simple mini-game that lasted a couple of minutes, and hence I constructed it rather messily. Of course, that didn’t bother me, since I believed (back then) that my way was the best way of doing it. 😛

But now that I’m more of an experienced programmer, I’ve noticed how ugly and unmanageable ULSG V13’s “code” really is. I’ve found so many limitations and idiocies with MMF2, too, and because of this, I’d now much rather create bigger projects in C#, using a different engine.

So, I made the (pretty big) decision to start ULSG V14 from scratch, leaving the old V13 “code” and MMF2 behind in favour of C# and XNA. And then, after getting to know Unity, I decided to drop the barely-started XNA version and start again with Unity. 😛 It will play the same as V13, but the code will be completely new, and (hopefully!) easier to maintain.

There’ll be tons of new Special Modules (they’ll be called Boosters in V14), a bunch of new ships (NYAN NYAN NY-NYAN NY-NY-NY-NYAN NYAN), more Drones (POWERRRRRRRRRR) and a better way of purchasing them (you won’t need to be an Achievement whore to get awesome stuff! :D) There’ll also be gameplay tweaks, new modes (Infinity Mode!! :D), new ways to score crazy points, controller support, a larger resolution, full screen capability, a better profile system which won’t break and of course, more memes than you can shake a stick at. 😀

MMF2 version (cancelled):

(The progress I’d made a few days before encountering a massive MMF limitation, which caused me to scrap this and start the XNA version.)

XNA version:

(Mockup of MultiQuadrillion Mode. My main aim was to decide on the HUD arrangement.)

Stay tuned – Balls* Will** Drop***! Try not to hold your breath too long, though. 😉

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