Bryce 7…

…is a steaming pile of FAIL. Smile with tongue out Seriously, people BUY this? It’s no different from what it was. Let me go through this…

It’s impossible to navigate. To navigate, you’ve got to use these controls at the side of the screen which you click and drag, kinda like what you get in DAZ Studio, but there’re MORE of them. Confused smile Not only does this give you more of a headache than DAZ Studio’s control system, but some shortcuts you EXPECT to have DON’T EXIST. I moved the mouse wheel to zoom in, for example. Nothing happens, so you’re FORCED to use a combination of the navigation controls to zoom. I’d expect that I’d have some easy way of controlling the camera, such as holding Alt + right mouse button lets you rotate the camera, or Control + right mouse button lets you pan… but no. The controls are so bad, you can actually GET LOST IN YOUR SCENE… and if that doesn’t qualify as an auto-fail in a 3D program, then I don’t know what does. Smile with tongue out And to top it off, the "reset camera" button is suspiciously hidden away… y’know, as if they expect you to NOT NEED IT? Wink

Every control in this program is an icon, which would be fine, IF I could tell what the icons did at a glance. Some of them are obvious, but most of them I have to hover over just to check what they do. Oh, and there are NINE OF THE SAME ICON FOR DIFFERENT THINGS. Sarcastic smile There’s a large ball icon which means "render". Then, there are four smaller balls around it (exact same colour and style), which determine different render settings, and unless you have them memorised, you HAVE to hover over them to see what they do. Oh, and if you select one, you’d better remember what it does, because if it’s on, it WON’T TELL YOU WHAT IT DOES AGAIN UNTIL YOU DESELECT IT. What. The. Fuck. Sarcastic smile
As for the other four balls, one of them controls the Field of View, one of them controls Banking, one of them makes a primitive sphere and and the last one selects all primitive spheres. They all look the same.

And you know every other 3D program ever lets you choose what you see in the viewport? Such as wireframes, blocky 3D preview, smooth 3D preview, etc.? Bryce will ONLY show wireframes. Yes, seriously. And if you’re thinking "well, that’s not much of a problem", let me tell you something. This program is used to create TERRAIN. One piece of terrain equals 4,096 wireframe squares. A more complex scene may have five pieces of terrain, OR MORE. Plus the other 3D meshes you add to the scene. You do the math. Smile with tongue out Quite simply, a normal human brain CAN’T decipher something that looks like this:

It’s JUST A BUNCH OF LINES. I can’t tell what’s what! Oh yes, and the maximum amount of viewports you can have is ONE. Yeah, usually in a GOOD 3D program you’re allowed up to four, or maybe even more than that… but this gives you one. So you have to repeatedly switch between different views. How do you do this? By dragging an icon. You don’t click the view you want, and you don’t have a dropdown box or anything. Instead you drag an icon until a poorly-drawn diagram of the view you want appears. Yeah, seriously. Confused smile It’s like this program was made for artistic geniuses with the intelligence of a peanut. Smile with tongue out

What’s more, it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to select the object you want. I was clicking on a hill which was OVER the ground plane, and Bryce was ADAMANT that I wanted to select the plane. Took me about four attempts to select the hill. Oh, and it’s stupid when it comes to moving an object. You know in pretty much every 3D program they have that "translate tool" that appears over a selected object, so you can move it along an axis easily? Bryce doesn’t have that. Yes, seriously. Smile with tongue out So 99% of the time, when you’re trying to move an object to the right, you’re also moving it up or down, or towards you, or away from you. Or sometimes a combination of these things. Smile with tongue out There IS an icon that you can drag (again) in another menu, but it’s crap. Besides, the translate tool appears over an object in DAZ 3D’s OTHER 3D programs. Why the hell is it different here? Oh yeah, and the preview render that you can ask for applies ANTI-ALIASING. What the hell? It’s a PREVIEW RENDER! I don’t NEED the edges to be smoothed out! Sarcastic smile

I don’t even want to go further into it. I’ve been using it for 20 minutes and I’m already reaching for the uninstall program. If this was done RIGHT, it could be truly awesome, and could allow me to make my own environments instead of waiting for a suitable one to appear. But no, DAZ 3D fails again. Oh, and they also fail at making something that checks for updates. Smile with tongue out DAZ Studio 3 was updated two months ago, and the program checks every week for updates. It repeatedly couldn’t find any updates, even when I forced an update check. I’m a UNI STUDENT, and I can make something that does this. With the key difference being that IT WORKS. Smile with tongue out Oh, yeah, and DAZ 3D still splits some of their installers into two or three parts for no reason at all.

Anyhoo, on a lighter note, I GOTS IT! Godzilla. SORRY, Kaiju the Giant Monster. Smile with tongue out Someone finally posted it, and I’ve got the model and the optional extras. Open-mouthed smile Gonna try them out in a bit, but first, I’ll update DAZ Studio. Smile Also, there’s a new render plugin that looks interesting, but it costs money (an extortionate amount of it), so I’ll wait until it appears somewhere else. Smile with tongue out

I’ll be back with some comments and/or renders of Kaiju later on, so see ya then! Smile


Hm. Seems I already HAVE the new version of DAZ Studio installed… but I wasn’t using it. Now to try and find out the reason why. Smile with tongue out


Well, apart from the God-awful in-the-way pointless Camera Cube and the even more pointless Pose Tool, it seems exactly the same. Oh, and they’ve made it so that if you drag a part of a figure, it moves. Which WOULD be great, unfortunately, it’s DAZ 3D we’re talking about. If you drag a part of a model in a way that would break limits, it moves joints OTHER THAN THE ONE YOU JUST MOVED in order to compensate and to stay within limits, sometimes even going so far as to move THE ENTIRE FIGURE.

Not so sure about render differences, but I’m just testing that now. I’ve noticed that it’s set the default render order to "circle", which renders the image from the middle outwards. There’re absolutely no technical benefits from doing that, but I’ve thought of an interesting theory. Most people who use DAZ Studio are unoriginal and only ever render Victoria 4 wearing different clothes, or sometimes none at all, because some artists are like furfags, only without the fur. Smile with tongue out Now, expanding upon that… what’s in the middle of…

You’re thinking of it right now. Wink

By the way, while you are waiting for results of this render test (and even if you aren’t), listen. I pooed win when I heard this. Open-mouthed smile Maximum awesomeness factor is attained when you get within a certain distance of him in the actual game and this music kicks in. Open-mouthed smile


Yeah, zilch difference. So there’s absolutely no point in using DS 3.1, unless you want to switch your view with a stupid Camera Cube even though you have dedicated cameras to do that. Smile with tongue out Or if you want to modify a pose using the tiny Pose Tool which is less precise and more irritating to use than the sliders in the Parameters window. Smile with tongue out


Correction – you’re FORCED to use DS 3.1. Why? Because newer objects CRASH DS 3 for an unfathomable reason. Just tried to load Kaiju in DS 3 – it got to 99%… not responding… dialog box whiteout… screen whiteout… *click*, DAZ Studio is not responding because its programmers are incompetent. Smile with tongue out

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