I have a SubDragon lip-sync configuration file… BUT…

… it’s not really that great. Sad It works brilliantly with some of the sample sounds you get with DAZ Studio, but it struggles with others. Some phonemes are a bit retarded if the lip-sync tool can’t "hear" them properly, and you might need to use a text file to give the config file some assistance.

I was GONNA post a video to show it off and to "introduce" it, but DAZ Studio thought it’d be a great idea to render every frame in my animation and then crash as it’s saving the friggin’ video file. Even though most other 3D packages generate the AVI file AS IT IS RENDERING, aiming to avoid someone waiting many hours for a render just for the program to crash as it’s saving at the end. But no – DAZ 3D proves once again that it is WAY behind in technology.

Getting bored of DAZ 3D blowing their own metaphorical non-existent trumpet, too. "The verdict is in…Success! IN JUST TWO SHORT DAYS, THOUSANDS HAVE JUMPED ON THE CARRARA 8 BANDWAGON!" I don’t give a shit, DAZ. Your new version of Carrara is crap – you’ve ONLY JUST added multithreading, you’ve ONLY JUST added negative lights, and you’ve ONLY JUST put a physics engine in there. And lol, it’s taken them this long to make it 64-bit. 3DS MAX, Maya… in fact, almost every other 3D package has had these things for years. Then there’re other stupid things, like "God Rays", Barn Doors and… heh… NORMAL MAPS. Seriously – they’ve only just put normal maps in Carrara. SLOW DOWN DAZ, YOU’RE GOING TOO FAST!!!!11!one! There’s also mesh editing (which you can easily do in ZBrush, probably with a thousand times more precision) and
Puppeteer (which will always be pointless).

And in the newsletter, they say that there were too many NEW features to list in the newsletter, when in actual fact, I’ve just listed all the NEW features in the above paragraph. Tongue out

And it can’t be doing that well if you’ve had to knock 50% off its price in its first two days of release… and don’t give me that shit about "special offers", you’ve lowered the price because barely anyone would pay $150 for it. People would pay more for a more competent program made by a more competent company, because then they have peace of mind that the program won’t friggin’ crash as it’s saving a movie file that may have taken DAYS to render!

ANYHOO, sorry about that – didn’t mean to go off on one then. Tongue out Their newsletters are just starting to annoy me, that’s all. And their programs don’t work properly, either, which is also quite irritating. Tongue out

Anyway, SubDragon config file. (Right click, save link as, otherwise you’ll just see the source code. Tongue out) Just stick it in your "DAZStudio3pluginsdzmimicConfiguration_Files" folder (should work with DAZ Studio 2, as well Smile). It won’t work automatically (because, y’know, DAZ 3D never made a config file for it Tongue out), so you’ll have to browse for it and select it when you try to lip-sync the SubDragon for the first time in a scene. Smile Feel free to try a few lip-syncs and laugh, then feel free to open the file in Notepad (or something like that) and laugh, then go ahead and fix it if you can. Then, if you do fix it, it’d be nice if you could send me a copy. Wink

I’m done with animation now, though. I suck at it and I just can’t be arsed, and when I CAN be arsed, it decides to not save my animation properly, or it does something equally stupid. Tongue out Really wanted to do a few dragon-oriented short animations, as well. :/

But never mind, I’ll still render a cool image every now and again. Wink

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