Now, as for the story…

So, the customisation screen is finished. INI files are loaded and saved correctly, and menus display the correct info. Each of the five profile slots on the sign in screen work, and for the first time ever, the graphics so far aren’t stolen and don’t resemble a baboon’s ass. Smile with tongue out Seems like the shop screen is next up, followed by some actual gameplay. Open-mouthed smile Oh, and a cutscene.

For me to start the campaign mode properly, though, I need some sort of a story. I think I’ve made a start:


It’s not gonna be complicated or super-deep or anything. Smile with tongue out You play as the hero in the story, and you have to find and pwn some guy who calls himself the Master of Time and Space before he destroys the universe. Or is it Space and Time? Ah, whatever – no matter what order it is, it’s still hyper-cheesy and has probably been done 86,000 times already. Smile with tongue out

I know what the intro’s gonna be like – I’ve written down a bunch of stuff for it already. Open-mouthed smile Dunno how the hell I’m gonna pull off the cutscene yet, but I SHOULD be able to do it. Maybe. Smile

Well, might as well give it a try – back in a bit! Smile


SubDragon? Check. Sunbed model? Nope. Beach background? Nuh-uh. Mobile phone model? No. Beach ambience sound effect? Nah. Okay, I have a resource problem. Smile with tongue out

Gonna have to wait until my router arrives (possibly Friday), then I have to do some content hunting. Smile with tongue out Might as well make a start on the shop screen now. Open-mouthed smile


Sure wish I had Jets ‘n’ Guns with me now. I was aiming to use the same basic layout for the shop screen as that game, but I can’t remember it all. Sad smile Kinda stuck about how to organise it. There’ll be a sidebar where you choose items you want to buy, and a little box at the bottom containing your Mods, but I’ve put it all together in Photoshop and it looks a little “off”. Confused smile

It’s probably just me, so I’ll keep working on it. Open-mouthed smile

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