Seriously, WordPress devs? What are you, imbeciles?

Are you mentally retarded or something?

Okay, here we go. I have a personal blog, this one, to talk about random shit no-one cares about, express myself and use expletives freely without any consequences. However, now I have decided to make a NEW blog, one that will be on my CV and will contain work and work-related posts. And now I have several extremely annoying problems.

One: I can’t freaking embed stuff because you’re overly secure and think I’ll try to infect people’s computers with a video which is actually a virus (bringing a literal meaning to the word “viral”). Seriously, what? Just let me damn well embed something! It’s just a Flash file, it’s not gonna explode!

Two: Your customisation options are FRUSTRATING. Last time I checked, themes are just supposed to make your page look different, but no… you take it to the next level by GIVING THEMES DIFFERENT FEATURES. On one theme, you can remove the “Home” button at the top of the screen with an option. On another technically-identical theme, you can’t do that. Wut?! Also, I find all your themes extremely limiting, and almost all of them look shitty.

Three: The dashboard must have the least user-friendly interface I’ve ever seen. I can find my way around Visual Studio and 3DS Max much more easily than this stupid site. Nothing is where I expect it to be, and there are WAY too many options. Plus, at least half of these options are pointless!

And four: The theme I’ve chosen looks nice, and works well. Unfortunately, IT PUTS MY PROFILE INFO AT THE END OF EVERY POST. WHY?! Why the hell did you think that was a good idea? And why does it only do that on SELECT themes at the end of an entry which you’ve clicked on?! Look, I like my profile info. Quite frankly, it’s awesome. But I don’t want anyone who’s considering me for a JOB to read this:

“About me? Well, I’m a bit of a retard, but I’m a nice retard. 😀 I’m like, really bouncy (as in personality, so don’t try and use me as a basketball) and I swear I must have some sort of anti-depressant implant in my body or something. But I can rant. Oh ya. Usually about stuff no-one cares about. 😛

I also have a pretty big interest in dragons, and I like to portray them in the “untraditional” way. Y’know, usually they’re evil SOBs and spend their free time burninating people and eating them, and then they die because of some knight managing to stab them in the heart somehow? That bores me, and irritates me, so I do things my way. Sometimes involving comedy. 😀 Read Dragons Evolved, that should be still on here. I barely ever see comedy about dragons. 😛

What else… oh ya, I’m a programmer, and I’m in my second year of games programming at Huddersfield Uni. So I make games. 😀 Ultimate Lame Ship Game V13 is my most complete, greatest creation so far, but Dragon Storm, my newest project, is looking pretty damn good already, if I do say so myself. 😉 You’ll see a bunch of updates on my blog every so often about them.

I also render with DAZ Studio, and I’m not too bad at it now. I used to like the program, but over time, the devs lost at least eight million brain cells. I still use it, but I don’t particularly LIKE it. :P”

What the hell do you think they’re gonna say after reading that? “YEAH, let’s give this guy a JOB!” or “YEAH, I really want to give this guy an interview!” NO! So now I have to REMOVE this info just to stop it from being shown on my other blog. And that’s a shame, because if someone DOES come on this site, somehow likes it, and wants to know more about what kind of person I am without flicking through hundreds of entries, they can’t.

And… argh… for fuck’s SAKE! Now your stupid editor thinks that every time I press enter, I want to go to the next line, not start a new paragraph! And what the hell, I go back to change it AND IT’S CHANGED IT’S MIND AGAIN!

Also, your stats page lies. No-one views my entries – people just search for something in Google, my entries just happen to be in the results somewhere, and you auto-count it as a page view like a dumbass. You know how I can tell? Because if I’d searched for “Rodney Reynolds Soundboard” and found this blog, I wouldn’t just visit the page without downloading it, because NO-ONE ELSE HAS MADE A RODNEY REYNOLDS SOUNDBOARD!

I freaking hate this damn site. Almost everything pisses me off about it – even this annoying “old man-like” text in the editor. I preferred the slow, inefficient, uncustomisable Windows Live Spaces over this shit.

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