This is going almost TOO well…

I’ve been waiting to run into a few problems when prototyping Dragon Storm… and… well, okay, I was GONNA say that it’s been plain sailing so far (to a certain extent Smile with tongue out), but I DID run into one problem.

I was planning on letting the player choose their dragon’s colour, and I didn’t think there’d be anything that’d stop me doing that, now that the Hardware Acceleration update has been pretty much finished. UNFORTUNATELY, the Colorize shader (yeah, it’s American, but I’ll play along with the spellnig Smile with tongue out) doesn’t QUITE work properly. What you do is you choose what colour on the image (out of red, green and blue [or you can use RGBYCM, if you’re feeling a bit fancy Smile with tongue out]) should be swapped, and then choose a colour to swap it with. So you can choose to replace red pixels with orange, or yellow, or whatever you want. Annoyingly, it’s a bit (as in VERY) retarded, and the result ends up looking something like this:

Nice look...

Mmmm. Sarcastic smile

So, instead of Colorize, I’ve been forced to use Hue. Which is perfectly acceptable – I can get pretty much all the major colours…

Much better. :)

BUT, I can’t change the saturation or luminosity of the image. So, it’s impossible to get black, grey or white. Sad smile Also, since Hue changes ALL colours on the image, I can’t make customizable eye, horn, talon or underbelly colours. Sad smile Never mind, though – going into too much detail is gonna be pointless in-game, because the player sprite isn’t gonna be gigantic. There’ll be a few dragon designs to choose from, but I can’t make too many, otherwise it’s gonna get complicated. Smile with tongue out

Other than the colouring problem, it’s been going retardedly well. Open-mouthed smile Title screen:


system:


And a half-finished Customise screen (I realised that I needed this BEFORE the shop screen Smile with tongue out):


And you’ve seen the main menu already. Wink

It may not LOOK like a lot of progress, but believe me, it is a friggin’ HUGE amount. Remember, I’ve had to make ALL the graphics from scratch, THEN I’ve had to code everything… and I’ve had to do it all myself. Open-mouthed smile

I’m (almost) beyond caring how big this game gets (as in megabytes-wise Smile with tongue out). This is only a prototype, and it already feels super-polished and full of WIN. Open-mouthed smile I’ll try and finish that Customise screen tomorrow, then I can get started on the shop. Open-mouthed smile

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