Oh, I see. I get how this works. It’s like a separate blog post that I can put in a menu bar. Nifty. 😀

Anyhoo, what up, dawg? Or are you a cat? A sheep? A pig? I dunno. WELCOME, mammal, to my blog! Unless you’re a reptile, in which case, WELCOME, reptile, to my blog! UNLESS you’re a fish, in which case WEL oh you get the idea. 🙂

I post stuff here that I decide to post. Most people will raise an eyebrow and say “WTF” (not the letters, of course, unless you’re a nerd) and almost immediately leave, but they’re just noobs and don’t recognise and understand the subtle GENIUS of my funniness or don’t require the LIFE-CHANGING information that I provide. Or something. Some people’ll think it’s funny, and they might laugh. Unless they have no vocal cords, then they’ll probably smile instead.

The blog consists of a mixed bag of topics and poop; a bunch of posts which’ll never be featured and I don’t want them to be… actually I do cuz I’d laugh my ass off, but not literally because the surgery costs would be insane unless the NHS covers it BUT I DON’T UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS. 😛 The start of the blog is just random spam which I did years ago when I was either bored or more mentally retarded than I am now or some combination of the two. As the years go on, it goes into rants about dragons and other crap that I can’t imagine anyone caring about, since even I don’t care any more because it was just hilariously stupid. Then, I eventually get a bit of my brain back slightly, start writing and posting a novel about dragons which I later removed because I’d rather no-one stole it (Rovio might one day create a child book company and go around stealing fan fiction and original works from the Internet because they are talentless idea-stealing turds), and limit my ranting to crappy games. Sadly, I think most modern games are pretty crap, so it has to be especially awful for me to post about it, because otherwise I’ll have no time to do anything else. 😛 I also get to grips with DAZ Studio, and post some initially-bad-but-eventually-rather-nice renders of, guess what? Yes, dragons! Among other monsters. 😉 So it gets better as time goes on. 😉

So aye, in a nutshell (mmmm nuts) this blog consists of gaming, game development, computers, dragons, rendering, writing and music, along with somewhat advanced but slightly obsolete tips for Bejeweled Blitz, and some other minor topics and random crap. If you can’t figure out my interests by now, you may need to see a doctor (but pick up some cookies before you go).

“But MongMaster, where could I possibly start digging through this heap of junk?” Good question old chum, wish I’d thought of it, oh wait. You could just jump to the latest post and flick through all the crap I’ve written recently. You could also check out the list of games I’ve developed throughout the years, as well as a couple I plan to develop. There’s also my list of renders, which start out lame and get better but only if you read the page from bottom to top because the images are in reverse chronological order OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO MANY SYLLABLES. I also have a list of miscellaneous other stuff, which’ll end up containing stuff like videos, music and writing. Or, if you can’t decide, let the Random Number God choose a random post for you!

So, take a look around! It’s not Limp Bizkit fuckin’ up your town, but I assure you, you won’t find better prices in all Tamriel. And while you’re snooPING AS probably not usual, I’ll be grating cheese with a hammer. Ciao! 🙂

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