I went to outer space.

Holy <<SOUND>>, it’s been a retardedly long time since I last blogged! Surprised I’ve probably got a ton of stuff to talk about, but I’ll try and limit it so you don’t get bored and change sites. Tongue out

Firstly, I got Super Street Fighter IV. And it’s pretty awesome. Open-mouthed There isn’t MUCH different from Street Fighter IV (which I had an illegal copy of Tongue out), but there are a fair few extra characters, some who are new, and some who have returned from older versions of Street Fighter. I’ve tried playing as them, and I had a small amount of success with Juri (JUMP, QCB KICK KICK KICK and repeat Tongue out)… but I can only REALLY play as Ken or Ryu, because I’m one of the worst, noobish players in the world. Tongue out (I DON’T Hadoken spam, though. That’s SERIOUSLY ghey. Tongue out)

And by the way, I’m not kidding about that "one of the worst players in the world" bit. Tongue out I tried playing online, and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND what I’m doing wrong. The game rates you at the end of a multiplayer match, giving you ratings from A to E for Offence, Defence and Technique. I keep getting either D or E for Defence, a D, C or B for Technique, and I almost ALWAYS get an A for Offence. (Apart from my first online game, where I got a D. Tongue out) My win percentage was sickeningly bad at the end of my first set of multiplayer matches. EIGHT PERCENT. Tongue out Over time, however, I HAVE managed to repair it, and it is now around 30%. I’m blaming the matchmaking system, because it seemed to put me against RIDICULOUSLY good opponents when I first began. Probably experts who had just got the game and therefore had a low rating, and were in the D class. The people that beat me are probably well into the B or A class now. Tongue out

But when you do get matched with an opponent of your skill online, it’s great fun. Even if I get owned 2-0, just as long as the fights were good, fair, and fairly close, I still consider them good matches. Smile There is pretty much no noticable lag in most games. But when there is even the SLIGHTEST HINT of lag, it makes me want to throw my controller at the wall. Especially when it’s basically sudden death and it lags JUST as the opponent is going to attack. Sad But never mind – I’d still recommend it. And if you do get it for Xbox, tell me, and we’ll play a few games. Open-mouthed Maybe you can teach me a few things, cuz I suck. Wink

As for future games that are out… I wouldn’t really bother with anything apart from Crackdown 2. There’s Call of Duty Black Ops… which I’m not particularly EXCITED about for some reason… and then there’s Halo Puke, SORRY, Halo Reach. It’s such an outdated, boring, senseless series, now. It was good when Halo 1 was released… hell, the story even made SENSE! Now it just doesn’t, and it’s boring. And sure, the Halo 3 multiplayer was good for a while, until the novelty of starting with an underpowered assault rifle and requiring to hit the enemy with almost EVERY FUCKING SHOT just to kill them started to wear thin. That, and the retardedly slow walking speed annoyed me, especially when the enemy had managed to get ALL of the power weapons and the battle rifle was NEVER available because people kept friggin’ taking it.

Oh yes. and there’s also Gears of War Pee… THREE*. I’m sorry, but that is going to be just as mind-numbingly boring as its predecessors, and it’s just Epic desperately trying to milk the IP for all it’s worth, just as Bungie are doing with Halo. Epic, if you see this (which you won’t) please try to drill this into your thick heads and remember it during the course of development: EVERY CITY IN THE WORLD WAS FUCKING DEMOLISHED IN GOW2, the world is COVERED IN SEA WATER, and ALL THE LOCUST WERE DROWNED. YOU CAN NOT CONTINUE THE DAMNED STORY!! Although, it’ll be fairly interesting to see what Epic can shit out just to make some more money out of a clearly dead series. What is it going to be, a mass-breeding-strategy-Sim-City game? Or is everyone going to suddenly become Jesus and gain the ability to walk on water, while the humans find that the Locust have a skill which gives them +100% resistance to water? Tongue out

Whatever. Tongue out

Staying on the subject of games, I managed to deploy Ultimate Lame Ship Game 2 onto my 360. Open-mouthed Oh yes, check it out:

Alright, so MAYBE there is one major problem. I had to develop ULSG 2 for WINDOWS for my university project, and hence, the graphics are drawn onto the screen without taking the TV’s safe area into account… because a window in Windows doesn’t have a safe area. Tongue out So… when porting it to Xbox, the graphics are drawn OFF the screen, so you can’t really see the HUD or certain parts of the menu. Tongue out
Other than that (which will take a shitload of coding to fix Tongue out), it’s perfect! It actually runs SMOOTHER than it does on the PC, it looks clearer, and it’s just… great! I’m going to poke it some more at some point, to see what I can do to make it better. Adding Cillit Bang would be a start, increasing the laser size depending on its power is important, and new ships are a must. I’ve also got to try and see what I can do to use the third dimension. I thought about creating a neat camera angle when you get a Super Ninja Skillz bonus (flying the ship between two enemy ships very closely without crashing Open-mouthed), but that’s all I’ve got so far. Will think of other stuff. Smile

Alright… I think that’ll do for now. I’ll probably post some more stuff tomorrow. See yas! Smile

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