I’ve found something that goes up to 12 on the Awesomeness Scale.

Y’know the 90’s? Those last ten years when almost everything was GOOD, until we crossed the millennium and everything started failing? TV, music, films, computers, etc, etc, all started to fail in one way or another. Yeah, before that… those were the good days. Open-mouthed smile Well, I somehow tripped over (not literally, dumbass Smile with tongue out) a Western cartoon from 1997 about a week ago. It was called "EXTREME DINOSAURS."

I laughed when I first saw the name, because it reminded me of this:


Hehe, guys from college might remember "EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEME GOLF!" Wink

But instead of just shaking my head at it and moving on, I Wikipedia’d it. It didn’t actually sound that bad, and when I noticed that it was from the 90’s, I assumed that it might NOT be totally awful. Smile with tongue out I had a look around for it, and to my amazement, I found a torrent with a fair amount of seeders pretty effortlessly, and subsequently got the first episode. I hesitated to watch it for a while for some reason, maybe because *headdesk*ing is kinda painful sometimes. Smile with tongue out

But… there was no need to *headdesk*. Not even at what I THOUGHT was going to be a cheesy theme tune. Because it’s TOTALLY AWESOME. Open-mouthed smile The theme started as if it was going to be a rap (and raps in cartoons [from my experience] have ALWAYS made me *facepalm*), but it was actually rock. And it (initially) reminded me of the original Gladiators theme. And it had ELECTRIC GUITARS. AND it was catchy, and had ultra-awesome lyrics.

"Somethin’s really rockin’, on planet number three,
Modern man’s got prehistoric company!
A colossal fossil feud, unlike anything before, between the,
Reckless raptors, and the EXTREME DINOSAURS!"

And there’re more lyrics after that, and quite a few of them are pretty hard to catch ("tails that snap like thunderclaps, talkin’ stalkin’ raptor traps"?), but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s COMPLETELY AWESOME. With a mind-imprinting intro like that, I was enjoying it before it even STARTED. Open-mouthed smile

As for the cartoon itself, well, it’s easy to tell that it’s from the 90’s for three very good reasons. One, the art style kinda looked familiar, as well as the COLOURING MISTAKES which I’ve only ever seen on old cartoons. Take the raptors clinging onto the spaceship in episode one – half of them are coloured in the same shade as the ship. Smile with tongue out Two, the voice actors are actually TRYING, and the characters are actually REALLY awesome, even if the character development seems to be nonexistent at the start. And three, it’s NOT SHIT. Open-mouthed smile

It’s also got this weird target audience, I don’t know whether it’s aimed at kids, teens, young adults, adults, or any combination of the four. I mean, at first, it targets kids, then seems to mention some things that kids probably wouldn’t "get". Then it goes onto say that the oil the humans are using are actually the Extreme Dinosaurs’ old relatives’ bones that have melted down. And that’s kinda hard-hitting stuff for kids. Smile with tongue out Then, after going back to "everyone mode" for a while, the fourth episode has the Extreme Dinosaurs considering DESTROYING all the raptor eggs that the raptors found, then after finding out the eggs aren’t raptor eggs at all, they return to rescue the rest of the eggs, and the raptors ambush them and basically bury the Extreme Dinosaurs alive in an elevator! THEN the raptors go off and capture a NUCLEAR BASE, and end up launching a NUCLEAR WARHEAD! And this is for kids?! Smile with tongue out Oh yeah, it is, because the way they disarm the nuke is so cheesy and cartoony it’s not possible for it to be just for older people. Open-mouthed smile

Seriously… I can’t believe this never came over to the UK. I feel like I was deprived of awesome as a kid by not knowing this existed. Smile with tongue out This shit is HOT. And I mean "GOOD shit", and "hot" in the non-sexy, totally awesome way. Open-mouthed smile

I find it difficult to explain things when they’re this good, so here’s a torrent. Check it out for yourself. Open-mouthed smile And try not to watch it all at once. Wink

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