Well, this is ONE way to make me stop…

Okay, so Microsoft is as lazy as a lazy ass sitting on his ass and decided to, pretty much, FORCEFULLY dump all of their bloggers onto WordPress.

I’ve been here for five minutes and I already don’t like it. The font is shite and much harder to read, the page layout isn’t that good, and I can’t find ANY way of deleting posts, so I just decided to edit the preset post that was stuck here for no apparent reason. Oh, and there aren’t any smilies.

So yeah. Hi y’all. I’m here from Windows Live Spaces, and from first appearances, I don’t like this site much. I’m just here because I was forced to be here. Suppose I’ll have a look around here and see what’s what. 😛


Okay, so there ARE smilies, that are added in automatically! That’s good. 😀


Well, I’ve updated everything and it looks a little better. Still crap. Took me God-knows how long just to change the settings to what I want them to be. Plus, none of the people who sometimes commented on Windows Live are on WordPress, which further increases my blog’s pointlessness, because now absolutely NO-ONE will friggin’ read it.

Meh… whatever… >.>

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