Seriously, what the fuck. Sarcastic smile

Recall that image I posted yesterday. Okay, now have a look just above his first "wing finger". Nothing weird there, right? Right.
Now, have a look at this test image I’ve just rendered for Dragon Storm. Check above his first wing finger.

Somehow, for SOME REALLY RETARDED REASON, DAZ Studio has given the SubDragon an effin’ TUMOUR! And it was FINE last night! Every time I import the SubDragon, BANG, retarded wing. HOWEVER, when I load a scene I made before today…  IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL! Angry smile

I’m sorry, this is a whole new level of fucktardedness. All staff members at DAZ 3D – go get a job that you can actually DO PROPERLY. And will the modellers of the SubDragon PLEASE go jump off a cliff or something? It’s embarrassing living on the same planet as you idiots.


Just been retracing my steps to see where the hell it messed up, and I’ve found out, this FIRST happened when I made the Dragon Storm silhouette. That’s about TWENTY MINUTES after I finished "100% Pure Badass".

Is it even POSSIBLE for a 3D model to spontaneously screw up like that?!


Okay, only one explanation left now. Since I’ve never REALLY made a render with a SubDragon’s wings stretched out… I’ve never noticed this problem before. When you set WingsFolded to a value greater than 52%, the fucktardedness disappears. And I found that there WAS some wing fucktardedness on "100% Pure Badass"… but the Depth of Field effect made it invisible, and it was only just under 52% anyway.

I stand by my "get a job you can actually do" and "jump off a cliff" statements. Smile with tongue out

PS: I won’t be here for a while, because I’m gonna be moving into my student flat, which has no Interweb connection. Yet. Wink I’ll blog again when I pur-chase an Internet. Open-mouthed smile

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