I love this feeling.

It happens once in a blue moon for me, but that’s a stupid saying, because the moon right now ISN’T blue, yet it still happened. Smile with tongue out

I’ve been thinking about what to do after I’ve finished ULSG. Sure, it’s probably gonna be a little while ’til it’s finished, but it’s always nice to have ideas. And for quite a while now, my mind’s been blank. No ideas for anything new. At all. Well, there was one idea for something a while back, and I’ve jotted a few things down for that, but there was nothing that made me say "Holy shit, that sounds awesome." And you know what? That’s annoying.

That is, UNTIL TODAY!! Or yesterday…! Smile with tongue out

I was poking around for MAME games, and I found a game called "Cyvern", which sounded quite interesting. It’s a Vertical Scrolling Danmaku Shooter. Some people call them "Bullet Hell" games, and they contain enemies and bosses that spit retarded amounts of bullets at you, and if any one of them hits your hitbox (which is usually pretty small in comparison to your sprite), you lose a life. I’m not an expert at these games or anything, but I find them quite enjoyable. Open-mouthed smile

So I downloaded Cyvern and gave it a try (it took a shit-ton of searching just so I could get it running Confused smile). And what can I say? It was pretty damn good! It’s called "Cyvern" because it’s a shortened version of "Cybernetic Wyvern", so naturally, you play as… um… a cybernetic wyvern. Smile with tongue out And you’ve got a choice of three, actually, and they represent fire, lightning and earth… at least I PRESUME it’s earth. Smile with tongue out It’s not QUITE in the same league of impossibility as the Touhou games, but it’s challenging, pretty, and has some great gameplay. Nice music, too. Even if I still can’t beat the preset score of a million points, I still liked it.

But this game, for some unfathomable reason, started some sort of chain reaction inside my brain. The chain reaction seemed to get Jets ‘n’ Guns involved, which is THE greatest shmup I’ve ever played – it’s up there with the crazy-awesome Stargunner. And suddenly, a few hours later, my mind seemed to EXPLODE in a HUGE shower of great ideas for one side-scrolling shooter. I opened Notepad IMMEDIATELY. I fucking LOVE it when this happens. Open-mouthed smile

Yeah, I know. A side-scroller. It seems that I only EVER make side-scrollers, huh? Smile with tongue out Well, I grew up with Stargunner, Salamander, and at least one other shmup that I can’t remember the name(s) of. Later on in life, I found Jets ‘n’ Guns and nearly peed myself when I played it, because I thought nothing was better than Stargunner, and I thought that shmups had died out and no-one knew how to make them anymore. Then I played Galaga Deluxe, and subsequently played Warblade, the 21st century upgrade to Galaga Deluxe. Then I found out about the Touhou games and played several of those. Then I searched for MAME games and played Gradius, Dragon Spirit and finally, Cyvern. ALL of the games I’ve mentioned were amazing. I LOVE shmups, because the variety is insane, and the gameplay is almost always great, as well. So, being a shmup veteran (sort of), I’m making another one. If you have any problems with this, kindly go suck a cock. Smile with tongue out

Thanks to Cyvern, Dragon Spirit and one of my previous attempts at a side-scroller, Dragon’s Alliance, you play as a dragon. Thanks to Jets ‘n’ Guns, there will be more weapons than you can shake a stick at, and you can use said weapons in any combination. Thanks to my brain (I think Smile with tongue out), these weapons can be customised with a massive amount of special Mods, which add damage, fire rate, elemental effects, score boosting, reduced heat generation, increased heat dissipation, etc. etc. etc. Thanks to Dragon Tail (a little Smile with tongue out), you can customise your character and choose their element, which gives various benefits and disadvantages depending on what you pick (the advantages and disadvantages are already so perfectly balanced that I can barely choose between the four, and they accommodate to three different styles of play – aggressive, technical and defensive). Thanks to my currrent disability to make a serious game, it will have plenty of attitude and lulz, and thanks to ULSG, it will have occassional moments where you say "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

