In case you haven’t noticed the spam of posts I made while I was offline (sorry Smile with tongue out), then I’M BAHK. Open-mouthed smile I even made a little surprise for the dudez on Skype when I join a call for the first time on Virgin Media. I’ll sign in as Invisible, join a call, and when they’re least expecting it…

(There’re 28 sound clips in there [not including the part after it quietens down], all of them being retarded/funny things that I like. Hey, maybe you could spot them and name them if you’re bored? Just an idea. Smile with tongue out)

Don’t worry, the surprise won’t be ruined, cuz they won’t see this. Why? Well, because I’ve unhooked my blog from Facebook, because Facebook is boring, stupid and pointless. I noticed the pointlessness of it a while back, and started to access it less often. Now, I’ll probably log in, say, once a month. Smile with tongue out I’ve been away for NINE DAYS, and I have no notifications, no messages, and an invite to a party in Redditch… and I’M NOT EVEN IN REDDITCH ANYMORE! And I don’t even like going to clubs – I’ve said that 86,000 times already. Smile with tongue out Why? Because they’re smelly, shitty, full of chavs and infested with people who are so pathetic that they need to drink overpriced death juice until they can’t think straight just to be able to have a good time. Smile with tongue out Oh, and none of the 300+ posts that were made when I was gone are even remotely interesting. "Going into town", "Listening to music", seriously, WHO GIVES A SHIT?! Smile with tongue out

But yeah, anyway, I finally have a form of communication that I can use freely. Open-mouthed smile Nope, my phone won’t let me make calls. Because Vodafone have blocked it. Because my Dad never pays for the phone contract that he bought me for my 18th b’day. Smile with tongue out Never mind – I’ll get it unlocked and put a PAYG SIM in there. Wink

This Internet is pretty fast, though. It’s 10Mb – fast enough for me, and especially fast since I’m the only one using it. Open-mouthed smile Downloaded a 2GB game off Steam a little while ago, and it took 40 MINUTES! Holy crap! Open-mouthed smile I’m used to 1Mb Interwebs, so multiplying it by 10 leaves a pretty big "Surprised smile" on my face. Open-mouthed smile

Anyhoo – I’ve worked pretty hard on Dragon Storm for a while, so now it’s time to chill for a bit. Smile Need to cook DINNER as well, so I’ll see ya lat0rz! Smile

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