Not really, it’s still a bag of crap. Tongue out But I HAVE managed to get the test image I did the other day from the paper onto the PC. How? Well, I have a camera. ‘Nuff said. Wink

Of course, compared to a scan, the resulting image quality is just like the quality of 4chan, Halifax and the House of Parliament all put together. SHIT. Tongue out That doesn’t really matter, though, because the image itself is pretty shit, too. Tongue out

But anyway, I’m a novice, I quite like to show things off aiming to get feedback on them, and this blog is rich in random content, so here you go:

(Please try not to shit yourself laughing – it was done by ME in 10 minutes with a blunt pencil and only a MOUSE MAT to rest on. Tongue out)
Just an attempt to get him to look as if he’s looking upwards and slightly towards you, which I THOUGHT I had done an okay job on, but when I look back at it… nah. Tongue out Maybe I’ll try again.

*10 minutes later*

Yeah, it… it came out pretty much exactly the same as my other attempt, just a tiny bit cleaner and smoother. Wow. That’s pretty big in the FAIL department. In everything else I do, I start off as being fairly bad at it, and noticably improve over time.
Take Lumines as an example – my first ever game of Lumines: less than 100,000. Second game, 150,000. Third game. 250,000. And the other day, on Lumines II, being the crazed fast-thinking puzzle master that I am, I LAPPED ENDURANCE MODE, lasting over two hours and scoring 1,650,000. Surprised
Coding – started off shite, barely being able to code a Pong game, and now I’m attempting to develop ULSG 2 and recently finished off a typing game in Java which WILL get me at least a B! Open-mouthed
Writing – I started off Dragon Tail, terrible grammar, awful description, pretty bad all round. By Chapter 15, I was starting to get used to it. Now it’s nearly 200,000 words long and I would ACTUALLY kill myself if I lost it. Tongue out
As for art? Attempt 1: Bad. Attempt 2: No improvement. Attempt 3: No improvement. Attempt 4: Barely improving. And so on. Tongue out

It must be a retardation that doctors failed to diagnose, or something. Tongue out I like doing it, it’s relatively fun, but I’d probably feel better doing it if I was, y’know, NOT shite? Tongue out

Ah well. I’ll keep at it. Maybe I’ll start to discover/understand some more techniques or something. Wink


Off-topic slightly, but what the hell. Tongue out I just searched Ikari on the Interwebs, wondering if I’d seen it before or if it genuinely was a completely random name I conjured up out of nowhere. Wink Firstly, Ikari is the name of a new gaming mouse that I’d read about for one minute in one of GAME’s newsletters. Obviously must have stuck in the back of my mind for some reason. Tongue out Also, hilariously, Ikari means "anger" in Japanese – which is pretty much the exact OPPOSITE of Ikari the dragon’s personality. How ironic. Tongue out

3 thoughts on “I FEEXED MAH SCANN0R!

  1. okay, nah I wont laugh, they’re not too bad, infact your second one looks better in terms of facing towards the viewer or us – not sure what you want to do exactly – copy the 3d image that you posted before and sketch it? or do your own dragons? but anyway, theres lots to consider when doing a realistic sketch, your drawing is fine for what you want to do – as you show it in 3D better, can teach you more if you like, go into alot of detail, i’d probably write an S.A but with diagrams :D, Haha Ikari is an awesome dragon name, maybe his attitude could change in your story to anger after being irritated by mouses? Lol your the scriptwriter, and most storywriters have a reason for naming a character – maybe inspired by a real historical person (E.G the real pirate blackbeard has been used in games and anime because of his fame) – different meanings of "Ikari" could be factors of your dragons personality :D, anyway did you do that SoRR v4 survival mode cheat (hold num 1 & 0 after selecting character)Yeah I hope to start doing some concepts of my own for your story anyway, I kindof need all the chapters in Word Doc files 😀 – Megaupload 😀

  2. Urgh, "Not too bad"? They’re god-awful. 😛 My aim was to attempt to sketch the 3D image I posted earlier to see if I could draw perspective properly, and not just make the image seem flat. As the announcer off classic GTA would say – "MISSION FAILED!" *audience groan* :PYou could attempt to teach me more, if ya want to, that is. 🙂 As I said – I like doing it, but I suck, so I don’t get any sense of achievement from it. 😛 I might be able to improve eventually, though. :DHehe, I find I’m quite good at the dragon-naming business. I’ve got all sorts of names – Ikari (Spirit), Sintarka (Whirlwind), Ifri (Fire), Arizak (Thunder), Virana (Emerald), Nagira (Water), Grizal (Rage)… just to name a few. 😀 It’s a really random talent of mine. ^_^ He’s called "Ikari" because it’s Draconic for "Spirit", and he’s a spiritual dragon. Simples. :DAnd LOL, you sort of read my mind there! Ikari doesn’t care much for technology. He’ll probably frown upon Ifri, who basically worships it. 😀 Yes, Dragon Tail is kind of a cross between sci-fi and fantasy. 😛 I’ll send you some chapters when I’m done revising it, if ya want. :)I haven’t tried that SoRR cheat yet – I’ve gotta redownload it for my new PC build. 🙂 I’ll try it in about… 5 minutes, when the download’s done. 😀

  3. Wow, an enemy test! That’s quite a cool little cheat! 😀 You can even test enemies that aren’t even in the main game yet, like Vehelits! :OThat was a pretty awesome find. 😀

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