86,000. Wink

The ONE THING that’s holding me back, and has almost ALWAYS held me back when starting a new game… are the graphics. I can’t make a game without graphics, and I can’t rely on the MMF library this time. Nor can I really rely on myself, because I suck at everything apart from HUDs. Smile with tongue out The things that worry me the most are the stage graphics, backgrounds and enemy ships. I’m not worried much about the dragons, however. Unlike the time when I started Dragon’s Alliance… I’m prepared this time:

100% Pure Badass - DracoAurarius
(Although I had no idea what to do for the background, you should click this pic. I didn’t wait nearly an hour so you could view this at a resolution lower than what I rendered it at. Smile with tongue out)

DAZ effin’ Studio. If I can pump out renders like this, it may just save my ass when dealing with the dragons. Open-mouthed smile And UNLIKE this render, the sprites WON’T take almost an hour to render. Wink HOWEVER, I didn’t particularly WANT to use DAZ Studio, thanks to its fail animation features, and the fact that the SubDragon is difficult to… um… "unique-ify". Yeah. Smile with tongue out So if there’s no other solution (which there won’t be) I’ll have to use DAZ Studio. But I’m not using the MilDragon. I bet it’ll be noticed in a split second if I use him. Smile with tongue out

Backgrounds and enemy ships, though. Hrm… I’ll probably have to plan the story and all the stages far in advance so I have an idea of what backgrounds and props I’ll need for the stages, and then create/find the right things. The enemy ships aren’t gonna be as irritating, but they’re not gonna be easy, either. Sad smile

Once all the graphics are done, I’m home free! I can program this in MMF2, no problem. Open-mouthed smile Just need to get the ideas down, then I can try making the prototype. I’ve got a good feeling about this idea, so I’d stay tuned if I were you. Wink


Okay, it’s about 15-20 minutes after I posted the previous entry. Now someone answer me, WHERE THE HELL DID THIS COME FROM?!

(It’s looks GLORIOUS full-size, so click it now, bitch! Smile with tongue out)

I typed "Dragon Storm" down, and explicitly said, "That’s just a placeholder, I’m not using that." I don’t even know where the words came from. I set a gradient and a border. Then, I flicked through my fonts, and stumbled across that one. It IMMEDIATELY sounded right. Then I rendered a dragon silhouette, and put that behind it. It IMMEDIATELY looked perfect.

And so, Dragon Storm is born. The way that happened was just… unreal.

6 thoughts on “I love this feeling.

  1. hey man, nice dragon stuff here – the ND is complete 😀 finally, result DDM, totally nailed it. Ill have to show you the final game sometime

  2. Managed to survive the course AND get a good grade, then? Awesome! 😀 I was TOLD I was gonna get a DDM, but the ND arrived in the mail saying I’d earned a DDD. So if you haven’t recieved the certificates yet, you might get a better grade. ;)I’d play your final game, but I don’t really want to go within 100ft of Torque again. 😛

  3. Torque is a a bad engine due to the fact that theres not enough community help, but I actually learned about the code…finally but still not something ill be going back to soon in a hurry. So.. its POOR, not THE worst though, I’m sure we both havent seen the worst 😀

  4. The only thing I wanted to learn about Torque is whether it’s weaker to AXEL or ADAM. ;)Torque’s code is actually C#… only they’ve screwed around with it and made something else called "TorqueScript". It’s been messed up so much that I can’t even recognise it, and I’ve had almost a year’s experience with C# now.It’s by far the worst engine I’ve ever used. Possibly the worst engine in existence, but I don’t know whether there’s something even worse out there or not. 😛

  5. A sidescrolling shooter game with dragons would be damn awesome, think of all the enemy and environment possibilities…. Well granted same can be said for space themed games. XD

  6. No kidding with the environment possibilities. The first stage is gonna be at the BEACH, where the main character is relaxing until he’s interrupted by the Master of Time and Space’s fleet flying overhead. Then he decides to fly up there and pwn them all with ridiculously impossible firepower. Hell yeah! 😀

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