Crashy crashy crashy!

Nope, not Windows 10. That’s been pretty much smooth as silk. Go geddit if ya haven’t already. 😛 Just do this when you install it for the first time.

ANYWAY YES, didn’t come here to talk about Windows. I’m mainly on about DAZ Studio today. 🙂

In the past week, I’ve been busy NOT working. I booked it off. 😀 Since I’m on a contract, I don’t get paid for days I have off, so it’s not something I can do often… but I haven’t had a meaningful break from work since I began over one and a half years ago, so… ya, I kinda needed it. 😛 I’ve been spending quite a bit of the extra time sleeping, especially on Monday and Tuesday, but I’ve used some of the last few days of it in a less insanely lazy fashion.

The other day, I reinstalled DAZ Studio, and had a massive renderfest. 😀 Well, sort of. I decided to get one of my simpler scene ideas into DS with the aim of rendering the final version in the same day. And I faaaaailed! I got it finished at about 3AM the next morning. 😛

To be honest? It wasn’t my speed or anything. In fact, I was pretty nippy, if I do say so myself. My CPU was nippy as well, it blazed away, easily smashing out the test renders. It’s a 4GHz i7, goddamn it! 😛 You know why I failed to do it before the end of the day? DAZ Studio, of course!

It came up with a brand new error this time. I was using an Eastern Dragon supermorph for the DAZ Dragon 3, and noticed that the material used displacement maps. I thought “Hey, that looks cool, maybe I can re-purpose the bump maps on the base model and use them as displacement maps too?” I saved the scene before trying it just in case it didn’t quite work. It didn’t work; it made his claws look skeleton-like. 😛 No worries, right? Just reload the scene. Heh, no. DAZ Studio came up with this thing where it just… kept using the displacement map. A displacement map that wasn’t assigned. I started recording the screen at that moment to demonstrate but predictably, DAZ started working… sort of. Suddenly, instead of displacing the whole claw with a map that wasn’t assigned, it started drawing black marks on the claw’s thumb. For no reason. Like this:



Bear in mind this was after I’d reloaded the file where this didn’t happen before. It took about 30 minutes before I just gave up and reapplied the material from fresh, re-tweaking all the things I’d friggin’ changed before. Then, after I started changing the bump map settings again, I noticed it happening again. It turns out that negative bump, aside from being generally broken to hell, completely ignores the bump strength slider, which is definitely a bug. I never thought it would be the bump map before, because I had the bump strength on 0%. ARGGGH. 😛

After a rant and a tasty snack, I kept going without a hitch until I started doing the proper renders. Then DAZ Studio starts doing what it had done since I installed the Windows 10 Tech Preview. It randomly crashes the graphics driver during a render even though it renders using the CPU. DAZ Studio can’t cope with the thing it just caused, and crashes itself. This is the most idiotic thing I think I’ve ever seen. There is literally no reason for it to crash the graphics driver during render because it doesn’t use the GPU. And yes, I can guarantee it’s crashing the dedicated graphics driver because only the primary screen (the one running off the dedicated GPU) flashes black when the driver crashes. My secondary screen (the one running off integrated graphics within the CPU) stays on the whole time. And no, disconnecting the secondary display does nothing to help the problem. The reason DAZ Studio crashes is because it tries to render viewports after a graphics driver crash and fails because of complicated technical reasons. But WHY IS IT RENDERING VIEWPORTS DURING A 3DELIGHT RENDER!?!

Some probable 12-year-olds on DAZs forums say that reducing the viewport graphics settings stops this from happening. It doesn’t, it just increases the time it takes to happen. I have the graphics settings on the lowest, which makes draft renders possible, but DAZ Poodio still crashes during a “real” render after about 4 minutes. One completely-not-a-solution solution is to close all your viewports before a long render. This workaround makes the program able to fulfil its friggin’ purpose. It will still crash the graphics driver, but the render will continue. When the render is complete, probably after it crashes the driver another 80 times you can safely save it. If you open your viewports afterwards, DAZ Studio will crash. TARRRRRRRRDED!

Anyway, thanks to my workaround, I was actually able to complete a render of the scene, albeit three hours after my target time. You wanna see? You reaaaally wanna see?! Okey-dokey:

Levante Ponente - DracoAurariusAvailable in: (1080p) (QHD) (UHD)

I’ve had the idea of making a render involving both a Western dragon and an Eastern dragon for a while now. An “East meets West” kinda thing. 😀 I call it Levante Ponente, after the east and west winds of the Mediterranean. This is way too intelligent for me, so here’s something dumb to balance it out. 😛

After I’d got the 1080p version done, I went to bed, but today I rendered it out in a couple more exotic resolutions: 2K (well, QHD) and 4K (well, UHD). Why 2K? Well, I’ve gotta have some native resolution wallpaper when my new monitor arrives. 😀 I felt that my current monitor is about due for an upgrade, so I decided to grab a big one, a 27″. And since 5″ is such a big jump from my old display, to save (and slightly increase) pixel density, I decided to go for one that supports 2K resolution. 😀 I’ve got a new desk coming as well. Might post a pic of the new setup when it’s all ready. 🙂

I think zat is all phwoar nao. Laterz!