This is the ONLY game I want to download JUST TO LOSE, so I can experience this jingle. Tongue out I also quite like how the YEAAAAAAHHHHH! lasts longer than the GAME OVER. Tongue out This is SO going in ULSG 2. Open-mouthed

Which leads me, quite nicely, onto my progress for ULSG 2. Open-mouthed

The core gameplay, believe it or not, is ALMOST complete already. Open-mouthed You control a ship which can fire lasers. These lasers can hit basic enemies, and eventually destroy them. The enemies, when destroyed, award you points, reset your Miss Counter and boost your Awesometer, and also have a 66% chance of dropping 1-3 multiplier icons. These multiplier icons move in pretty much the same way as they did in ULSG V13, and they can bounce off the edges of the screen. You can pick up the multiplier icons, which then increase your Multiplier. If you collect a multiplier icon when it is at the bottom of the screen OR if it has bounced off the wall, you get twice as many Multipliers. If you can collect a multiplier icon when it has bounced off the wall AND is at the bottom of the screen, you’ll get the famous INSANE STUNT BONUS!!, and you’ll earn triple the value of the multiplier icon. Open-mouthed
The HUD displays score, level and multipliers, as well as the Awesometer, the border of the Miss Counter, and the background of the health and XP bars. The Miss Counter doesn’t work yet, nor do the health or XP bars. Sad Score popups appear after destroying an enemy or collecting a multiplier, though! Open-mouthed
Powerup canisters also exist, and they spawn with the enemies. You can shoot these for a random (not really, there’s a 100% chance for a Power Up at the moment Tongue out) powerup, which you can then collect. Open-mouthed

All I need to do to finish the basic prototype is to make it so you can
collide with enemies and take damage, make the miss counter increase and
halve your Multipliers when it’s full, display health on the screen,
display the current amount of enemies destroyed on the screen, make it
so the level increases after a certain amount of enemies have been
destroyed and create the two "basic" timed powerups (Quad Damage and
Rapid Fire). Then I think I’m all set for submission to le University,
and I’ll have an A in the bag. Open-mouthed
Well, unless the tutor’s ghey. Tongue out

Here, have a screenie:

I also have a gameplay vid for y’all, but I’ll upload that tomorrow, methinks. Smile Stay tuned! Open-mouthed


  1. :DI’m just gonna upload the video now. 🙂 I would’ve uploaded it a while ago, but I actually had to finish the prototype by today. 😛

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