Isn’t it great?! I was kinda getting worried halfway through the year, saying “oh no, what if the year on my phone is busted? I won’t know what year it is and I’ll get confused” but it’s okay cuz it turns out it works! WHEW! THAT’S A REASON TO CELEBRATE WOOO LET’S GO OUT AND GET PISSED!

Yeah, I’m not really one who celebrates the New Year. I don’t see the point. The year is incremented by one. Whoopdedoo. It’s not any more special than any other day. The year has incremented every 365/366 days without fail since forever. 😛 Chinese New Year is more interesting – it’s the Year of the Horse in 2014, right? I’m a horse, so that’s pretty cool. Kinda matches up to it being “my” year, too, since I’m due to start my first job later this month. 😀 Speaking of Chinese New Year, I’ll need to do the new render soon. I might need a horse. 😛

I tend to celebrate events rather than just normal days. I celebrated my birthday, graduating and getting my first job, as well as everyone else’s birthday. I don’t see the point of celebrating something that happens every single year that doesn’t really affect or celebrate anyone.

Anyway, yep. I don’t really have much to say other than that. Not much goes on around here. I only posted twice last year, and one of those was an entry I wrote before 2013 but didn’t post for a while, so it shows that I’m kinda lost for topics. 😛 I got a job as I said. It’s in Brighton with Mad Atom Games. So that’s cool, but I can’t really say more about it because I’ve not started yet. And because of the NDA. 😛

Oh, the Xbox One and PS4 were released but I couldn’t care less. Still haven’t got any new PS Vita games but I should try Tearaway and Dragon’s Crown (if it’s even out over here yet). I bought Patapon and I’m planning to buy Patapon 2 and 3 because I never actually owned the originals and can’t believe I never bought them. Still praying for Patapon 4 but it just won’t happen.

I started playing the the non-pussy much better version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown again. The DOS version, playing it using OpenXcom. Still really hard even on difficulty 2/5, but I’m doing pretty well, thanks to some cool-ass tactics and reloading the game when something goes retardedly wrong. Should be able to clear it. 😀

AssAssins Peed 4 is just as terrible to play as always but the sea combat is amazing. That’s the only reason I’m still playing it, and probably will do until all the sea activities dry up. Like I said when talking about AssAssins Peed 3, they should just scrap everything apart from the sea combat because I’m bored of the shite combat system and the movement system that becomes even more broken with each game and the AI which is so stupid it hurts. Online is friggin’ terrible as usual.

Dinner’s ready now. Might pick this up later. 😉

Yum yum all eaten. Now where was I? Er… oh yeah.

We got Age of Empires II HD Edition (the best AoE and one of very few RTSs I’m happy to play) and everyone else played it once or twice and decided that AoE III is better and now want to play that. Probably because it’s got better graphics and is more watered down. AoE II is probably too complicated for them. Y’know, four resources instead of three, only way of getting resources is by looking for them and guarding them instead of being able to make infinite supplies, villagers have to carry stuff back instead of it magically appearing in your stores, it’s hard to spam siege weapons and it doesn’t really work anyway…

Got Half Minute Hero cuz it’s an awesome game and I was going to buy it years ago but forgot. 😛

Errr… I think that’s it. So yeah. That’s the past year or so in a nutshell. 😛

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