I’m getting somewhere…

So, I said I’d write a Lip Sync/Mimic configuration file for the SubDragon in my last post, yeah? Well… it’s tougher than I thought it’d be. Tongue out

Don’t worry (if you were Wink), I’m getting somewhere with it, but the stupid configuration files that DAZ 3D thought up are totally crap. Plus, Mimic Pro is also pretty bad. Sure, you can import a model into Mimic, add the phoneme definitions by messing around with some morphs to get the correct mouth shapes, and then generate a configuration file from the model. Funnily enough… the SubDragon doesn’t work properly with Mimic – pretty much ALL of the morphs are missing. Even more amusing – the SubDragon is a model made by DAZ 3D, and Mimic is a program made by DAZ 3D. Strange how their OWN creations aren’t compatible with each other. Tongue out

SO, I’ve had to MANUALLY edit the configuration file just to add the morphs I needed. After that, I had a shit-ton of other problems, such as the SubDragon not even being able to open his mouth properly, having to figure out which phonemes were assigned to which numbers in the configuration file, and a load of other stuff that I just can’t be arsed to explain – it’s confusing to TALK about. Tongue out Or write. You know what I mean. Wink

Simply put, if you’re not one of those countless people who hate the SubDragon for some reason (probably Poser users – suckers. Wink), and you like to animate the SubDragon, and you want him to talk without having to spend countless YEARS lip-synching to audio in a program that can’t even handle audio properly… stay tuned. I’ll have a .dmc configuration file pretty soon. Open-mouthed I’m fairly sure it WON’T work with Mimic Pro, because that program can’t even find the damned morphs on the SubDragon, but it works just fine with the DAZ Studio in-built lip-sync tool. Open-mouthed

Hehe, I’m so glad I grew up with computers and I’m now on a programming course. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, that’s all for now. See ya later! Smile

3 thoughts on “I’m getting somewhere…

  1. Dont know if you checked your inbox on windows live – but I sent you 2 messages! Seems like your away though, since this is the most recent message so, when you get back on, throw me a mail and take your toy back to the carpet.

  2. PS: The reason I couldn’t message you over Spaces is because your communication preferences or something prevented me from messaging you. :S

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