The Ultimate Lame Ship Mk. II IS ALIIVE!

Yeah, I rendered this a while ago, but I’ve only just put it into the game, and I don’t actually think I posted it on the blog. So here we go. Open-mouthed

This is my render of the old Ultimate Lame Ship:

I was a beginner in modelling back then, so I guess it’s a little crappy. Tongue out HOWEVER, I am no longer a beginner! I am now ranked as "Mildly Experienced Yet Still Incompetent", and I now have a render of ULS Mk. II!! Wanna see? Here ya go:

And hey, it’s actually not awful this time! Open-mouthed Well, the textures are, but I suck at texturing, so there. Tongue out

Description: "It’s the Ultimate Lame Ship Mk.II! The second version of the 3LEET
flagship has many improved features, such as a built-in Xbox 1440 and
PlayStation 9, as well as a new coffee machine that DOESN’T break all
the time. Oh, yeah, and there are new laser cannons and improved shields
and stuff. But that coffee machine… MAN, it’s so much better."

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that good in-game. But yes, it is in-game, and moves around perfectly well:

Now, I need to make it so you can select Quadrillion Mode, and move around in-game! Open-mouthed Back in a bit.


Oh, man, I’m laying out some SERIOUS C# asskickery! Open-mouthed ULSG 2 is starting to look pretty sweet! Open-mouthed

Nothing really works yet, apart from the score and movement. The score WOULD go up to about 6 quintillion if you left it running for about 1000 years, and you can move around and fire (invisible, static) lasers, but the Awesometer and Miss Counter are just THERE, and there’s no indication of your level or multipliers. Tongue out Nor are there any enemies. Tongue out

I DID manage to fix the weird graphical glitch I was getting with the Ultimate Lame Ship, where you could sometimes see the other wing (Confused), and I also found a way to activate multi-sampling (anti-aliasing), so it looks smoother than ever, now! Open-mouthed I still need to figure out how textures work, though – the ULS is the right base colour, but there’re no other shades on there at all. Just a flat green ship. Tongue out

Methinks I’ll pick this up sometime tomorrow. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done so far, though! Smile

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Lame Ship Mk. II IS ALIIVE!

  1. Haha, awesome, I like the improvement :D, looks alot more awesome, although the title being ‘Ultimate lame ship game’ I thought you’d make an even more lamer ship lmao, ah well I guess that could be the Ultimate lame shi* game lol. Anyway, yeah glad you liked those sorr secrets, I really hope the new ones out soon, I’ve been bashing the square button for a few days running on "Godhand" which is a fantastic and really thrilling game, I HIGHLY reccomend this game for the ps2, in my opinion its one of the top 5 ps2 games to TRY or BUY, cause of its hard challenges – really pushes you to the limits and beyond… I just spent AGES trying to beat the ‘Challenge #51#’ against yourself (Gene – main character) and its so FRIGGING HARD but I just about nailed him today and I’m over the moon, cause hardly anyone can do it, I have a pair of Godhands of my own I’m that awesome 😀 – If anyone thinks they are a "pro gamer" Lol I guarantee they will be throwing their controllers in rage against this EXTREMELY hard boss, I mean hardest 1v1 fight ive ever had on a ps2 – took me about 2 days to beat his ass to a pulp- alot less than I expected which was so ace lad!, I was 1 hit from dying and my last swing killed him lmao xD, although I cant find a decent vid on youtube which shows a player who hasnt spent all his life on this boss perfecting him with no damage loss – I also lacked the "god techniques" which you can buy from the store for about 400,000g + 600,000g – alot of cash which deal LOADS of damage, so I think I’m awesome man!!! – Here anyway is a vid of the gene fight, this player did about as well as I did, I think he had some god techs but oh well :D. The fight –

  2. Hehe, yeah, I was gonna keep the original Ultimate Lame Ship design and try to 3D-ify it again, while trying to make it look a bit lamer. That was too difficult for me, so I decided to add a few spikes and tubes and fins and stuff. :DLol, I’ve never heard of Godhand, but it looks fairly interesting and quite retardedly hilarious. PUMMEL!! HA HA HE HA HA HA HE HA HE HA HE HU HE HE YAA!! *massive explosion* 😀 I didn’t watch the whole vid, 11 mins is WAY too long, but I’m just gonna have a look and see if it’s compatible with my PS2 emulator…Yeah, it’s fully playable. 😀 Might give it a try at some point. 😀

  3. LMAO, I downloaded God Hand. It’s so impossibly cheesy… and that’s what makes it awesome. 😀 Make a guy dizzy, you can press circle to repeatedly punch/kick him. What happens when you make a girl dizzy? SPANKING TIME. 😀 And floating cherries, oranges and bananas REPLENISH HEALTH, and makes Gene say "I love it!", LOL. AND some random crowd cheers when you LEVEL UP. :DWill keep playing. 😀

  4. Oh, and the bell sound and the audience laughing when someone gets kicked in the balls? CLASSIC. 😀

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