We’re S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G…

Yea-heah! Dragon Storm’s shop screen is coming along nicely!

Since Jets ‘n’ Guns has the best weapon customisation features in shmup history, I was (almost) directly copying that shop layout. But, halfway through, I started to notice that it didn’t really look right. It seemed "off", as if I’d tried to place things on the screen even though they didn’t really fit. Kinda like those shaped block things for toddlers, where the retard is trying to put the cross in the star shaped hole. Only this time it’s Multimedia Fusion, where the retard (Mr. MongMaster Wink) is trying to put the dragon diagram in the middle of the screen without letting the sidebar overlap it… which was impossible. Smile with tongue out

Eventually, I gave up for a little while, and came back to it today. I decided to try it from a different angle, and used Stargunner’s shop screen as inspiration, where the ship is at the top, and other sections are at the bottom. Without the dragon dominating the screen, it gave much more room for everything else, instead of making me struggle to place things AROUND the dragon. Smile with tongue out And, after half an hour or so, I broke free of the Stargunner template. This is what it looks like at the moment:

Prototype Shop Screen

It’ll probably change a bit, but it’s got almost everything. The dragon display (that dragon’s lookin’ hyper-badass, if I do say so myself Wink), stats, Dragon Mod slots, and the Mod inventory (the spiky ones are normal Weapon Mods, and the other ones are Dragon Mods… or "D-Mods". Smile) But… I’ve been a bit careless. Notice what’s missing on that screen, apart from the stuff in the Selection box? No, not that kind of selection box… >.<
Yep, there’s no "next stage" button… there’s no "exit" button… and so on. Smile with tongue out So, the player will be stuck in that screen FOREVER! Open-mouthed smile What a great game. Wink I’ll find some room for them, probably next to the Selection box, because I’m not 100% sure how big I need that box to be – I just filled the whole area. Smile with tongue out

I’ll get back to it. See ya later! Smile

PS: The blog title? Well, what a coincidence! That’s the music that’ll be playing in the shop! Open-mouthed smile Yeah, I’ve taken the LITERAL meaning of the song. This is a MongMaster Studios production, you should expect nothing else! Smile with tongue out

PPS: The OGG format rocks the universe. But unfortunately, not many people have the same opinion, and therefore I needed to convert the OGG format music loop to an MP3 so everyone could listen, at the cost of 500KB. Even though it’s the same quality. Sarcastic smile See, if MP3 players were actually OGG players instead, the world would be about 25% more musical. Open-mouthed smile


So, I was planning on making a new intro movie thing. You know, those short videos that play before a game that announce a company name like "..sshhhhoooUUUUU! nVidia!"? The ones everyone tends to skip. Wink Well, I have one, but it’s a bit dated and boring.

Well… y’know that sound I made? With SPARTA and PINGAS and CHECK OUT THE ENCLOSED INSTRUCTION BOOK and COM DOWN AND SHACKOU in it? I kinda thought that’d be useful for something

I’m sorry, but using Morshu’s face for the M was ingenious. Open-mouthed smile