I was right about APB. Guess what? Realtime Worlds has gone BANKRUPT. Because of that game. Their SECOND game.

See? If you’d just LISTENED to everyone, maybe you’d still be around. But no, you said “Ah, let’s reward players and clans who top the Leagues with EVEN BETTER WEAPONS, even if the clan is only winning BECAUSE THEY’RE BIG!”

Oh, and it didn’t help that the missions sucked, the matchmaking sucked, the maps sucked, the balance sucked, basically, EVERYTHING sucked, because you can’t make games anymore and think it’s a good idea to go for an MMORPG… sorry… “MMORPG”, for your SECOND game. Plus, you’ve also made EA lose time and money, because THEY are having to clean up the leftovers by mass-mailing every sucker who bought APB and offering them a free EA game.

Stop, look, think, listen, THEN act. Realtime Worlds didn’t do that, and now they’ve gotten run over by a bus. 😛

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