Well… this isn’t technically a leak, since I’m the only person who’s making this game, and I want to show you the image. More of a “release”. But that doesn’t sound much like peeing, and something sounding like peeing makes people laff. 😛

Anyway, have an image:

First Look at V14!(First time I’ve used WordPress’ upload thing. It makes the border light up when you hover over it. Probably to help morons distinguish linked images from normal ones. :P)

That’s ULSG V14. 😀 The code is so much better already. The starfield is recycled code from V13, but with a few improvements and tweaks to work with the new resolution. The HUD works, and that uses brand new code. The movement engine is pretty much finished, but only responds to controller input. Enemies can spawn, but the spawn rates need changing. You can’t take damage or destroy enemies yet, unfortunately, since I had to stop because… well, you’ll never guess what happened. A bit of my controller’s wire, for some extraordinary reason, has slightly split, causing the controller to stop working when the wire is at a specific angle. In fact, it flickered on and off so much that it caused the Windows Driver Framework to panic and smack the Blue Screen of Death button. 😛

I really don’t understand how it suddenly broke like that. It was perfectly fine back when I was in Huddersfield. I don’t even get how it doesn’t work properly anymore – the wire isn’t exposed or anything. For some reason, I think it’s the heat in this stupid house; it must’ve softened the wire and caused it to snap. It’s ridiculous – it’s actually COLDER outside than it is in here. And if I open the window, every insect in the world flies in. And since I hate the heat, this is NOT helping my concentration. 😦

So, I’ve decided to get an Xbox 360 wireless reciever for my PC. Costs about as much as a wired controller, but I can connect my wireless controller to it and not worry about wires. 😀 Well, apart from the wire on the reciever. ‘S’not technically wireless, is it? 😛

Anyway, if I can manage to concentrate in this heat or if the heat goes away, I’ll continue work on V13. I just wanna get it out of the way now. Starting on V14 was a bad idea. 😛

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