I retire.

Been playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook for quite a while now, and my high score has NEVER been able to crack 800,000. Even with the super-powerful Cat’s Eye gem which I got once every never, I kept messing up, or the Random Number God kept kicking me in the ass and not giving me any useful gems whatsoever.

However, tonight, I recieved a rare blessing – a Phoenix Prism gem. I’ve only ever had one of these before, and that was during the event when it was released, so it was basically impossible to get anything other than a Phoenix Prism. And they feel like they’ve been significantly buffed since then, because uh, you wanna guess what I got in my first run with it? It was 860k. :O

That’s SIGNIFICANTLY higher than my old high score. And if it weren’t for the new Gem Streak feature, that would’ve been that – my highest score probably for the next three years or so. 😛 I had JUST enough coins left to harvest one more Phoenix Prism, but I thought I wouldn’t be able to beat my old score.

And I was WRONG!

ONE… MILLION. I’ve always said that million-point scores were the realms of hackers, cheaters, players with extreme Switch Glitch skillz, and lucky S.O.Bs. 😛 But now… I shall add “people with Phoenix Prisms and generally extreme skillz” there. 😀

The post title says “I retire”, but actually, that’s dumb. Other people’ll beat me if I do that. 😛 I’ll just not use Boosts for a while so I can actually recover my coin balance. 😀

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