Anyone got Warblade?

Has anyone even HEARD of it? Smile with tongue out Well, it’s technically a Galaga clone, although I think the word "clone" is a bit too harsh for this, because playing a game clone is usually like playing a fermented pineapple. Smile with tongue out Warblade takes the basic gameplay of Galaga and expands upon it quite a lot. Open-mouthed smile The guy that’s developed Warblade also developed Deluxe Galaga on the Amiga, which I only played briefly. It was good, but it was a little bit hard to understand the emulator and I ended up forgetting about it. Plus, this was when ULSG v13 development was in full swing. Smile with tongue out

Warblade just goes to show how much modern technology can improve something… well, unless the developer completely sucks, of course. Smile with tongue out This guy knows what he’s doing, though. Wink 100 levels of awesome enemy formations and action-packed gameplay that gets more intense as you progress. It even has a large amount of secrets to find and features to unlock – I never really realised how much hidden stuff there was until I decided to buy a few hints from the in-game shop. I REALLY like what the developer’s written on his home page, as well: "The game is made with gameplay as the most important factor." Finally, a game developer who has a brain! Open-mouthed smile Usually it’s "graphics graphics graphics". Smile with tongue out

There’s not really much else to say about it apart from "you should try it". Open-mouthed smile Oh, yeah, and if you DO decide to try it, try this sound pack I made. Wink Just extract it into "Warbladedatasamplesvoices", rename the extracted folder to "3", then click "next voice pack" in the options menu until you hear "GET READY, THIS IS A WEE BIT TOUGHER!!" Open-mouthed smile If you’ve played it before and already have a third sound pack installed, well… you should know what to do. It’s common sense, really. Smile with tongue out

Yeah, that’s me. Not my ACTUAL voice, no. Smile with tongue out I made a sound pack like that for Bejeweled 2 quite a while ago, and it dramatically improved its entertainment value. Open-mouthed smile Now, if I can replace the voiceovers in a game, I’ll do it with my OLD CHUM voice. Open-mouthed smile

Warblade isn’t QUITE as good as Stargunner, and it doesn’t even come close to Jets ‘n’ Guns, but they’re slightly "heavier" shooters, especially the latter. Warblade’s more causal, but it also has a hint of "hardcoreness" about it. I mean… I’ve got a saved game that I’ve been playing for more than 3 hours – I’m on level 500 and I’m about to crack a BILLION points. Open-mouthed smile

So yeah – try it out! It’s pretty awesome. Open-mouthed smile (‘specially with my sound pack. Wink)

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