So shiny! So… ugly!

Just a quick one!

A while back, I picked up Pokémon Ultra Moon when it was on sale, and despite a few weird features and a fairly senseless story, I’ve been enjoying it. 🙂 I’ve heard complaints about frequent cutscenes, but I haven’t really noticed that myself, probably because I haven’t been trying to complete the game as quickly as possible. 😛 I’ve been doing a bunch of things on the side, like Mantine Surfing, side-quests, and trying to catch Pokémon that are kinda irritating to obtain. Worth it, though, because one of them ended up being my new favourite: Salazzle. 😀 Not only did she become a really good attacker, I also find her hilarious, because basically everything about her is so wrong. XD Having said that, though, Charjabug also became a stupid favourite of mine, just because it feels like a troll Pokémon. 😛 It’s got a dumb name, it looks dumb, and it makes a dumb noise, but it’s got surprisingly high defense, is only weak to two types, and it counters Flying types despite being a Bug type. 😀

ANYWAY ARRGGHH I DID IT AGAIN!! There I go again, rambling like I’m 90. 😛 I’m getting to the point now, honest! 😀

So, to promote the Pokémon Trading Card Game (which I really don’t give a crap about 😛 ) there was a distribution event for Pokémon Sun and Moon (and their Ultra versions) in which you could get a shiny Lunala if you owned Sun, and a shiny Solgaleo if you owned Moon. However, the distribution event was… kind of a mess, because the event announcement never mentioned which stores were participating, so no-one knew where the hell to go to get a code. Eventually, just when I thought it wasn’t happening after all, GAME finally said “Hey guize, we’re doing it now! Come to one of our stores and get a code or else you will die!”. I’m paraphrasing, of course, but I did go and get one today! But I didn’t just get one; I got THREE! And I’m gonna put two of them here for YOUUUU! 😀

#2: E9A6 8SW2 58UN KPPQ

If you made it here and the codes aren’t crossed out, don’t panic. On average, this blog gets between 0 and 4 hits a day, and about 9 on a really good day, so I’d say you’ve got a pretty good chance of grabbing one. 😀

Before you do grab one, though… the event’s still on (in the UK at least) until the 15th of November 2019, so if it’s not too late and you can make it to a place where they’re giving them out, please go do that instead. 😀 I’m mainly hoping that these are useful to someone who missed the event, or couldn’t make it to a place that was distributing them because they live in a country where the event wasn’t being held. 🙂 I imagine they’re region-locked to Europe, but I’m not 100% sure about that. Well, no harm in trying, eh? 😀

Anyway, here’s how to claim: In Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon, select “Mystery Gift” on the main menu. Select “Receive Gift”, then “Get with Code/Password”, then enter one of the codes. In Sun or Ultra Sun, you’ll get a shiny Lunala, Level 60, with the moves Moongeist Beam, Psyshock, Moonblast and Moonlight. In Moon or Ultra Moon, you’ll get a shiny Solgaleo, also Level 60, with the moves Sunsteel Strike, Zen Headbutt, Noble Roar and Morning Sun. Both are holding a Gold Bottle Cap. When you’ve redeemed the code, head into the game as normal, go to a Pokémon Center, and talk to the guy to the left of the main counter. You’ll need a slot free in your party because he won’t send it to your Box for some reason. 😛 And make sure to save the game afterwards. 😀

If you do use one (or both 😛 ), I’d be grateful if you’d let me know so I can cross it off the list. 🙂 Similarly, if you try to use one but it’s already been claimed by someone who didn’t tell me, please let me know so I can cross it off. 😀

So, what do they look like? Well… they’re friggin’ awful! 😛

(Sorry about the super-cack Lunala pic; I own Ultra Moon, so I had to get the pic of Shiny Lunala off Bulbapedia, and it was tiny and didn’t upscale well 😛 )

Their colours are just all “eeeurrgh”! Why didn’t they just make Solgaleo primarily black, or gold? That would’ve been great! Lunala looks a little bit better, I guess, but that shade of red just looks manky, and it doesn’t really work. 😛 But hey! Don’t care! Ultra-rare shinies! And I can’t normally get Solgaleo in my version of the game! Boom! 😛

Anyway, hopefully those codes are useful! 😀 I’m off to make a bit of progress towards getting my Lunala and becoming the Ultimate Winner of Everything. 😀 See yaz!

(You know when I said “Just a quick one” at the start of this post? Lmao oops, this turned out way longer than I thought 😛 )

Hey, hey, funny thing I’ve noticed. Ever since posting this, my visitor count has dropped by about 47%. I don’t get it. Do people avoid the blog when I try to give out free stuff? Or does WordPress screw with the search rankings or something? 😛

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