Mr. Physics Man

You ever had that feeling where you get screwed at, but you don’t actually understand why? I’d never really had it on this magnitude before.

I’d always had the feeling from quite early on in my placement that my bosses didn’t like me for some reason. I was the only person to get a formal warning for my lateness, even though I was never as late as some other people. Maybe it’s because they knew everyone else in the studio quite well, and I was just “that guy in the corner”, or something. Fine, whatever, I didn’t care. That is, I didn’t care until one of them completely nuked my motivation for no reason.

You see, in the studio, we need to be self-reliant, because our managers are almost never freakin’ there to manage us. So, when I’d finished the project I was working on, I had nothing to do – someone else was already assigned to work on our “main” project after he’d finished his work, and our secondary project was quite small, and the programmer working on it didn’t really need any help. So, what I did was “use my initiative”, something the placement unit was constantly banging on about.

I decided to prototype a little idea I had – didn’t really plan to spend a lot of time on it, just experiment and see if it was a good idea, and feasible in the time we had left. Within just two weeks, I’d gone from a blank slate, to creating a fully functioning, extremely fun prototype platformer starring a little stick man called Mr. Physics Man. It even had a freaking level editor. And the guys in the studio loved it. All of that in two weeks. I was proud of myself.

But then, the day after, when our manager came into the studio (not to manage the studio, of course, he was simply introducing someone into the studio who would not be working in the studio), he noticed Mr. Physics Man. He asked what it was for, and I said it was for the studio, just an experiment to see if it was feasible. I also mentioned it had a level editor.

That little conversation went on for another 8 seconds, and afterwards, I ended up in his office, with him having a go at me. I was pretty flustered, and didn’t really know what to say. He even used the opportunity to criticise my lateness, even though I hadn’t been late for ABOUT SIX MONTHS. A couple hours afterwards I felt like going back to him and asking “No, wait, hang on, what did you just tell me off for? You don’t like how I’ve been doing extra work for your shitty, failing studio? What the fuck’s your problem?” He didn’t even look at the game, really. He mentioned something about it looking like some game called “Mr. Runner”, some dumb shit game for those obscenely overpriced Apple devices. A: I’m not an Apple developer, moron – I get my ideas from my own head, not from copying someone else’s game, and B: It’s not anything like that game.

About two days afterwards, I realised that this wasn’t actually a bad thing. Sure, I might’ve been angry for getting screwed at for no real reason, but I actually sensed a lot of potential in Mr. Physics Man, and I didn’t want the concept to be left with some crap studio. So, I commited all the files I’d modified to my personal SVN repository, and deleted every trace of the source code from the machine. It’s mine now, Mr. Faggot “I Can’t Manage” Manager. Some game studio boss you are if you fail to see potential in that, but do see potential in some junk stationary gunner clone. 😛

Anyway, enough ranting about the backstory. Let’s talk about the game! 😀

Mr. Physics Man is a mister controlled by physics. Also, he’s a man. You have to get him from the start position to the goal door without falling over, landing on spikes, or doing something else unpleasant. 😛 Along with a bunch of pre-made levels, there is also a level editor where you can create your own, and there will be a facility where you can share your levels with others either via the Interwebs, or using Bluetooth/IR/something like that.

It’s just a prototype right now, and there are a lot of features missing. Soon, though, there’ll be diamonds in the level that you’ll need to collect to earn the most points, and you might be able to spend these diamonds in some sort of shop (hats, ties, other pointless crap like that :D). There’ll also be the “groundbreaking” Nausea Bonus – the more Mr. Physics Man wants to throw up when he gets to the goal, the more bonus points you get! And of course, a load of other things will be added, too.

There’s so much potential in Mr. Physics Man. I can’t wait to see how it evolves, myself. 🙂 Showing this game in screenshots is pretty hard, so here’s a little preview of the progress I made in just three weeks. 😀

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