Rampage Screenie

This was my first ever proper game, as in, it was playable. 😛

It’s actually kinda fun… well, sort of, a little bit, for a few minutes. 😛 There’re a few notable problems, such as the gameplay mechanics. 😛 When you kill an enemy… TWO more spawn at the start of the path. And all enemies die in one shot. There’s no enemy limit; you kill guy, two more guys spawn. It’s like Hercules and the Hydra, only the Hydra is on steroids and is a guy that grows more guys, and Hercules is retarded and doesn’t stop shooting even though the Guy Hydra is becoming infinitely more dangerous, and he uses a stupid machine gun that shoots bullets bigger than itself. So, uh, yeah, pretty much nothing like that myth I compared it to. 😛 Anyway, because there’s no enemy limit, when the number of enemies gets to a point, it causes internal TGF problems where events start being ignored, and can actually end in instant game over if the object limit is maxed out and enemies get to the end of the path because I was a useless programmer. All the enemies die and try to let out dynamite but they can’t because the object limit is maxed out. The game tries to spawn a new enemy at the start of the path but can’t because the object limit is maxed out. If there are zero enemies on the screen, game over. WHAT! I… guess that’s how the myth of Retarded Hercules ends; he beats the Guy Hydra with his Stupid Machine Gun by making the Guy Hydra reach the end of the path while… t-the world’s object limit is maxed. But then he dies from the disease that is Game Over.

goddamn what AM I chatting about 😛

Oh, there’s a similar problem that doesn’t end with game over. If you happen to die and respawn while the object limit is maxed out, you can’t. So… you don’t. And that leaves you with no player character, but the game still runs. I SO GOOD AT MAKE GAME 😀

Also, there’s about three areas on the screen where you can potentially shoot all the enemies without getting hit. So, when you stand in one of those Magical Pseudo-Invincibility Zones, get your power to 100% and start firing Power Smashers, this Retarded Hercules soldier dude becomes the best spawn camper in the history of ever. 😀

Pumping up the object limit to Multimedia Fusion 2’s maximum of 20,000 like I should have done makes things even dumber and increases the slowdown to Godzilla-huge levels, but it’s more fun. 😛 Also, with just under 20,000 enemies running around, it’s quite easy to get your lives to 99, and it’s also pretty easy to max out your score. And it also makes it easier to trigger the no-enemy game over. 😛

You can download it here – it’s tiny (2.6MB). And as a bonus, you get the ORIGINAL README! 😀


Arrow keys – Move
CTRL – Fire
Shift – Arrow Smasher (when power at 50%)
Space – Power Smasher (when power at 100%)

   Rampage Screenie
Rampage Screenie

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