Bored of computers now…

An 80% chance means it’ll happen four out of five times. Yet the faggit randomisers in Monster Rancher 4 thinks it’s funny to make me miss twice in a row with an attack which has an 80% chance of hitting. Then it thinks it’s funny to make my opponent hit me with an attack that has a 30% chance of hitting. Then it thinks it’s REALLY funny if it makes me miss again with an 85% chance. Then it thinks it’s absolutely friggin’ hilarious if it makes my opponent hit with a 15% chance. Then, it pisses itself laughing as it chooses to randomise my monster getting injured.

Gay cheating faggit bots! Angry smile


Right, I’m not playing this game for a while now, or indeed any game that involves hit percentages. Tried another match with my uninjured monster. We had a 40% hit chance, both me and the bot. I attacked four times, missed every time. Bot attacked three times, hit me every single time. I quit the competition after that. I mean, seriously, what the fuck?

This is the reason why I don’t play the Lottery, why I hate MMORPGs (one of the reasons, anyway), and why I can’t stand just about anything luck-based, cuz things like this CONSTANTLY happen, and it annoys me more than students playing loud music at 5 in the morning.


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