Screw politics, let’s render some dragons.

I would rather Gavin from Autoglass inject his special resin into my brain than speak (write Wink) and/or hear about politics. It was boring when it started, and it’s EXTREMELY boring now. So, let’s move on to the random crap I’m about to post that may interest you to a varying degree depending on who you are, eh? Open-mouthed

DAZ Studio. Open-mouthed I’ve grabbed a bit more content recently. There’s "The Gun", which is a stupidly customisable firearm, you can make it a pistol, an SMG, an assault rifle, a flamethrower, a NET LAUNCHER… all sorts! Open-mouthed There’re five parts to it, and I’ve got part 1 and 5 at the moment. Will get the others at some point. Open-mouthed I’ve also got a SPORTS CAR, and a TRUCK. Open-mouthed
The sports car (the Predator) looks good, but it’s so badly modelled it makes me want to puke. The wheels appeared in the WRONG POSITIONS when I imported the model, and hilariously (not), it won’t let you move the front wheels. But it WILL let you move the back wheels. Sarcastic Anyway, I fixed that by dramatically adjusting the size of the calipers, which then caused the calipers to look retarded, so I had to hide them. *sigh*
The truck is also good, but it was designed for sci-fi scenes. Hence… it has no wheels. Surely, adding an option where the truck HAS wheels can’t be that difficult, can it? For me, yes, but for professionals, no! Tongue out

But whatever – I don’t care about that. Open-mouthed I also don’t care about the impossibly difficult ordeal of getting a SubDragon to sit in the Predator. It’s evident the SubDragon modellers never thought that people would pose them like I do. Wink Meh… that doesn’t really bother me. Especially when the render comes out like this:

Usually, I’m quite modest and stuff, but… THIS IS AWESOME! Open-mouthed The limitations of DAZ Studio are starting to get annoying, though – especially the environments. There are no environments for a car chase in the desert, so I had to find a background image to use instead. Tongue out Anyway, I think it came out great – one of my best! What’choo think? Open-mouthed

I’ve also had a look at the DAZ Mimic configuration files out of interest. And I actually reckon I could make one for the SubDragon, so that the Lip Sync tool or Mimic Pro would work with the SubDragon. Open-mouthed I’ll give it a try, but… I shouldn’t even be doing this. It’s DAZ’s friggin’ model and their friggin’ program, THEY should be doing it!

Ah well, whatever. If anyone reading this has already found a SubDragon configuration file lurking in the bowels of the Interwebs, I’d be grateful if I can get a link to it. Smile If there isn’t one, then I’ll make one and post it here. Open-mouthed

Right… I’ll probably think of something else to post later on, so until then, see yas! Smile

PS: Also, I tried Akuma’s arcade mode of SSFIV the other day, and completely PWNT Ryu. So I is happy now. Open-mouthed

2 thoughts on “Screw politics, let’s render some dragons.

  1. Am copletly computer iliterate and what u said sounds like swaheli to an ancient as myself cool pic tho….

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