I’ve got some gameplay footage for you!

… what? Yeah, there’s whitespace here because there’re spoilers below. Go watch the video first! Open-mouthed smile

…Okay, so maybe I tricked you a little bit and posted some game footage of Cyvern. But I did really well in that run…! Smile with tongue out And this IS a spoiler! It spoils the surprise that I lied to you. Wink I just thought you’d wanna take a look at the game that caused the chainsplosion of ideas in my brayn. Open-mouthed smile It’s a good game! Just a little bit impossible… Smile with tongue out

(By the way, I had it on Normal. It goes up to "Ultra Difficult". Wink)

But, I want to stab FRAPS for one of the games before this – I was at the second boss, only a few shots away from destroying it and breaking the 1,000,000 point barrier… when FRAPS suddenly slowed down for NO REASON, and quite frankly, in a danmaku shooter, that spells certain death. I anticipated a bullet flying straight into my path, so I decided to panic-bomb, but the command didn’t go through due to 20FPS. The bullet unfortunately WAS in my path, so collision, dead, second place, GAH. Angry smile

I managed to do it, though, after learning that I’m better with Ferious instead of Schwarz. I freaked out when I somehow got the powered-up first boss (usually it’s yellow, not green), and then I almost peed myself with joy when I heard the Japanese woman yell "EXTEND!!", and promptly ate my words about Ferious having a shitty weapon. Open-mouthed smile I completely suck at that second boss, though. Its homing missiles freak me out, and those fast bullets play havoc with my brain. Wink I can’t read bullet patterns that fast. Smile with tongue out

I reckon that some people really need to learn what a wyvern is, though, especially people who make a game involving them. Cyvern has three characters, and only one of them is actually a proper wyvern. Schwarz has four legs, making him more of a Western, or pretty much any other type of dragon with four legs. Smile with tongue out Altair has two small arms, which, if anything, edges him towards being a raptor. Then there’s Ferious, who has two legs and two wings. And that’s correct.
See… the Japanese seem to be a bit useless at understanding simple things, such as the fact that wyverns have two legs, two wings and no arms… you’re supposed to cook fish before eating it… the definition of the word "ambitious"… the concept of a difficulty curve… Wink

Anyhoo… moving on from sharing my dragon knowledge. I swear, I know more about dragons than real history. Although I guess that’s kinda understandable. Dragons == interesting, interesting != history.
Hey… wait a sec, hold that thought. If we expand that to one of those X = Y = Z therefore X = Z thingies I learned in Computing Science & Maths… therefore, dragons != history! Haha! So take that, scientists – my theory stands and is completely logical. Smile with tongue out Dragons may exist because history is so boring that dragons couldn’t possibly be history. Wink

Anyway… no, there’s no footage of Dragon Storm yet; I’ve only done about 20% of the shop screen so far, and I’ve still gotta make the testing range. Smile with tongue out I’ve gotta be 9001% satisfied about what Mods I want to appear during the course of the game. So far I have 11 types of Weapon Mod, and 4 types of Dragon Mod. I’m struggling to think of any more, but I’ve gotta be sure I’m all out of ideas first, and I’ve gotta be sure I’ll be happy with the Mods I’ve chosen for the rest of the game’s development. If I decide to think of a brand new Mod halfway through development, I’ll have to do a RETARDED amount of work just to get it implemented. Better now than later. Wink

I’ll get back to it tomorrow. But for now, have a listen to an old song of mine I decided to remix. Open-mouthed smile Trust me, it’s miles better than the old one. You can take my word for it. Open-mouthed smile

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