Getting there… slowly but surely…

Alright, so I managed to make the basic workings of the Market box…

Looks a bit empty, but you gotta start somewhere... :P

(Sorry about the retarded pics – Firefox is coming up with "open/save file" for me. I’ll try not to use Windows Live Writer again – but it’s so much faster. Smile with tongue out)

You can select a weapon from a list that is generated when you click either the Left or Right weapon slot, and it brings up its… shit. Stats! I forgot to leave a space for the weapon’s stats… >.< Okay, let’s go do that. I’ll update this later on. Smile with tongue out

*later on…*

Yeah, forget exams. Forget renting a flat and sorting out everything to go with it. Forget Student Finance. This is the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life. Smile with tongue out

There is SO MUCH to think about, that I can’t even fit it into my brain. I’ve discovered more limitations with MMF in the past couple days than I’ve ever discovered in the ~8 years of using Clickteam’s products. It’s nice, because it actually shows I’m improving, and shows that I’m more familiar with traditional coding… but it still makes me want to *headdesk*… or maybe even *facewall*. Smile with tongue out

Nevertheless, I’m making progress:

Starting to come together. :D

The background colour, and the colour of your dragon change depending on what you’ve done in Customisation. Appearance works, too. You can select the Left or Right weapon slot, and if there’s nothing in there when you click, it’ll bring up the weapon list, which you can browse. You can even buy a weapon to put in the slot. If there IS something in the weapon slot you clicked, instead of bringing up the weapon list, it’ll bring up the installed weapon and its stats, after any Mods.

My original plan for the Mods was gonna be to make a set amount of them, say, 100, which had preset effects, like +100 Damage, +2 Fire Rate, etc. However, since Diablo II is my all-time favourite game, I thought I’d see if I couldn’t make a system that randomly generated Mods, similar to the way items are randomised in Diablo II. I managed to figure out some sort of system which is WAY out of Diablo II’s league, but I think it’s sufficient. Smile

The Mods are generated with a… wait for it… “MongCode”. Open-mouthed smile It’s a 10-character code that stores the mod’s type, rarity, effect and power. The game decodes all the MongCodes and creates each Mod at the start of the frame. There’re 30 slots for Mods, and they can be moved around the list and re-arranged freely. It’s the first ever inventory system I’ve made, but it works pretty well.

If you’ve got the right type of Mod, you can place it into any of the Dragon Mod slots. They’ll immediately take effect when you place them there. You can’t install Weapon Mods yet, but that’s my next step. Smile

I’ve almost had four brain haemorrhages making this screen. Now, let’s see if we can’t make it five… 😛 I’ll finish this entry later on… if I can. Wink

*later on some more…*

Jesus effing Christ. This just keeps getting more difficult as I go along… when I finish something, a few bugs appear. When I stomp one of them, two more appear. Should’ve called it Hydra Storm. Smile with tongue out

I managed to get them all for now, and I’ve done some basic INI saving, too:

Mods work properly!! :D

You can rearrange Mods in the Mod Inventory, and when you restart the game, they’ll be back as you left them. Open-mouthed smile Oh, and you can stick Mods into weapons, as well! Only the Damage + ones into the Left weapon, but it’s a start. Smile with tongue out

When this is finished, saving to an INI file and bug-free, I am going to be so happy. Open-mouthed smile

*some time later*

Well, I can sure say one thing. And I encourage you to imagine that I’m saying it in the GTA2 announcer’s voice, with a random audience applauding.

“EFFICIENCY BONUS!!” Open-mouthed smile

Yeah, this code is S-rated for efficiency. Open-mouthed smile I finished the final few tweaks with the damage mod, so I thought I’d add the Fire Rate mod next. It took two minutes. Open-mouthed smile

No, I'm not kidding when I said "two minutes". :P 

There’s also a little help bubble that appears when you hover over any of the weapon stat bars, telling you exactly what the weapon’s stats are. Open-mouthed smile

Things are starting to get a little easier now, but I’ve still got the Right weapon mod slots to do, and all of the missile, shield and utility items and mod slots. I’ve also gotta make EVERYTHING save to an INI file, and reload properly. I should also make a testing range similar to Jets ‘n’ Guns, but I’m gonna add a few things to make it better. Nothing insanely special, but I’m sure they’ll be useful. You’ll see. Open-mouthed smile

I think I’ll post this one now. Smile

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