Hey, this looks fairly interesting.

Okay, so I went on the Internet this week, and this was on it:

Haha, not really. This space has an unofficial "no porno" policy. Smile with tongue out

But I DID find THIS. It’s got a completely retarded name, "XLink Kai", but it’s a piece of software that kinda fools various games consoles into THINKING you’re connecting to other players over a LAN, but in actual fact, you’re connecting to them over the Internet. Hamachi and GameRanger do the same kinda thing, only they’re for PC games that aren’t coded properly, or if you can’t use the official servers… for various reasons. Smile with tongue out

I noticed, though, that this actually supports the PSP for some unfathomable reason. I can’t even begin to figure out how it works, but it supports a bunch of games that I’ve wanted to play multiplayer on the PSP – Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, Warriors Orochi (it’s Musou Orochi on that list, but I’m guessing that’s the same thing), MGS: Peace Walker and perhaps MGS: Portable Ops when I decide to try it. And maybe Monster Hunter Freedom 2, because I’m 98% sure the bots can’t handle more than one target at a time, therefore eliminating the early Japanese Difficulty Cliff. Smile with tongue out

Big problem though. No-one else plays a PSP anymore. Smile with tongue out I was gonna see if I could get Ped on Skype to try it out and play Warriors Orochi, because, quote: "I prefer the older Dynasty Warriors games". I thought he was a bit retarded, but I played Warriors Orochi, which plays almost exactly like DW5. I realised he wasn’t retarded at all – classic DW is better. The maps aren’t all split up and gay, and you get A KO COUNT IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT. Open-mouthed smile But… classic DW is lame because if one player dies, both players lose and have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Sad smile
Anyway… even if he did want to try it, he probably doesn’t have a PSP anymore. And even if he does still have it, it’s one of those crap ones which aren’t softmodded. Smile with tongue out And I bet he wouldn’t mod it. Too much work. Wink

Anyway, I probably won’t be using… um… "XLink Kai". Stupid name… Smile with tongue out I just thought it’d be nice to share just in case anyone else has ever wanted to play PSP games over the Interwebz. Open-mouthed smile Oh yeah, it supports a bunch of PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 games, and a few PS3 and GameCube games, too. Smile

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