Oh yeeaahhh!

Scale colour modification WORKZ!

That went ULTRA WELL! Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile Now you can choose your dragon’s scale colour, element and name! Just need to do appearance and Perk now. Smile

Oh yeah, “Perk”, another option I added after another bolt of lightning hit my brain. Open-mouthed smile You’ve got elemental traits when you select your dragon’s element… but it seemed a bit limiting. Now you can choose a Perk, to give your dragon that extra touch of uniqueness. It alters the dragon’s stats depending on what you choose. So, if you really want to choose the Earth element, but you don’t like having lower HP, you can easily choose the “Tough” Perk, which gives you more health. Or maybe if you’re some sort of fire-crazed freak, you can choose the Fire element which has a higher chance of setting enemies on fire with Fire Weapons, then you can choose the “Pyromaniac” Perk, which makes that chance EVEN HIGHER. Open-mouthed smile

I’ve gotta come up with a bunch more perks before I’ll be happy with it, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Back to finishing off the Customisation screen for now, though! Smile


HOLY MOTHERFU-… I did it! Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile


HELL YEAH! Everything works properly, and it even saves your options to an INI file… AND it can reload them with no hiccups! And guess what? Unlike ULSG, you CAN’T screw with the INI file, because it’s ENCRYPTED! Smile with tongue out If you DO screw with it, well, there’s gonna be a BIG mess when Dragon Storm reloads the file. I don’t know what kind of BIG mess there’ll be, but… yeah. Might try it at some point to see what happens. Smile with tongue out

Gonna buy my Internet tomorrow, so not long ‘till I can post these. Smile


  1. Dragon Storm looks like it’s coming together great, and it’s awesome that you get to customise your Dragon.Only advice I have is you might want to add a little extra something into the backgrounds of the menus (Like fire or something? Non-animated ofcourse), cause they do look a little plain to me. Although it’s understandable if it helps keeps the file size low, cause menu backgrounds are far from important. XD

  2. *sigh*… "Sorry, the comment you entered is too long. Please shorten it.". What is this… Twitter? Fine… I’ll split it… stupid Microsoft… :PAnyhoo… yeah, it’s going WAY too well – usually when I try something ambitious like this, it explodes in a shower of jelly beans. POISON jelly beans. 😛

  3. The dragon customisation is fairly simple; if I’d have made individual head/body/wing/etc parts, the file size would’ve gotten pretty ugly. Not to mention my brain straining with the code needed. 😛 So, there’re only three fixed appearances (I changed my mind about the fourth appearance :P), but I added the choice of Element and Perk to make it a little more complex without making it into… um… jelly beans. 😛 So, it’s fairly simple customisation, but I think it’ll be enough. 😀

  4. As for the backgrounds, the title screen, profile select and main menu backgrounds actually animate – and it only cost me 1MB thanks to .GIF. 😀 I just thought I’d make the customisation screen’s background a bit "cleaner" and less distracting. Besides, that gradient behind the dragon changes colour depending on the element you choose. 😀 If I ever decide they’re a bit lame, I’ll poke them and see what I can change. 🙂 First of all, though… GAMEPLAY. 😀

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