Please halp meh… I’m doing way too well…


Yeah, heh heh… um… level 1001. That’s the highest level number I’ve ever seen on anything. Smile with tongue out I’ve also got four lives, two armours, the best weapon, super autofire and enough cash to replace any of those things at any time if anything should happen.

This game is probably gonna last forever. Smile with tongue out



Yeah, hehe. I sort of found the secret which multiplies your maximum money amount by 10, to $999990.
The only way I’m gonna lose now is if I lose all my ARMOUR and die four times in a row. Which won’t happen. Smile with tongue out


On a slightly related note, y’know the "Unexpected Gameplay Change" rail shooter in Kingdom Hearts 2? Well, I’ve been playing it. And I think it babbed itself after one of my high score runs. Smile with tongue out

Rank S+3?!

I’ve seen Rank AAA, and even Rank S++ on other games before, but Rank S… +3?! That’s like getting an A++++ on an exam. Open-mouthed smile
Told ya I was a shmup and rail shooter expert. Wink Though it kinda helps to have built a ship with a retarded amount of power on it, though. Open-mouthed smile


Okay, yes, a retarded amount of updates. But holy crap.

Rank S+6!!

Rank S+6!! Ha HA, take THAT, super-difficult Japanese minigame! Open-mouthed smile This was my first run of this mission, too. Smile with tongue out
I almost peed myself during that run when I saw my rank TELEPORT from C to S in one shot, and then continue to S+1 and beyond, but it’s not even my best score on that level. I managed 4.5 million on the Medal Hunt mission, but in that, the computer controls the camera for you and there aren’t as many enemies shooting at you, so it’s easier to stay in the retardedly overpowered Berserk Mode. On the High Score Run mission, you’ve gotta control the camera manually, the enemies come in more retarded numbers AND they can come from multiple directions at once. Sometimes from ALL FOUR directions. Smile with tongue out

No extra rewards for getting S+6, though. No material rewards, anyway. Just massive amounts of GLORY and WIN. *basks*

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