MongMaster’s Turd!

WHAT UP, MAH HOMIEZ?! You’ve clicked on a link that said “MongMaster’s Turd!” This does not contain my literal turd. Instead, it’s a page full of cheese. It also has crisps, Crunch Corners, and cock sandwiches. “Cock” as in chicken. Which also starts with a “c”, so I’m not actually sure why I didn’t just say “chicken sandwiches” instead of making you think of a penis.

Hah, I lie. It’s just a page with three links containing pretty much everything I’ve ever made. Well, not really. Sorry, I keep lying. The pages aren’t complete yet because I’m a lazy bum whole and/or have work and/or sleeping to do. Also, I have lost some of the things I’ve made between computers because I was not very good at transferinating data during those years when I didn’t own my own com-pyuu-tor. And some other things I’ve made are just so bad I just can’t bring myself to post them here. Yet I keep hold of them on my PC. Why? Pfft, I dunno; why do you keep hold of that Defend Globe when it only affects bug types? 😛

ANYWAY! I’m useless with HTML, but here, have a small table with no borders. Why no borders? Well, because the normal borders are so ugly they’ll break your screen, and I can’t figure out how to change them to look nice. 😛 Just click on the pic to go to that section. Unless there is no pic because the link to the pic is broken. In that case, just click where the pic should be. 😛

MongMaster’s Games!

MongMaster's Games
Contains the gaemz I’ve made, started and possibly left unfinished over the years!
MongMaster’s Renders!
One More Sleep... - DracoIndomita
Contains a bunch of the 3D renders I’ve cooked up, since I can’t draw for sh…
MongMaster’s Other Turd!
Streets of Goong - Stage 4 Snapshot
Contains everything I’ve pooped out that isn’t a game or a render, which probably doesn’t amount to much!

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