MongMaster’s Turd!

WHAT UP, MAH HOMIEZ?! You’ve clicked on a link that said “MongMaster’s Turd!” This does not contain my literal turd. Instead, it’s a page full of cheese. It also has crisps, Crunch Corners, and cock sandwiches. “Cock” as in chicken. Which also starts with a “c”, so I’m not actually sure why I didn’t just say “chicken sandwiches” instead of making you think of a penis.

Hah, I lie. It’s just a page with three links containing a bunch of the stuff I’ve made. Of course, the pages aren’t complete yet because I’m a lazy bum whole and/or have work and/or sleeping to do. Also, I have lost some of the things I’ve made between computers because I was not very good at transferinating data during those years when I didn’t own my own com-pyuu-tor. And some other things I’ve made are just so bad I just can’t bring myself to post them here. Yet I keep hold of them on my PC. Why? Pfft, I dunno; why do you keep hold of that Defend Globe when it only affects bug types? 😛

ANYWAY! Here’re the options, brought to you by the worst page editing tool I’ve ever used. 😛 Just click on the pic to go to that section. Or the header. That works too. 😀

MongMaster’s Games!

Contains the vidya gaemz I’ve made, or started and left unfinished over the years!
MongMaster’s Renders!

Contains most of the 3D renders I’ve cooked up, since I can’t draw for sh–
MongMaster’s Other Turd!

Contains everything else I want to share which isn’t a game or a render (or is, but is so bad I don’t want it to be in the other sections), which probably doesn’t amount to much!

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