Holy crap… they couldn’t have been any less original, even if they tried.

Got the latest DAZ Studio newsletter, and it’s same old, same old. Blowing their trumpet about the new Bryce 7 and saying you’re missing out if you don’t get it, even though it’s impossible to use because it displays all the models as WIREFRAMES in the viewport so you can’t see WTF is going on, it uses Poser’s camera control system which is the worst thing in existence, it doesn’t support the SubDragon or indeed ANY model with subdivision, and its link system with DAZ Studio is pathetic and doesn’t even work half the time. Of course, that’s my experience with Bryce 6, but DAZ 3D barely change anything between versions. The difference between DAZ Studio 2 and 3 is almost non-existent. DAZ Studio 2 actually renders FASTER, but UberEnvironment 2 doesn’t work with DS2, so I use DS3. Smile with tongue out

Then they’re bragging about how their characters are available for the Torque engine. Wow, an awful game engine paired with an awful developer of 3D software. Birds of a feather, eh? Wink I laughed at that, then I skimmed through the latest releases for a second before deleting it. "…clothes, clothes, cages, a cow, a kaiju, add-ons, clothes, clothes, rocks, more clothes, blah blah blah, boring, delete."

"Hey… wait a second, what was that again?" *goes to deleted items* "A KAIJU?! Holy crap, this is the first time that they’ve released something INTERESTING for a long time!"

That’s pretty much how it happened. Open-mouthed smile Yep, it’s a Mothra-fockin’ kaiju. Heh, I like what I did there. Wink For those who don’t know, a kaiju is basically a huge-ass Japanese monster that destroys everything for some (or no Smile with tongue out) reason. Godzilla’s a kaiju – everyone knows him, right? Wink Yep, it’s not just dragons I like – kaiju are another interest of mine, provided that they’re awesome enough. Smile with tongue out Werewolves, phoenixes, gryphons and minotaurs are on that list, too. Wink

I’m concerned about the originality of people nowadays, though. It makes me want to *headdesk*. Smile with tongue out Firstly, guess what this kaiju’s name is. Go on, guess!

Okay, have you had a guess? Right, here we go. His name is… "Kaiju"! HOLY FUCK!! Sarcastic smile Seriously, come ON, there’s this thing called "imagination". Want me to give him a name? Alright, how about "Tyranna"? Or "Tyrannus"? Not very original, sure, but it’s still better than calling it what it IS. Smile with tongue out It’s way better than "Kaiju", and it took me 5 seconds. Smile with tongue out

But then, they pull off a quick follow-up jab of unoriginality for a 2 combo! Smile with tongue out Here’s one of the promotional renders for Kaiju:

(DAZ 3D, just in case you track to see where your bandwidth is going and arrive at this site, I want to let the artist know… I can pull off better looking renders in my sleep. It’s called "UberEnvironment 2". Or, as I like to call it, "the only reason you should ever use DS3". Smile with tongue out)

Okay, now… this is a picture of Godzilla.

(It’s the best pose I could find without him dancing with something that looks like King Kong. Smile with tongue out)

Look familiar? Oh yeah, I posted something that looks suspiciously alike about 10-15 seconds ago! Kaiju’s body mass is too similar. The spines on his back are too similar. His claws are too similar. His skin texture is too similar. Please, if you’re gonna make a monster, then by all means take inspiration from others, but don’t just CONSTANTLY look at Godzilla while you’re modelling… Smile with tongue out
Granted, it looks as if there are a few morphs and stuff for Kaiju that let you change the spines and stuff to different things, but… I dunno. No matter how you configure him, I’ll always look at him and say "Hey, that looks a bit like Godzilla." Smile with tongue out

Aha, but just when you think the chain is over, ka BLAM with the heavy punch for a 3 combo! Wink The item description.
"From the depths of the sea, a monstrous beast has risen to threaten the cities of your Runtime!"
From the depths of the sea… that sounds suspiciously like where another famous kaiju comes from… hmm… could it be… Godzilla? Smile with tongue out Come ON! It’s so obvious, you might as well just say "From the city of Tokyo, a monstrous beast that looks suspiciously similar to Godzilla has risen to threaten the cities of your Runtime by battling with a giant moth and a three-headed space dragon whilst causing massive amounts of collateral damage with his atomic breath attack!" Smile with tongue out

Professional artists have absolutely zero imagination. Smile with tongue out But for now, I’m ignoring its unimaginative name and obvious Godzilla similarities – I want to get this model simply because it looks pretty cool. Open-mouthed smile It seems as if it’s only just been released, though, so it’s not on any of my USUAL websites. Sad smile No, I’m not paying for it; it’s a 3D model, doesn’t really do anything, and I’ll probably only end up making one or two renders with it. Smile with tongue out It’ll probably take a little while to appear on another site, but if it doesn’t… meh. No big deal. Smile with tongue out

I’ll post a render if I do manage to get ahold of him. Smile But for now, you’d better get a taco ready, because GODZILLA’S

Arg, he beat yeh. Smile with tongue out

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