I’m at my flat, but I don’t have a ‘net connection yet. So… I’m just saving any entries I decide to write as drafts and I’ll post them when I buy the Internet. Kay? Kay. Smile

So, I’ve been prototyping Dragon Storm. Smile Since I can’t access the ‘net, I’ve been restricted to stuff I already have/can create on my PC. Not so much of a problem at the moment, because I’ve only been making the main menu. Smile with tongue out

This is the most graphically-awesome game I've ever made. :P

Yep, it’s in Multimedia Fusion (hehe, you can even see some of the Event Editor ticks in the title bar. ;)). This has taken me a retardedly long time, but I think it was REALLY worth it. Open-mouthed smile

I’ve gone with a kind of punk/goth/total-kickass style, with the lashings of black paint and stuff. Reminds me of Street Fighter IV a little bit, too. Smile And the background moves sort of like an anime’s background does, when someone’s doing a SHOOORRRYYUKEN or something. Smile with tongue out Oh, and the silhouette has random spazzification added to it, so it’ll change size slightly. You know I’m not very artistically-inclined, so I don’t really have much to SAY on the graphics side of things. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. Wink

I’ve also got a different silhouette for each menu option. Rendered in DAZ Studio with no lighting, dragged into Photoshop, resized, splattered white and red paint all over it, removed some, added a smudge of smudge, and tweaked until I was happy. Smile Took about 60-90 minutes to create each pose, render, and modify. Shows you how much effort I’m putting into this. Open-mouthed smile

I especially like the Options menu silhouette, though:

Oh yeah. :D

A dragon mechanic silhouette holding a spanner. Only MongMaster. Open-mouthed smile

I’ve learned my lesson about file size when I was making ULSG. That won’t happen again – I’m gonna use the RIGHT extension for each situation, not just make EVERY object an Active like an idiot and/or newbie. Smile with tongue out At the moment, the source file is only about 2 MB, even with the heavy graphics… but the actual EXE is 9MB already. Confused smile I know what might be adding to the file size, and, in the words of Mr. John Marston, “I’ll see what I can do.” Smile with tongue out

As for gameplay, well, there isn’t any yet, but don’t worry, I’ll get to that. 😀 First, I’ve gotta make the title screen, then a sign-in system, then I have to make a prototype shop screen, THEN I can prototype some gameplay. Smile

I’ll work some more on this tomorrow – I still need to make the silhouette for the Challenges option, then I can start on the title screen. For now, though, have a fully awesomized version of the dragon silhouette in the first screenshot:

Armed To The Teeth 

Annoyed at the cannon on his left side (the right cannon in the image Smile with tongue out) because as usual, DAZ Studio was being mentally retarded and REFUSED to pick up light on that cannon. Even though there was a light SHINING DIRECTLY AT THE FUCKER. So, I had to add Ambience to its texture just so you could see it, and now it looks dumb. And I forgot to add Depth of Field, but it took just over an hour to render it WITHOUT DoF. Adding it would have made it look prettier, but it would’ve probably added about 30 minutes to the render time, and I like sleep. Smile with tongue out

That’s roughly how the dragons are kitted out, anyway. I bet you can’t wait, huh? I sure as hell can’t. Smile with tongue out

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