Dragon Storm

I find it extremely difficult to come up with ideas for games. I used to have a fair few when I was younger, but none of them were really amazing. My first great idea was Ultimate Lame Ship Game, which happened way back in 2007. Since then, though, I’ve never had another good idea. Everything I came up while ULSG was in progress was either a remake, a sequel, or just… terrible. 😛 I suppose I was really trying hard to get ULSG to be the game I wanted it to be.

Then, POW. Not too long ago, this idea came along. Dragon Storm is just like ULSG – one of those really rare ideas that comes out of nowhere, without any form of warning. But Dragon Storm seriously seemed like a miracle. I mean, take that logo, for example. That was the result of a 20-minute experiment, and it produced the name of the game, the art style, as well as a logo template. 20 MINUTES! EXPERIMENT!! 😀

After “analysing” how this idea came along, as I do (since I like to analyse crazy stuff ;)), I concluded that it was caused by a bunch of recently played games. Primarily, a little Japanese game called Cyvern.

I accidentally came across this after looking for a MAME ROM for Dragon Spirit (which also got involved in this “creative chain-reaction”). It’s a very good vertical-scrolling bullet hell shooter, where you take control of a “Cyvern”, or “Cyber Wyvern”, and blast the living hell out of everything for some reason which isn’t properly explained. 😛 I also find it funny how they’re called “Cyber Wyverns”, even though only one of them is a wyvern. Well, two, if you count Serene (Ferious’ P2 colour swap :P). But never mind that – the thing that made it for me was the fact that you played as a dragon, not a person on a dragon. That’s really rare. In fact…

Cyvern, Hoard, Spyro and this psychotically difficult game, Dragon Spirit, are the only games I’ve played where you play as the dragon. Not some douche controlling a dragon. I like that. 🙂 What I don’t like is Area 2. DAMN those volcanoes, DAMN the miniscule mercy invincibility, and DAMN my gigantic hitbox. 😛

Now, notice the pattern taking shape. Cyvern and Dragon Spirit are both shmups. Then, you add the following to the equation:

Jets ‘n’ Guns, which is one of the best shmups I’ve played – one of the best games I’ve played, actually. It’s up there with Stargunner, which I’ve adored since I was about 8. What makes JnG stand out from Stargunner, though, is the almost psychotic number of customisation options you have. Stargunner was pretty advanced for its time, there’re a lot of extra parts you can buy, and that was fantastic. In JnG, however, you can choose anything from a very large selection of weapons to place in your front and rear slots, and you can upgrade these weapons several times. In addition, you’ve got a bomb slot and missile slots. What’s more, you can sell your weapons and get back ALL your money, so you don’t need to worry about choosing the wrong weapon. It encourages you to experiment by giving you a shooting range, too. I absolutely LOVED it – I’d spend ages in the shop trying out different combinations to see which one I liked best. And then, when you played an actual mission… hhohhhh. It was so insane, so intense, so GOOD! 😀

All of these shmups seemed to combine with the experience I gained from ULSG, and my vision for Dragon’s Alliance (an old shmup I attempted)… and so, Dragon Storm was born.

Dragon Storm will contain pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a shmup. You’ll play as a dragon, who carries two massive “OmniCannons” and a missile launcher, like a complete badass. You can customise them to a nice degree, too – you’ll be able to choose their name, their colour, their element, their appearance, and you can give them a perk to boost their abilities, too.

It’ll have a ton of weapons, missiles, shields and utilities, which you can upgrade. You can also further customise them with special “Mods”. Mods can increase an item’s damage, make it reload faster, increase (or decrease) the fire rate, increase your dragon’s regeneration, add extra health, boost your shields, help you earn more Creditz, increase the score earned from destroying enemies, make the weapon invincible, pad the weapon with thermal insulation so the searing heat isn’t transferred directly to your poor dragon’s scales, add elemental damage to the weapon, increase the number of mods the enemies drop and HOLY CRAP YOU GET THE IDEA. 😀

It’ll have a proper story mode with a ton of missions, loads of difficulty levels, local and online multiplayer (2-player co-op, 4-player versus), full voice acting, at least one meme

and so much more that I haven’t planned out yet. 🙂

I can’t promise this will be out anytime soon, if at all – I’ve still got ULSG to finish off, plus I’m still at university, and will be looking for a job/working afterwards. I’m also no artist, so the large number of levels aren’t going to be easy to make. Plus, the screenies you’ve seen above are from the prototype I created in Multimedia Fusion 2, but I am no way doing this in MMF. It was pure hell just to get it to half-work. 😛

But I can promise this: if I do manage to finish Dragon Storm, I will make damn sure it’s the best thing I have ever created. 😀

But if it’s too good, I might want to sell it. Or I might just want to make it freeware so more people will enjoy it. It depends. 😉

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