“It’s mouldy mum, isn’t it?”

I don’t give a flying fuck though!!

That’d be a (censored) lyric from “Birthday Cake”, by Cibo Matto, featured on the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack. Thought it was a good match for this post! 😛 Apart from that it wasn’t my 30th birthday. (Don’t rush it, dangit! :P)

Just a short one. 🙂 Aye, I had mah burfday a couple days ago, and I only got home today. 😛 Got various things such as sweets and spices and sweets and Paper Mario and sweets. 😛 My sister also took me for a day of Segway riding, which wasn’t as deadly as I thought it would be. Apart from that part where my sis nearly fell in a lake. 😛 It’s super weird at first but it only took about 10 minutes before I had it under control. They’re really fun to ride, and pretty nippy, actually! I almost want one. 😛

Now, the reason I posted was because of my burfday cake, which was just… well, here, have a look:

2015-10-04 19.23.59

How boss is that?! It was custom made by someone my sis knows. I think she’s still at college, and this was the first time she’d done a dragon cake, but phwoack, that’s awesome! I didn’t wanna eat it, and cutting it up made me feel really bad. 😛 But then I ate some and it was all good. 😀

Anyhoo, yes. Segwaying and a dragon cake. Good burfday. 😀

Oh, as well as Paper Mario: Sticker Star, thanks to a demo, I bought Project Mirai DX just before I headed home for my bidet. I’ll probably talk about them both next time. 🙂 But for nao, I’m off. See yaaaaaaaahz. 😀