The year is mine!

The Year of the Horse hath begins! 😀

I so greatly prefer the Chinese New Year over the actual New Year. Why? Well, because the animal zodiac is cool, as well as the folktale behind it. Everyone is a certain animal depending on which animal was the presiding animal when they were born – 1990 makes me a horsey. 😀

Another cool thing is that you get to say “hey, this is my year!” every 12 years. 😀 Like now. HEY, THIS IS MY YEAR! Big high-one to all other horses!

Yes, a high-one. Or a high-hoof, I guess. Horses can’t give high-fives. 😛

No, no brohooves. 😛

Anyway, to celebrate it being the Year of the Horse, I dove into DAZ Studio again, and came up with this in about 24 hours (including render times):

Year of the Horse

Yep, it’s one of these themed images that I’ve done every year, starting with Year of the Dragon. 😀 It was the first time I’ve ever posed, or even LOADED, the Millenium Horse. So I was a bit surprised when the model included the… y’know. The things male horses have. 😛

I dunno why, really, there’s no slider to “make the magic” happen, so to speak. So even if you really wanted to, you can’t make horse porn. 😛 I was a bit worried, actually, since I really didn’t want to have the horse’s junk visible in the image, so I tried to mess with the pose and camera angle to obscure it. Thankfully, I found an easier way in the morphs. I found the “Mare” slider. Set it to 100% and all was good. 😛

I also did a little experiment with motion blur in Photoshop which I think looks pretty cool. You can see it most clearly around the horse’s hooves and head – the fetlocks kinda give off a white blur which makes it look like the horse is moving fast. And/or is epic. 😀 It’s especially visible on the alternate “dark” version that I made:

Year of the Horse (Dark)

The dark edges kinda put more focus on the horse. 🙂

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the way it came out! My favourite out of the three images still has to be the Year Of The Snake, though. What do you think?

Right, this horse is now off to graze. On some STEAK PIE, BABY. 😀