Okay, so when I said TOMORROW…

…I actually meant in 5 days time. Tongue out Had to finish off a bunch of work for Uni, including a basic ULSG 2, a ghey report, and some stupid maths crap that makes no sense. Expression X, expression Y, Q = Billy ate the chocolate and R = Billy has chocolate around his mouth, draw a truth table to test that expression Y follows logically from expression X… BILLY ATE THE FRIGGIN’ CHOCOLATE AND HAS IT ROUND HIS MOUTH, EEKAY?! I thought we were learning how to program GAMES, not learn pointless maths… the only good and useful "maths" we’ve done is Finite State Machines, and we only did that for a week… AND it wasn’t games-oriented… AND it was in Java, which is crap… >.>

But anyway, yeah, I finished the basic prototype for ULSG 2. Open-mouthed It’s nowhere NEAR indicative of the final game, because there’re two powerups I’m missing, the S.P.A.R.T.A Drone doesn’t exist, there’re only two ship types, I’m not really making much use of the third dimension, etc. Tongue out But it’s looking pretty good, and I’ve not done too bad with the coding! A little while ago, I decided to add the Nineteen powerup before recording some gameplay, and thanks to good maintainability, I had it implemented in about 5-10 minutes, which is about half of the time it took to implement a new powerup in ULSG V13 using Multimedia Fusion. Open-mouthed Cillit Bang and Choclit Rayn may be a little more difficult, especially Choclit Rayn, but I’ll do it. Open-mouthed

Anyway, I’ve got some footage for ya. Open-mouthed


You enjoy now. Open-mouthed

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